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Liam St. Albans
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Name:[/b] Liam Gerald St. Albans
Age:[/b] Undetermined (not born yet) 
Gender: [/b]Male
Rank:[/b] Padawan
Faction:[/b] The Alliance
Homeplanet:[/b] Undecided
Living Situation:[/b] Undecided

Avatar:[/b] Chad Michael Murray
Height:[/b] 6'0'' 
Weight:[/b] 180lbs
Eye color:[/b] Blue
Hair color: [/b]Blonde
Complexion:[/b] Tanned
Distinguishing marks: [/b]None

Mother: [/b]Tera St. Albans neĆ© Darkmayne
Father:[/b] Koran St. Albans
Siblings: [/b]Kailynn St. Albans(twin sister)
Aunts:[/b] Kyle Fiore, Lauda Cavataio, Morgaine deWinter, Asteria deWinter, Cordelia deWinter, Nessarose deWinter
Uncles: [/b]Jason Starkiller, Coren Starkiller, Alistair Starkiller, Ingvar Darkmayne(deceased)
Cousins:[/b] Mira Cavataio, Mirus Cavataio, Raven Starkiller, Ciaran Starkiller, Zane Starkiller, Eri'Anya Starkiller, Dante deWinter, Connor Starkiller
Grandparents:[/b] Sora Darkmayne (deceased), Gerald Darkmayne (deceased), Xander Starkiller, Ellia Lefex

History: [/b]TBD

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Liam St. Albans
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