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Maryn Skaara
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Full Name:  Maryn Cin
Aliases:  Maryn Skaara
Race:  Human (Mandalorian by birth)
Gender:  Female
Age:  23
Birthworld:  Hoth
Homeworld:  N/A

Legal Status:  Coruscanti resident
Relationship Status:  Single
Living Situation:  Coruscant
Occupation:  Mercenary

Affiliation:  The Sanguine Potestatem
Rank:  Apprentice

Personal  Skills:  Maryn is equally skilled with a blaster rifle, pistol, sword, or pole-arm weapons, but her knowledge of unarmed combat is that of a novice.  She’s a decent pilot, but tends to spend more time on the ground than in space, in order to hone her weapon skills.  She can speak  and understand Basic and Mando'a.  She is also a skilled armorer and blacksmith, having forged and crafted her own spear, retractable blades, and the armor that she customarily uses and wears.

Personality:  Maryn is very stubborn and persistent in combat, constantly seeking to test herself against more skilled opponents in an almost-suicidal fashion which has earned her the nickname “Punisher,” because of the constant pressure she  subjects herself to by her own choice.  Her persistence, stubbornness, and self-reliance have also earned her the nickname “Lone Wolf,” a reference  to her personality.  All of this conceals the fact that she has also earned herself the nickname “Banshee,” because of how loud she can scream in  battle or in general if she puts her mind to it.

Activities:  Honing her skills in and out of battle.

Known Force Abilities:Neutral Apprentice -Basic TelekinesisForce Sense
Dark Side Apprentice -Force Rage
Abilities Desired:Neutral Apprentice -Enhance AbilityMagnify Senses
Neutral Knight -Enhanced Force SenseAlter Elements - Fire Enhanced Telekinesis
Dark Side Knight -Sith Alchemy
Neutral Master -Alter Environment - FireMastered Telekinesis
Dark Side Master -Mastered Sith Alchemy
Physical Stats
Height:  5'6"
Weight:  137 lbs.
Hair Color:  Auburn / RedEye Color:   Light Grey / Clear
Other:  Tattooed arms and face

Possessions:   An antique, but no less deadly, artifact of the old Galactic Empire; one of the double-bladed vibroswords used by the Emperor’s Royal Guard.   It is unknown how and/or where Maryn managed to acquire such a weapon, but the simple fact that she has one in her possession is a testament to  her resourcefulness.  Also counted among her small arsenal are a beskar-tipped spear, a pair of retractable beskar-edged blades housed in  a bracer on her right arm, a custom-made shoulder-mounted disruptor on her left shoulder (low-powered, but capable of 180-degree movement), very light-weight beskar-reinforced armor that leaves little to the imagination, a pair of nearly elbow-length gloves that were also lightly-reinforced by beskar, and a pair of seemingly-ornamental armbands made of phrik.  Finally, she often wears a piece of custom-made equipment that incorporates both a headset comm device and an eyepiece that provides a tracking system for the  shoulder-mounted disruptor.  Her only means of transportation is a bluish-white Svelte-class Imperial shuttle that she managed to acquire as mysteriously as she did her double-bladed vibrosword, known only as Cin Verd, or White Warrior in her native Mandalorian.
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Maryn Skaara
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