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  • Princess of Y'Sad
At age 18
  • Gears of Change (Republic/Alliance) - With the disappearance of the chief of state, the representatives and the Jedi gather to figure out what has happened to him and to elect someone in his place.
  • Monthly Resources RP - Slaying the Beast-Members of the Alliance are sent on a mission to protect a planet from a creature called the Darker. Aaralyn remains on the ship with the general to observe the mission. Thread failed.
At age 19
  • Operation Firrerre - The Alliance faction thread, takes place after the Imperium's attack and destruction of Dantooine.
  • The Aftermath on Y'Sad - During a voyage through the galaxy, Aaralyn receieves a message from Kyle that plays her a recording of a Sith broadcast, at which time her guard Soloman also finds that all Y'Sad people were ordered to stay indoors. Frightened for what both things may mean, the Princess returns home only to find her Aunt Adrianna telling her that her mother has been taken by the Sith. At the request of her Aunt, Aaralyn agrees to stand by her side to convince their people to join the Alliance before her father gives her to go on it and all before Kyle arrives to taunt her even more. The two sisters get into a brief argument which is stopped by Aunt Adrianna.
  • The Breakdown: A Day of Reckoning - Small part mixed in with Kyle's post. Aaralyn receives a message for Kyle through their joined communication devices and rushes to Byss with Soloman and a medic to retrieve her. They take her to Y'Sad to receive full medical attention.
  • Lone Wolf - Kyle is nursed back to recovering, post Breakdown.
  • Early Rising of the Sun - Uncle Methias reveals himself to his children and Aaralyn.
Age 20
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