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Kyle Fiore
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General Information
Name: Kyle Fiore
Known alias: Kyle St. Albans
Title: Royal Princess; 
Her Royal Highness of Y'Sad
Rank: Rogue Sith ApprenticeBirth planet: Y'Sad Faction: The Sith Imperium (formally)Gender: Female Age: Nineteen (and bellow due to the flexible time line)

Physical Appearance
    Avatar: Richel Tanner | Nina Dobrev | ? | Lena OlinHeight: 5' 6" (1.68 m)Weight: 105 lbs Eye Color: Glowing Red Hair Color: BrownBody Shape: Slightly curved Skin Tone: Tanned Distinguishing Marks: 
  • Two scars on her back where her wings used to come out from
  • Intensity of the eye glow differs based on emotions
  • Natural heightened hearing and vision (regular during night time)
  • Large scar over her right leg, between her knee and ankle. 

Mother: Leentje Fiore
Father: Elias Fiore 
Siblings:  Namric Fiore,  Sienne Fiore, Aaralyn Fiore (twin sister), Enric Fiore, Serithia Monteverdi, Kai Monteverdi
Orphanage brother: Koran St. Albans
Cousins: Deidre Fiore, Yaran Fiore , Ceryni Fiore, Il'Sirus Fiore, Ithiel Fiore, Malikar Fiore, Sevorah Monteverdi, Arikos D'Fiori, Lono Draclau, Demala Draclau, Coren Starkiller, Leto Deadwod, Raven Starkiller, Ciaran Starkiller, Zane Starkiller, Connor Starkiller
Uncles: Methias Fiore (deceased), Setheran Fiore, Aunts:  Adrianna Fiore,  Illisia Fiore, Neav Revata, Fable Revata, Amalia Braska Masters:  1 Sith Master, Neav Revata, Alita Velos
Students: None yet

Kyle is a very guarded person who doesn't let just anyone it. She tends to access the situation before she joins it and is very devoted to her Sith training. She doesn't smile very often though there have been a few people in her life that have managed to see that that side of Kyle. She tends to swing moods from time to time from being overly bitter, to being closed, rarely even depressed and others but it’s something you either get used to or don’t. She tends to keep to herself most of the time and be focused on her work then to be bothered with connections unless they have to be held. Learning that she was in fact a Fiore and that she had a large family left a big mark on her. Years ago, this knowledge would have made her happy. But now, it makes her bitter even though she knows it's not their fault she wasn't raised as part of the family but she's been all alone for too long that it's simply they way she has become.Uses sex for various reasons, most commonly to  blow of some steam.

Basic History
Age 0 – Aaralyn and Kyle Fiore are born to Leentje and Elias Fiore. Kyle is taken from her family the very same night. Kyle is left at the doorstep of the orphanage on Y'Sad where she is given the name Kyle St. Albans
Age 1 – 5 – Kyle grows to a distant and guarded child that doesn't mix with other children who secretly dreams of her mother and father coming to take her home one day. Is introduced to Koran St. Albans who was accidentally given the same name as she has and the orphanage proclaims them brother and sister. 
Age 6 – Shows signs of communicating with animals, particularly wild ones.
Age 7 – Kyle uses her wings for the first time and then cuts them off the very same night, abandoning the idea of having a mother and father and begins to hate her own kind. Her sharp teeth are flattened fully.
Age 8 – Orders a wild animal to attack a boy when he is trying to talk to her which heavily wounds him.
Age 9 – 14 – Nothing eventful about the period for Kyle. Though Koran begins to see his "sister" in a different, more mature light and begins to harbor strong romantic feelings. He even tells Kyle this but nothing happens between the two of them in such a sense.  
Age 15 – Runs away from the orphanage and meets a Sith Master who begins to teach her basic things about the force, even helps her construct a lightsaber.
Age 16 - Her master is killed by a Jedi before her eyes and Kyle is left alone again which convinces her to go find the Sith Empire her master had spoken to her. She crosses paths with the Jedi that killer her master and takes him out, almost loosing her own life in the process.
Age 17 – Kyle returns to Y'Sad part when she is discovered by a member of the court and brought to the Fiore's. She meets her twin sister then yet cannot seem to form a bond with her as her sister would want her to. Her name is changed to Fiore and she is referred to as Princess from no on. Formally goes to join the Sith Empire. 
Age 18 - Kyle remembers an old story her first Master told to her about and travels to an undiscovered planet where she meets Lady Revenant and together they explore the academy there. 
Age 19 - Reunited with her Aunt Neav, Kyle continues her training with her on Byss. Begins to hear voices. She also has Koran return from the unknown but is informed that he's getting married to his Jedi Tera. She ends up attending the wedding despite not wanting to. During the explosions on Byss, Kyle is stuck in the temple, causing her to be heavily injured in her right leg, among other things, and asks for her twin sister to come get her. The following weeks are spent on Y'Sad in recovery. 
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Kyle Fiore
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Added to the bio list!

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Kyle Fiore
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{ General Information }

Name: Joseph Kren
Title: Personal Guard of Princess Kyle Fiore
Birth Planet: Y'Sad
Loyalties: Y'Sad, King and Queen, Princess Kyle
Gender: Male
Age: Thirty-four

{ Physical Appearance }

Avatar: Gary Oldman
Height: 5'9''
Weight: 203 lbs
Eye Color: Glowing Red 
Hair Color: Brown
Body Shape: Semi-Muscular 
Skin Tone: Pale
Distinguishing Marks: All natural Y'Sadian traits. 

{ Family }

Wife: Rebecca Kren (deceased, died at childbirth))
Children: 1 son (deceased, died at childbirth)
Mother: Sybera Kren (D)
Father: Samual Kren (D)
Siblings: None
Other FamilyNone

{ Personality }


 { History }


* this is an npc character
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