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Katara Starkos
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Name: Katara Starkos

Nickname: Corellian Rose

Aliases: Kat Mandu, Karta Tor (Mando'ade name)

Age: Upper twenties

Hair: Red

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'9"

Build: Slender, athletic


  • Purple star on left side of neck
  • Single red rose on inner right hip

Homeworld: Corellia


  • Father - Jack Star
  • Mother - Sasha Kos (deceased)

Marital Status: Single (widow)

Profession: Bounty Hunter/Mercenary/Security Specialist

OCC Rank: Trainee


Ship: Corellian Dawn (uses false transponders regularly)

Class: YT-1930



  • Usually wears bodysuit/jacket combos that are made out of a light armorweave type material (blast resistent at distances, but not at close range) or a full set of silver Mandalorian beskar'gam.

 Personal Assets:

  • Zephyr-G Swoop - Hell's Fury
  • YT-1930 Light Freighter - Corellian Dawn
  • LE repair droid - "Buddy" is Kat's co-pilot/mechanic on her ship.
  • Business - Star Security Consultants, Inc.


  • Galactic Basic – Native
  • Bocce – Fluent
  • Mando’a – Fluent
  • Olys Corellisi (Old Corellian) – Speaks/understands key words and phrases
  • Durese – Speaks/understands key words and phrases
  • Huttese – Speaks/understands key words and phrases
  • Rodese – Speaks/understands key words and phrases
  • Shyriiwook – Understands key words and phrases
  • Binary "Droid Speak" – Understands key beeps, trills, and whistles by astromech droids, and other droid models


Katara Starkos is primarily a bounty hunter, but also does security and mercenary work to pad her pocket book. The Corellian's late husband, Valin Tor, a Mandalorian, was her bounty hunting partner until he was killed by a vengeful blaster bolt meant for her.  

Starkos is naturally skilled as a marksman, lethal in hand to hand combat, and an excellent pilot and driver. Her technical skills stretch as far as wiring up a charge to hacking a basic system. Kat tends to push the limit with most things in life as she likes to go mach ten with her hair on fire, and sometimes her stubborn streak and fiery temper get the best of her. Which can lead her to take reckless, ill-advised actions. The spirited redhead is an avid fan of smashball, and enjoys a variety of extreme adventure sports such as rock climbing and swoop racing.


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Katara Starkos
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