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Khalma Ord
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Name: Khalma Ord

Race: Cathar, Mando'ade

Age: 29

Gender: Female

Height: 1.9 meters

Weight: 97.5 kg


Affiliation: Mandalorians

Rank: Trainee

Birth World: Ordo

Home World: Cato Neimoidia

Alignment: Neutral?


Regarded as something of an eccentric among her fellows, Khalma looks to any source she can find for 'inspiration' for her engineering projects. Possessed of a dangerously creative streak, and an even more dangerous vindictive streak towards those she sees as her enemies, she is sometimes regarded as far too much like Mandalorians of the ancient crusades for the comfort of others. The few who underestimate her keen mind aren't likely to do so more than once for, more often than not in the case of her enemies, they are seldom left alive long enough to contemplate the lesson.

Often teased for her tastes in more opulent trappings than is considered acceptable by other Mandalorians, nonetheless she is just as frugal with her resources as any respectable Mandalorian.


Khalma's figure is noticeable in a crowd, and she is not ashamed of her own appearance. Standing tall and supple for a Cathar, her continuous physical training is apparent in her heavy-set frame. While her shoulders are somewhat narrow, her hips are wide and her legs thick and strong. Being of the primary Cathar species, her body is coated in thick, gold fur, with dark brown rosettes along her arms, back, hips and legs. Her silver mane is cropped short, and barely reaches her shoulders and her eyes are a bright amber with slitted pupils.


Mandalorian Combat Arts – Khalma is fully trained in the racial fighting methods and combat arts of the Mandalorians, and makes use of them when necessary. Her primary fighting style focuses on the weapons integrated into her battle armour, and the significant increase in strength the armour provides, with an emphasis on brutal, overwhelming offensives.

Armourmech – A skilled and creative engineer in her own right, Khalma puts a great deal of her spare time into upgrading and modifying her personal armour suit, and is more than capable of doing so herself, as well as facilitating repairs on damaged components.

First Aid – Given that her field tests and personal mercenary work tends to be dangerous, Khalma has invested time and resources to ensure she can treat even serious injuries in the field with non-existent support facilities, training which can be put to use on those she may be in company with as well as herself.

Languages: Basic, Catharese, Mando'a


MandelMotors Field Engineer – Khalma is employed by MandelMotors as a final stage engineer and test-pilot for various projects – many of them dangerous or military grade, such as weapons and platforms. Some projects carry her personal touches and refinements introduced during the final phases of production, while others are stopped dead by her – often because they nearly kill her in the process. Despite the occasional crash, or near crash, she is valued for her input on new weapons and weapon systems, especially given her tendency to use them herself.

Mercenary – When not testing a new project, or when she's feeling the desire to put her repertoire of technology and gadgets to use, Khalma will pursue mercenary work, and even the occasional bounty. Often used as her own method of validating field tests from her 'civil' occupation, she is not particularly known for association with any of the major factions in the galaxy, other than her fellow Mandalorians.


Khalma kept her stride measured to avoid forcing a pace on the elderly huntmaster. His protegee followed behind them a respectful, but wary distance. Even now, less scrupulous Mando weren't above taking a desired position by force if the opportunity arose.

On the hunt you will see and hear a great many things. What I kept in mind, always, was that you must respect the hunted. No matter how weak, docile or incomprehensible, it has it's reasons for being hunted, just as the clients will have their reasons for you to hunt.”

Khalma looked on, her gaze half-heartedly resting on preserved trophies. The tiny Hunters' Guild outpost on Cato Nemoidia was well furnished, but even here it had the welcoming feel of the Mandalorian home world.

Make no mistake, you will be known by names you don't care for, and in more languages you may ever learn. It is a part of what you will become, and you can not deny it, no matter how hard you try. Your glory will be made by others as you accomplish your own goals, and you will not be remembered by how you wish – but by what others believe.”

Khalma swallowed a retort. She had asked for the hunt-masters' wisdom: if his frank words were too much for her to stomach, that was her problem and no reason to quarrel with him. She simply nodded in recognition of what he had said and turned to face him as the entrance arch stood before them.

Thank you, Huntmaster. I'll bear your words in mind on my travels.”

The aged hunter nodded softly and clapped a hand on the young hunters' shoulder.

Good luck then, and good hunting.”


After nearly a month and a half of searching, this wasn't the feeling of glory she imagined she'd be feeling. A lone man with a blaster stood defiantly before her, guarding no more than ten young children. The 'terrorists' her client had ordered her to apprehend.

The man drew his blaster, trying to fend her off. She snapped it out of his grip with a casual strike, leaving the man nursing his hand as she shook her head at him.


