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Brian Fireside
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Name: Brian A. Fireside

Age: 31 Standard Years

Sex: Male

Height: 6' 0"

Weight: 210lbs

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Build: Fit, but Big

Avatar: Nathan Fillion

Homeworld: Anaxes

Affiliation: Himself

OOC Rank: Trainee

IC Rank: Self-Employed

Occupation: President, FireTek Industries, Private Starship Contractor


               Father: Seeto Fireside, Alive. Former FireTek CEO

               Mother: Nayala Fireside, Alive.

               Brother: Kevin Fireside, Alive.

Personal Starship: Starlight (Incom X-4 Gunship, minus most of the guns and add lots of issues)

Favorite Weapon: When you're in the weapon business, it's hard to have a favorite.

Force Potential: Force, as in, with a hammer? Yeah, sure, I'll go with that.

               High                      [  ]

               Medium               [  ]

               Low                      [  ]

               None                    [X]

Force Powers, Weapon Proficiencies, Armor Proficiencies:


               Force Powers: None


               Weapon Proficiencies:

                              Advanced Ranged Weapon Proficiency (Lifetime experience with firearms. Blasters, slugthrowers, etc.)


                              Basic Hand-to-Hand Proficiency (Fists, knives, brass knuckles etc)


                              Untrained with Melee Weapons (Swords, Lightsabers, etc.)


                              Light Armor Proficient


                              Medium Armor Proficient


Skills/Feats/Useful Hobbies:


               Weaponsmith (Due to his family's weapons business, FireTek Industries, Brian has grown up around tools, guns, blades, armor, etc his entire life. He is proficient in their maintenance, construction, and design.)


               Light Transport Pilot (Ships roughly Millenium Falcon sized)


               Amateur Starship Mechanic/Handyman (Comes with owning 'A complete piece' as his father would say)


               Businessman (Brian would like to assume, with his many business dealings, that he knows a thing or two about lying and being lied to.)


               Dirty Fighter ("That honor and morals bullcrap don't mean nothin' if you end up dead, ya hear?")




Brian has a strange moral code, but he sticks to it and protects his own. Those who he calls friends are a fortunate few, those he calls enemies best steer clear. He is loyal to those who are loyal to him, but it is difficult to initially gain his trust. He has a nasty habit for rash actions, and has a reputation for quickly coming up with solutions to problems, even if they're dangerous solutions. He typically acts without fully thinking things through, but he is more than capable of planning things down to the most minute details. To others, it may seem like he has no idea what he is doing when in reality that is exactly how he wants to be seen.




Brian Fireside belongs to a small family of weapons manufacturers and arms dealers, with their company being based on the planet Anaxes. Brian attended elementary and secondary school before studying at a vocational institute to learn the trade skills necessary to operate the family business. After completeing his weaponsmithing school, Brian attended university where he studied a broad variety of topics from business administration and financing to politics and quantum science. After six years in school he graduated with a four year degree in business, but had many credit-hours in other subjects, leading to his extended stay in the university.


Upon his graduation Brian took over the company business due to his father's health complications. While the business is relatively self-sufficient, Brian often searches for new, more lucrative opportunities across the galaxy. This leads to him spending plenty of time away from home, which pushes much of the day-to-day business operation onto his brother, Kevin.


"There ain't more than two things that really matter in this galaxy: taking care of your own and everybody's right to do what they damn well please. My business is that business, making sure normal folk have the ability to do both of those things."

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Brian Fireside
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