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Alexander Merton
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Name: Alexander Merton
Rank: Jedi Padawan
Age: 18
Master(s): N/A
Mentor: N/A
Apprentice(s):  None
From: A rock
Parents: Michelle and Jonathan Merton (deceased)
Siblings: None
Spouse: None
Children: None
Other Family: None
Handiness: Alex is great with the blade and he is one of the best pilots in the order. However his ability with the force is somewhat lacking. He does have a strong grip of science and engineering and very few know that his third love, after flying and blade mastery, is archaeology.
Weapons: x1 Blue Lightsaber

Description: Alex has mid length  dark brown hair and brilliant blue eyes. He is average height and weight and doesn't have a lot of muscle. He bears a few marks from his past dealings with various smuggling groups, the empire, and his time as a slave. When deals turn sour you inevitably don't come out of it unscathed and slavers didn't exactly treat him very well.

History: Alex was born it to slavery; his parents served a particularly nasty hut. They worked, so he  eventually worked, in a spice mine on some far-flung rock. For years his father and  he were put through back breaking labour. His mother and the women worked cleaning and sewing and the like. This was the day work; at night they had time to rest, but instead of resting some of the slaves got together and hit the  books, as well as trained. They had no ideas of escape, they knew that was impossible. Instead they hoped to get higher status jobs and be granted more freedoms and privileges.

When Alex turned ten his father died in a cave in. That troubled him greatly but did not stir his spirit; he had known for a long time that his father could die any day in a cave in as many people did. However but a month after his father died the hut took his mother as a concubine. Alex flipped. Deep inside his force active genes kicked in to full gear. Alex choked two guards, handed their blasters to two of his friends and kept a long blade that they carried, for some reason it felt better in his hands.

Alex didn't lead the slaves in a revolt. He was just a boy. However his actions triggered a chain of events that led the other slaves to pick up  arms and fight. They outnumbered the guards ten to one. All they needed was a man  to help them rise up and Alex did that. He broke in to the main room of  the hut and found he had taken his own life; what's more he had killed all his concubines before he died.

Some of the men stole a freighter; Alex joined them and started to make his trek across the galaxy. All should have been well, all should have been well. Unfortunately after a few months they were tracked down by some of the huts business partners. The ship was boarded and the slaves slain. Only Alex survived, he had been knocked out and left. They had assumed him dead.

Alex was found by a Jedi Knight whose name he never found out. Instead he just woke up one day in a Jedi temple, confused and disorientated. He  was told about his genes, told everything that he was. He joined the ranks of the jedi in the hopes of fighting evil and stopping the things that happened to him from happening to anyone else.

Alex found it hard to assimilate. He has, and always will be, a royal pain in the ass. He has a certain disdain for those in authority and is constantly going against the wishes of other jedi and does what he thinks is right personally. Sometimes he even lets his emotions cloud his judgement. The  only reason Alex has lasted so long in the Jedi order without being thrown out is that he is good at his job, and at heart he is pure and good. One to never succumb to the dark side no matter what the circumstances. He has a dry sarcastic wit that can occasionally get him in to trouble, deep trouble. He also sometimes can act quite rashly, fool hardy, and at times his plans can be downright insane. But most of the time they do work.

Because of his abilities a few masters and knights have tried to take Alex on as a padawan. However most have found his manner and lack of discipline to be too much or a hurdle to overcome. This isn't helped by the fact that he is incredibly weak in the force with one of the lowest midichloriant counts to ever be accepted in to the Jedi academy. As such he no longer thinks there will ever be a knight or master to take him on and it has only strengthened his independent streak. He sees himself, and is seen, as somewhat of an outsider.
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Alexander Merton
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