Her voice was masked, and the carapace plating of her armour left enough to the imagination that it was difficult to guess her gender. She let out a sigh that wasn't conveyed through her helmets' external speakers. Her musings were interrupted by her instincts. Sensing another presence approaching, she turned and saw the robed figure of her employer, accompanied by a handful of Sith soldiers. The robed figure was clapping his gloved hands.

Well done, hunter.”

I was paid to hunt terrorists and madmen. Dangers to others,” Khalma glared at the group, the figure had no weapons she could see, but the soldiers had their weapons unholstered, “I only see harmless children and their guardian. If you call them threats, then I call you a madman.”

I can't discount the possibility, but then again, you're all gathered here in one place. That makes my job much-”

Khalma drew her blasters and keyed their triggers to full-auto, sweeping the soldiers with a hail of blaster bolts that caught them in the chest and shoulders. The figure reeled momentarily before drawing a lightsabre, the air hissing violently as the ruby blade sprung to life.

She was quick to key her own blades, the unfolding mechanisms on her wrists locking together and allowing her to block a sudden, whirling swing.

Deprived of his support, and caught flat-footed by the hunters' sudden assault, the Sith gave ground under the punishing onslaught of the hunters' lightsabre resistant blades and blaster bolts, which struck with the force of small explosions on the lightsabres blade.

Khalma pushed her advantage, her fighting style both brutal and punishing compared to the whirling elegance of the numerous sabre-forms used by the Sith. Her opponent recognized this and summoned his fear and anger at being caught so off-guard, channelling it into a sudden blast of lightning that erupted into her blades and armour.

She cried out in surprise, the HUD within her helmet flickering as alarms warbled and wailed in her ears. She struggled against the full weight of her suit, lashing out at her assailant as she spoke to the suit itself, hoping the lightning hadn't overloaded the droid intelligence that acted as her battle-computer.

Vent, vent, vent!”

The armoured covers of her jetpack exhausts and heat-sinks distributed throughout her armour sprang open, jets of super-heated air hissing from them. She felt the weight of her suit lift as the powered actuators and simulated muscle bundles returned to life, her helmet HUD alighting as the suit recovered from the sudden blast.

Something in the back of her head screamed at her, and she rolled aside to dodge a second blast of lightning, keying her weapons as she rose to her feet and rushed the Sith. Another armoured port opened above her wrist and she waived her arm in a seemingly random pattern as gouts of plasma erupted from the armoured flame-thrower, searing at the force-users robes as she followed through with a sudden, brutal attack.

Already struggling against the burns from her flamethrower and his ignited robes, the Sith never saw her last attack. One of her arm-blades slashed through the Siths' lightsabre, shattering the weapon in a burst of energy, while the other pierced his hooded robes and the face-mask he wore to conceal his identity. The powered muscle bundles and actuators made piercing the Siths' skull appallingly easy, and the mans' arms dropped lifelessly to his sides as his corpse hung off her blade.

She freed the blade, and as the corpse tumbled, she swung once more, decapitating the Sith's corpse. Just to be sure...


Rifling through the fridge of her estate, Khalma blinked and whirled, suddenly facing a robed stranger across the lavishly appointed kitchen.

Talk fast or I drop a moon on your head.”

The stranger snorted softly and stood, showing her their empty hands.

I just wanted to thank you for your recent work. Saving the younglings and their guardian – after you'd been hired to kill them...well. I'll  say for my part I didn't think I'd meet such a charitable soul.”

'Charity' had nothing to do with it.” Khalma watched this figure, feeling equally uneasy as the other figure looked. It didn't help that she was uncomfortably aware of how unarmed, and unclothed she was – having gotten up in nothing but a night robe.

May I?” The figure gestured to their robes, and Khalma folded her arms under her breasts.

As long as it's not a bomb.”

The figure, whom Khalma was assuming to be another force wielder, slowly reached into their robes and produced a data pad and a folder thick with credits and laid both on a nearby table.

If you're interested, the data-pad has contact information and instructions for our handlers. The credits, well, consider it the payment you should have received.”

Khalma nodded and watched the figure bow before making their way out of her estate. She followed them and made sure the security guard watched them leave, though the man had a glazed look in his eyes that made her instantly suspicious of the figure. Too late to do anything about it, she simply locked the door behind her and went back to getting her midnight snack.


