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Jemma Venn
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Name: Jemma Venn
Faction: Alliance
IC Rank: Captain

OOC Rank: Apprentice
Call Sign: TBD
Species: Human (Cybernetically Enhanced)
Gender: Female
Age: 24

Physical Appearance:

Height: 5'9ā€¯Weight: 150 lbs
Eye Color: GreyHair Color: Brown
Physique: Wiry and exceptionally fit.
Distinguishing Marks: Externally visible eye socket reconstruction (for some reason skin grafts just wont take to it), on scans she also shows up as having numerous cybernetic systems in her body.


Jemma really has two separate 'modes'.  When she's in laid back mode, she'll have fun, drink, joke around with friends, and challenge colleagues to competitions of skill.  When she's in serious mode it's all about the mission, and she peruses it with dogged determination.  When she gets into a mood she can be a serious hardass.

Cybernetic Devices:
Rhen-Orm Biocomputer
Several Metalic Replacements for shattered bones
Metal Reinforcement to Skeletal Structure
One arm has been replaced with a prosthetic, included in this is a retractable laser cutter imbedded in the forearm.
One Cybernetic Eye capable of seeing into the IR spectrum, telescopic zoom, and acting as a low power scanning devices

Regular Skills:

Extensive weapons training in pistols, sniper rifles, rifles, rocket launchers, grenade launchers, vibroswords, and Teras Kasi.  Demolitions training.  Ground tactics.  Trained in the complexities of fighting both in armor and without armor.  Some piloting skills, but not extensive.

Force Powers:

(Note: Force abilities are marginally weaker than those of comparable level character due to less training, as well as diminished Force capacity in cyborgs)
Enhance Ability
- Force Speed
- Force Jump
Force Sense
-Farsight (There is no Try)
Meditative/Hibernation Trance (There is no Try)
Basic Telekinesis (There is no Try)
-Push (There is no Try)
-Pull (There is no Try)
Enhanced Force Sense
-Battle Precognition


Jemma's parents were an Alderaanian merchant freighter captain and his engineer.  They ran a minor freight business shipping between the core and the mid rim, occasionally venturing farther if the money was good enough.  Business was even good enough that sometimes they could stay back on Alderaan and let their crew run the cargo.  Jemma loved to fly.  Her parents wanted to keep her in the core more often than not, since it was safer there, but as early as she could talk she wanted to go out there and see other planets, other space stations, meet new people.  Naturally this spelled a nightmare for her parents, who constantly were faced with the question, 'where did she get off to?'.

Unfortunately, this very tendency caused her separation from her parents.  She was only 8 years old when she was visiting a rimward planet with her parents.  Curiosity got the better of her and she wandered off.  She was grabbed by some slavers.  But this group was not exactly your run-of-the-mill slavers.  They were led by a cyberneticist by the name of Daylin Quace.  Doctor Quace had numerous theories about how to control slaves through the use of cybernetic implants, and it was his hope that through the use of his devices, he could produce cyborg bodyguards enslaved to his will for his clients.  However he never could get over the nasty problem of compliance versus autonomy.  He forces too much control on the implant and the cyborg becomes too dependent on instructions and unable to think creatively and becomes, essentially a droid you have to feed.  Not enough control, and it becomes difficult to ensure that the cyborg won't turn on their master.  So his operation implanted all of the new slaves with a baseline level of cybernetics and trained them as soldiers.  The less compliant ones were used in experimentation with the tweaking of the level of control exerted through the implants.

Jemma was outfitted with the baseline implants and given training.  She was one of the lucky ones who didn't draw Quace's ire enough to be experimented on.  She was 16 when she was sold with a few others to serve as personal security and bodyguards to a wealthy businessman.  However, within 2 months he had been assassinated by a rival, after he had ordered the guards out while he was banging his latest mistress.  The cyborg guards knew this was their only chance to make a break for freedom and they took it.  Before anyone had a chance to figure out what was going on, they stole their control devices and stole a shuttle to head for a different system to try and find someone to remove the control devices.

However the problem she recognized is that her control device could just as easily be used as leverage against her in the future.  She had to have it removed.  But that kind of surgery took money, especially if she wanted it done without word getting back to Quace.  They all took to the only thing they knew, and hired themselves out as mercenaries.  They grew quite close together, and were saving up to scrape enough cash together to get the implants removed, watching each other's backs.  But there was something about Jemma that made her just a bit faster, just a bit stronger, just a bit more capable.  She didn't know it (and still doesn't) but she had a connection to the Force.  It was four long years before they got enough money together, and took in turn to watch each other's backs while they went under for the surgery.  Finally they were free.  But what now?  Two of them elected to return home.  Jemma and the other three fell into the old pattern of mercenary work.  And they were getting very good at it.  They worked well as a team, which was good because the galaxy isn't always a terribly friendly place for cyborgs.

About two years went by where they got jobs working where they could.  About then they were approached by William Adama with a job to break open the doors of an operation dealing in slaving with use of cybernetics.  Sure enough, they'd been hired to shut down Quace.  Eager for a little payback the group was glad to accept.  But when they got past the familiar parts of the operation and worked their way into its bowels, they saw how truly depraved and horrific the experiments had gotten.  It really got to all of them.  They gladly ended the bastard's life and freed those whom he had imprisoned, but it made them realize they couldn't just sit by and leave others to suffer.  Fortunately for their new found consciences, their employer for the last mission was willing to let them in when they asked to join.

Its been two years since then.  And they haven't looked back.

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Jemma Venn
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Name: Templeton Peck
Callsign: Face

Personality: Gregarious, a bit of a lech, loyal

Skills: Amazing people skills, can find or get just about anything, excellent marksmanship

Standard Equipment: bryar pistol, DC-17m Interchangeable Weapons System, one other precision ranged weapon for utility based on the mission., vibrorapier


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Name: Murdoch
Callsign: Madman

Personalty: loyal, completely batshit insane

Skills: Pilot, excellent at causing massive distractions, demolitions

Standard Equipment: bryar pistol, DC-17m Interchangeable Weapons System, BD-1 Cutter vibroax, one utility weapon based on the mission typically something outlandish and flashy


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Jemma Venn
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Name: Calloway
Callsign: none (nothing's seemed to fit though numerous have been tried)

Personality: gruff exterior, extremely loyal, strong moral compass

Skills: superior strength and skill in hand to hand combat, mechanics

Standard Equipment: bryar pistol, DC-17m Interchangeable Weapon System, knuckle plate vibroblade in gauntlets of armor, one utility weapon usually something with a lot of kickback, since his superior strength can better handle it.


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