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Jay Shaun
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Full Name – Jay Shaun

Nickname - Jay

Callsign – Escort Seven

Age - 29

Gender - Male

Species - Human

Height – 5’10”

Weight – 180 lbs

Build - Fighter

Eyes - Brown

Hair – Black

Avatar – Phil Price London

Homeworld - Coruscant

Affiliation - Jedi

OCC Rank - Adept

IC Rank - Knight

Position – Jedi

Relationship Status – Married

Parents/Siblings – Mother, father and brother.



+ Artist, Writer, Swimmer, and Speeder Bikes


Force Skills Padawan

+ Telekinesis

  - Choke, Pull, Push, Throw,

+ Enhance Ability

  - Breath, Jump, Speed,

+ Force Sense

  - Farsight, Comprehension,

+ Telepathy

+ Control Pain

+ Force Healing Self


Force Skills Knight

+ Force Healing Other

+ Peace Aura I


Personality Traits

+ He's a nice guy who enjoys being busy all the time.  Funny and optimistic with a great sense of humor.  His friends find him eccentric and bold and maybe a bit prideful.  His enemies get the cold shoulder and rarely see him smile.  He has a deep voice, a great stance, and very wild facial expressions.  But mostly he's just human.


+ Jay Shaun was born on the planet of Coruscant with an Imperial-Minded Background. He graduated from the Regent Art Academy of Coruscant with a degree in Holographic Design. He become a Jedi Practitioner shortly thereafter with massive potential in the ways of the Force. He published a textbook for the University of Cinnagar in the field of Holographic Publishing and Design before he was twenty five. He currently lives with his wife, Fey Sullust Shaun, on the planet of Cinnagar and works as a writer and substitute High School teacher. 
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Jay Shaun
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