Beskar'gam (Battle Armour/Powersuit) – Khalma's body armour consists of multiple layers to allow for personal comfort, protection and mobility, while the armour itself greatly enhances her natural strength, speed and endurance. Consisting of a sturdy, environmentally sealed, sleeveless body-glove in the primary layer, then a full body-glove which integrates fibrous bundles that mimic the motion of her existing muscles, with amplified strength, connected to a simple droid intelligence in the suit itself. Over these layers are carapace plates of Beskar plating covering her chest, arms, hips and legs. Integrated into the carapace plates in the torso is a powerful jet-pack with armoured afterburners beneath the arms and on the shoulders – allowing for intricate manoeuvres based on how the wearer orients their body. Integrated in the joints and along the spine are heavily reinforced actuators which further improve the suits' strength and endurance boosting qualities, nearly negating the actual weight of the suit itself. Fully sealed with a helmet, the visor features the distinctive shape attributed to Mandalorian warriors. For additional embellishments, she wears an armoured loincloth and kama of a crimson, flame retardant material between her legs, and a segmented pauldron around her shoulders.

Integrated in the carapace for the armours' forearms are matched pair of folding combat blades forged from an alloy of phrik and beskar ores, which unfold and assemble together, forming an 'L' shaped blade that extends along the outside of the forearm before bending outwards almost perpendicular to the wearers' elbow – the blades being a meter in length when measured from point to point at full extension. Other weapons are fitted onto her armour in fully armoured modules of their own, and can be removed or rearranged as needed. Primarily these take the form of back mounted micro-missile racks, forearm mounted plasma flame-throwers, carbonite sprayers, and a variable munitions dart launcher, fitted with a harpoon launcher and liquid-cable reservoir.

Long Blasters – A paired set of blaster pistols, heavily modified by their owner to use far larger energy cells than normal, out-sized capacitors and an efficient cooling system to allow for sustained, rapid fire bursts. Reinforced against their own enhanced power, and fitted with a thick hand-guard, these precisely balanced weapons are capable of blasts normally produced from large blaster rifles, which have a volatile reaction on impact with their targets. The blasters themselves adhere to Khalmas' armour in magnetized thigh holsters when not in use.

'Invincible' – Basilisk War Droid – A reinvention of an ancient concept, Invincible is Khalma's personal Basilisk War droid, recreated with modern materials and technologies to provide her with a planetary transport and weapons platform for heavy fighting. Capable of orbital entry into an atmosphere, and respectable overland speed transport thanks to it's repulsor-lift engines. The droid itself is protected by heavy plating and a shield to absorb the intense heat of reentry, though it also protects from blaster bolts and other weapons. Offensively fitted two sets of two repeating blasters and a single, high yield laser cannon in armoured nacelles on each shoulder, the droid resembles a large, quadrupedal animal of some form.

A divergence from the original design, and the brainchild of Khalma's own experiments, the droid can assume a secondary form, where sections of the droid, including the arms and legs, fold around the pilot and reconfigure the droids' usual posture to create a bipedal exo-skeleton. In this posture, the droid can still make use of it's blasters and laser cannons, but can also make use of it's arms and claws to attack enemies in melee ranges. The mechanical strength of the droid in this configuration, paired with the pilots one to one, force-feedback direction allows it to attack armour and fortifications and inflict significant damage at close range.

Created as Khalma's own personal project, Invincible is a prototype, proof-of-concept model that she regularly takes to the field, where appropriate, in order to field test minute modifications to the vehicle to further improve it's effectiveness in combat.

Spectre Class Long Range Transport – Based on an ancient, burned out husk of a ship discovered in an abandoned junkyard, the Spectre class is a departure from more common vessels developed by MandelMotors. Reconstructed based on the existing, albeit damaged, architecture of the original hull, the Spectre has seen numerous improvements to the original hull design – the introduction of more durable materials in it's structure and a complete re-design of the stripped out engines, sensors and hyper generator allowing for a great deal of leeway to improve on what was, for all intents and purposes, an empty hull.

While the new designs differ wildly from those that created the hull, the structure and appearance remains nearly identical to the original vessel – who's origins are still a mystery to Khalma and her design team. Despite this, few expenses have been spared to ensure the vessel is as well equipped and durable as it can be made. Fitted with weapons that would be suitable for a larger vessel in an interdiction role, and outfitted to suit Khalmas' needs, the Spectre is both elegant in appearance as it is deadly in function.

For weapons, the vessel features four quad laser cannons in individual, forward-facing, armoured turrets – based on a heavily modified variant of the Corellian AG-2G quad laser cannon – with two mounted in each wing of the craft, a set of ordinance launchers with a rather large magazine for torpedoes and missiles, and a mine-layer module mounted between the drive units. Further modification includes an oversized airlock mounted at the rear of the main hold, which accommodates a launch and maintenance ramp for Khalma's Basilisk War Droid.

Defensively the ship is protected by a robust omni-directional deflector shield and the hull is further protected by thick duralloy plating. A set of dorsal and ventral mounted, retractable auto-lasers act as anti missile counter-measures while a standard MandelMotors warfare suite provides the ship with general electronic counter-measures.

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