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Rhissai Arckan
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((Image by Redhawk99))
Name: Rhissai Arckan
Age:  17
Race: Miraluka
Height: 5'
Weight: 110lbs
Hair Color: Black
Homeworld: Space

Description: One can't help but notice that the girl is almost as thin as she is short, though she's a far cry from a holocaust survivor. While she does have curves to her Rhissai is far from busty or buxom, a fact that has had her silently thanking whatever or whoever created the body she abuses. Her build is one that's more built for speed and endurance than turning heads, which tends to happen from the strange aura of grace that hangs about her. A short cascade of medium length black hair almost brushes her shoulders, which shields the almost leonine face that is half hidden by a sash. This thrice-folded cloth is a simple grey with black trim, and a black wolf strides across the area just above her temple.Though that little image is generally covered by the raven shield that hangs at either side of her head. Rhissai's shins are almost conditioned to the point of being sharp, her forearms tough as leather, and her fists nearly immune to pain due to her extensive martial arts training. Each of her knuckles are large and tough, having been broken countless times so that they would be strong as iron when it counted.

Wardens of the Sky Martial Art ~ Novice
Teras Kasi ~ Expert
Echani ~ Novice
Mechanical Mind

Force Abilities:
Apprentice Abilities
Enhance Ability~
Force Speed
Force Jump
Enhanced Senses
Force Sense~

x2 Beskar Vambraces
Generally speaking, Rhissai dresses like any other blue collar spacer. Drab brown work clothes that drop fashion in favor of function. They are heat resistant and fire retardant, but just enough to buy her the time to rip it off without being terribly hurt. In other words, she won't be sprinting through an inferno unscathed. These simple meld-in-the-crowd clothes are somewhat loose fitting so its not much strain to kick someone in the head. The only thing truly notable about her attire are the eye catching vambraces that lock around her forearms. They were a gift from her now deceased master to help her fight Force users, should she ever need to. Not that she's skilled enough to do so yet, either.

Background: ((WIP))

Rhissai wasn't born with that name, nor was she born into poverty like so many others in the galaxy. Her father was the chairman and CEO of PowerTek industries, a large and prestigious arms company. She was the first born of her family, and took her first breath in her family's estate on Cato Neimodia. There the little bundle of joy lived a happy life with two loving parents and many doting servants. At least until she turned six years old. A group calling themselves the Patriots broke into the Sundar estate, stole the six year old girl from her bed, and had her out of the house before she was awake enough to cry out to her mommy and daddy. At first the kidnappers wanted her father to shut down the arms company he operated. Powertek was a public company, so that was nearly impossible. After realizing this, they were quick to demand a hefty sum for the girl's head. Unfortunately, the authorities had already become involved and paying the ransom was not an option.

One week later, the leader of the little group decided he would get nothing from the family. In an attempt to get justice for the people killed by powertek's arms, he sold the billionaire's daughter into slavery and told him so the minute he was apprehended. A simply massive bounty was put out on the little girl, but not a single child that was brought to them had a DNA match. The bounty would stand until she was found. Soon after she was sold into slavery, the little girl found herself on the Ylesian slave auction block. She fetched a hefty sum not because of her bounty, but rather because she was a young girl. Her history, status, and wealth was quickly forgotten to her as she was shuffled onto a small freighter bound for her new home.

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Rhissai Arckan
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