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Jun'ko Zane
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Basic Info

Personnel Datafile:   Fox

Birth Name:    Jun’ko Zane
Age:    21
Gender:    Female
Birthworld:   Kamino
Homeworld:   Coruscant

Legal Status:   Coruscant citizen
Relationship Status:    Single
Living Situation:   Imperial Security Bureau Barracks
Occupation:   Field Agent for ISB; Black Ops

Current Affiliation:   New Sith Empire
Current Rank:  Recruit

Personal Skills:   Jun’ko can speak and understand Basic and Hapan with complete fluency, they just prefers Basic unless speaking Hapan is completely necessary.   Disdaining guns, they dual-wield red-bladed lightsabers.   They are decent pilots, but tend to leave the flying to others.   They are adepts of the
Echani and K’tara martial art styles, and are apprentices in the various lightsaber techniques, although they do favor Makashi, Ataru, and Shien over all others

Personality:   Jun’ko, and this generally applies to all three of them, has the typical Hapan attitude towards men, as well as having the ingrained matriarchal tendencies from the full-blood Hapan they were cloned from.   Aside from that, they have been trained to complete loyalty and obedience to the New Sith Empire, no matter the gender of their commanding officer or other superiors, forsaking their progenitor’s cultural allegiance to her people.   They are often fiery and passionate in the pursuit of the goals of whatever missions they are sent on, but once battle or the mission ends, whichever comes first, they pay a price for committing all their energy to either or both; they have to find a way to burn off all that excess energy – which they usually deal with by resorting to sex.

Hobbies:   Blowing off steam or unwinding from a mission, which usually means sex, or training to hone and improve their skills.

Physical Characteristics Known
Avatar: Unknown
Height:   5’4”
Weight:   129 lbs.
Hair Color:   Dark Brown / Black
Eye Color:   Copper / Light Red

Other:   Imperial crest tattooed on the outside of each clone’s left arm.*

Known Possessions:   Red-bladed lightsabers (x6; 2 per clone), minimal armor enhanced with
armorweave and built-in stealth field generators, supple form-fitting leather gloves (x6; 2 per clone), standard ISB undergarments (x3; 1 per clone), supple form-fitting leather boots (x6; 2 per clone).

* - Genetic tailoring to be more effective in combat missions and field operations has eliminated the cultural and racial lack of night-vision and improved their low-light vision.  Also, their reflexes and reaction times have been improved a bit; the tradeoff being that the excess energy/adrenaline they generate during combat or missions must be burned off as soon as possible afterwards, or they will go into shock from energy overload.

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Jun'ko Zane
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Added to the bio index!