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Methias Fiore / Miklaus Fiore
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too lazy to switch accounts >.> This will be transferred into the wiki and this thread deleted when I'm done.

Birth Name: Methias Fiore
Rebirth Name: Miklaus Fiore
Alias(es): Klaus
Race: Y'sadian
Age: 30 yrs old (body years) 51 (for what he should be had he not died)
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0
Hair Color: Sandy brown
Eye Color: Blue
Planet of Origin: Y'Sad
Known Residence(s): Y'Sad.

Status: Considered deceased by his people. Considered the long lost brother of Methias and Elias under the name Miklaus
Relationship Status: Married to Adrianna Fiore
Occupation(s): Jedi Diplomat
Affiliation: Jedi / The Alliance
Rank: Jedi Master

Personal  Skills: to add.

Personality: to add.

Activities:  to add.

History: See Adrianna Fiore and Methias Fiore in the wiki if you would like to read up on him. Very long and complicated. or.. ask me.

Jedi Apprentice Jedi Knight Jedi Master

Neutral Powers

Lightside Powers

Neutral Powers

‚ÄčLightside Powers[/u]

Neutral Powers

Lightside Powers

 to learn from others/?:
art of the small
force light
electric judgement + force spark
force call
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