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Aaralyn Fiore
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.:: General Information ::.

Name: Aaralyn Fiore
Title: Royal Princess; Her Royal Highness of Y'Sad / Alliance Representative for Y'Sad
Birth planet: Y'Sad
Faction: The Alliance
Rank: Trainee

.:: Physical Appearance ::.

Avatar: Richel Tanner / Nina Dobrev / ? / Lena Olin
Gender: Female
Age: Nineteen (may differ due to the flexible timeline)
Height: 5' 6" (1.68 m)
Weight: 115 lbs (52 kg)
Eye Color: Glowing Red
Hair Color: Brown
Body Shape: Slightly curved
Skin Tone: Tanned
Distinguishing Marks:
  • Large white wings (8 feet across), fully functional
  • The intensity of the eye glow differs based on emotions
  • Natural heightened hearing and vision (regular during night time)
  • The ability to zoom in her vision, focus on a particular thing, leaving her vulnerable to everything else
.:: Family ::.

Mother: Leentje Fiore neé Revata, queen of Y'Sad
Father: Elias Fiore, king of Y'Sad
Siblings:  Namric Fiore, Sienne Fiore, Kyle Fiore (twin sister), Enric Fiore, Serithia Monteverdi, Kai Monteverdi
Cousins: Deidre Fiore, Yaran Fiore, Ceryni Fiore, Il'Sirus Fiore, Ithiel IV Fiore, Malikar Fiore, Sevorah Monteverdi, Arikos D'Fiori, Coren Starkiller, Leto Deadwood, Raven Starkiller, Ciaran Starkiller, Zane Starkiller, Eri'Anya Starkiller, Connor Starkiller <
Uncles: Methias Fiore (deceased), Setheran Fiore
Aunts:  Neav Revata, Fable Revata, Amalia Braska, Adrianna Fiore, Illisia Valorous
Royal Guard: Soloman Pryde

.:: Personality ::.

Aaralyn Fiore is a well adjusted child of Y'Sad, youngest of her siblings who was mostly kept away from anything alarming her entire life. She has perfect manners and is very well educated. She's the kind of person that loves to smile a lot and generally have a good time. She adores her father unconditionally and thinks he can do no wrong, and looks up to her mother, even secretly hoping she could follow in her footsteps one day. She's always been dressed in pretty dresses, even since a child, which she loves, though in her puberty, has discovered different types of fashion which she's come to like as well. She's never been in love though she's liked some boys yet never had the courage do anything about it. She's generally kept away from all pressing things so she's never actually learned to deal with them which could possibly be a future flaw. Is still a virgin.

.:: Basic History ::.

Age 0 – Aaralyn and Kyle Fiore are born to Leentje and Elias Fiore.
Age 2 – 6 – Aaralyn is given a happy childhood on Y'Sad and her wings develop. She doesn't know she has a twin sister.
Age 7 – Aaralyn's sharp teeth are fully flatten and she learns to fully operate her wings. One night, she feels pain in her wings she cannot explain.
Age 8 – Is given her very own body guard.<
Age 11 – Aaralyn is given a private tutor.
Age 12 – 16 – She sent of a type of boarding school to be educated properly.
Age 17 – Aaralyn returns to Y'Sad and meets Kyle.<
Age 18 – Not too long after meeting Kyle, Aaralyn goes to the Alliance and begins her career as the Representative of Y'Sad.While her dream is to follow in her Mother's footsteps, she remains untrained and focuses on her political career in the beginning.
Age 19 – Most returns to her duties on Y'Sad and tries to reach Kyle but that just keeps not happening. During the attack on Y'Sad, she is contacted by her twin sister who informs her of announcement Cameron Centurion has about their planet and family and rushes back. Upon the serious of events that lead to the downfall of the Sith Imperium, Aaralyn receives a message from a badly hurt Kyle, asking her to come to Byss for her with a medic which Aaralyn does without even thinking twice about it. Now, she's making sure her sister recovers and doesn't rush off before the treatment is done.
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Aaralyn Fiore
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{ General Information }

Name: Soloman Pryde
Title: Personal Guard of Princess Aaralyn Fiore
Birth Planet: Y'Sad
Loyalties: Y'Sad, King and Queen, Princess Aaralyn
Gender: Male
Age: Twenty-five

{ Physical Appearance }

Avatar: Joaquin Phoenix
Height: 5'8''
Weight: 216 lbs
Eye Color: Glowing Red 
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Body Shape: Muscular 
Skin Tone: Pale
Distinguishing Marks: A pair of regular shaped male white wings

{ Family }

Mother: Jedeah Pryde
Father: Alyciah Pryde
Siblings: None
Other Family: Unknown

{ Personality }


 { History }


* this is an npc character
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