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Ophelia Dumiah
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The eunuch was dressed from head to toe in purple silks, his fat fingers covered nearly entirely in big glossy rings, and he gave off the  scent of lavender. This... man, if you could call him as such, was the person who currently owned the pirate space station. None knew how exactly he had acquired it, yet he had an army behind him that even the strongest of pirates feared, which they called the Silent Men. When Viserion was angry, you did not have the time you learn of it before you  found your head rolling off your shoulders, without having had as much as a glimpse of the man who had done it. And stranger yet was the fact that Viserion had a wife who was sitting by his side, a woman who answered to the name of Ophelia and was assumed to be mute, for never had anyone witnessed her utter a single word. And yet, the man who thought that Ophelia was not an attractive woman in appearance had never  been born thus. It was an odd couple, who had built an even odder settings, and had called the station the Magic Cave.

Up on the dais she sat, the woman who had married a eunuch with no second thought. Her crimson eyes overlooked the arena, her movements indicating not a single gasp of breath. Her skin was white, bordering gray, and her eyelashes as well as her eyebrows thick and black. The eunuch's hand covered hers yet no words did the two share. Only occasionally the veiled woman would nod quietly, as though there was a great big joke that none shared by she with herself.

And quietly, the silent woman sat and waited, and above all, watched...                            

As fluidly as she had arrived, the silent woman now bid her way through the crowds. But she did not make her way back to the dais; no, she noted  as she glanced behind her shoulder. The days of the dais were now passed, and a new era was to begin. Those who sat there would ultimately  die before coming out, and she... She would live.

The silent woman turned her head and looked ahead of her, where the gates that exit the space station were, where she knew her transport awaited her, having planned this years in advance. Only to Viserys, her husband,  she nodded, not in warning but in goodbye. And then she was there no more.                            

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Ophelia Dumiah
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