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§ General Information §

Name: Lenavina Caezar
Maiden name: Lenavina Martin 
Birth name: Lena'ha Martin
Known Alias: Lenavina Mar
Nickname: Lena
Gender: Female 
Race: Genetically enhanced human
Age: Chronological: 35-54 ; Physical Age: 20-29; Mental Age: 108 - 136
Birth planet: Kamino
Home planet: NabooCitizenships: Naboo, Kamino, Bastion, Coruscant, OnderonFormer Loyalties: Imperial Remnant, The Black Sun, Fel Empire, The Sith Empire, The Sith Remnant, The Sith ImperiumFaction: None CurrentlyRank: Imperial AdeptProfession: Assistant Chief of the Imperial Intelligence (formally)

§ Physical Appearance §

   Avatar: Scarlett Johansson | Emily WatsonHeight: 5' 4¼" (1.63 m) Weight: 109 lbs Eye Color: Piercing Blue Hair Color: BlondeBody Shape: Curved Skin Tone: Light Distinguishing Marks: Mark of a clone, at the end of her neck removed that is now only a scar. 

§ Known abilities §

Languages: Galactic Basic Standard, High Galactic, Gunganese (basically fluent), Binary (understands) Handiness: Piloting planet vessels, organized, perfectionist, visual lerner, perfect memory (work and history related) Past life capability: Hand to hand combat, two blades duelist

§ Family and Relations §

Mother: Naha'va (d.)Father: James Martin (d.)Significant Other: Alistair StarkillerHusband: Adrian Caezar (miaSiblings: Rylan Kordel (adoptive brother) Children: Tesla Martin (d.), Hevana Martin (d.), Delilah Bellard (d.), Amelia Caezar, Michael Caezar (mia)Grandchildren: Amaryllis BellardGrandmothers: Lilian Martin (d.), Glory Marvel (d.)Grandfather: Heller Martin (d.)Aunts and uncles: Doria Martin (d.), HadrianCousins: Alita Velos, Isis VelosParents-In-law: Julia Caezar, Tiberius CaezarBrother-in-law: Arvan MataleCousin-in-law: Rylan Kordel (d.)Trainers: Naha'va, Black Sun NPCStudents: None yet

§ Genetic structure §

Lenavina's gene structure isn't of a normal person though she's of the human race. Her mother was created genetically and before impregnating a woman, here gene structure was altered to the point where her aging process is slowed down by half, her agility and endurance heightened and her clorid level heightened by taking a gene patten of a powerful force user careful selected for Naha'va creation. From an early age, she was imprinted with devotion and loyalty to the old empire and most importantly to the late emperor Palpatine himself which many believed was part of the gene structure though it is not. Naha'va was also force sensitive and very able with her two lightsabers thanks to the combining with the selected force user and trained very well. 
Lenavina's gene structure was inherited by her mother in many points but do to mixing with a 100 % human, it's lowered in some cases. Her slower aging process is active, her agility level is heightened. For some reason though, Lena's force sensitivity is from minimum to non. 

§ Complete History §

When the Emperor's Hand Naha'va was sent to Naboo has a punishment by the Emperor, she hadn't expected to meet a man by the name of James Martin and for the first time learned what it meant to share feelings for someone that were not forced into her or harbored for years. She really did develop feelings for him but she worried of what would happen if James actually ever found out who she was and what she did. James mistook her for a lost woman who like him disapproved of what the Empire was doing. This mistake was made based on their first meeting, when she first arrived to the planet and was incredibly angry of the man whom she admired most in the world. 
The Martin family were firm believers in the Old Republic and unless there were Imperials near by, they didn't hide this fact. And the only reason why they even hid it then was out of fear that it would end bad for them if it was discovered. 
Naha'va was accepted into the family home and James fell in love with her pretty much the first time he saw her. It wasn't long before the two got involved and James asked her to be his wife. She accepted. They were married within weeks and Naha'va began to feel sick. She would has discarded it as an illness if her mother-in-law didn't insist she was pregnant and had to be checked out. And she was right. Naha'va was in fact pregnant. Eight months later came a blue haired girl with blue eyes. Naha'va found all of it rather funny considering she had a much slower aging process and yet her pregnancy was completely normal. She figured it was because of a human father. It was on the girl's date of birth that Naha'va named her daughter Lena'ha. James didn't argue on it and the girl was registered as Lena'ha Martin. 
It wasn't for another year before the Emperor's hand felt she was ready to admit to James who she really was. She firmly believed that her husband loved her enough to accept her for who she was and not hold it against her. She was terribly wrong because the minute she told him she was who she was, she was being thrown out of the family house, being forbidden ever to see her daughter again. Naha'va tried to fight this and when she couldn't, her instinct was to kill the man that had betrayed her. But she stopped herself and only because he was the father of her daughter. So she left, promising herself that she would once again meet her daughter and tell her the truth to who she was and what she could be. Of course, at this time, Naha'va still felt like the Emperor could live forever and their way of life would never fade. She was wrong. And she would learn how wrong she was the very next year. 
Naha'va was soon suddenly called back into the Emperor's graces and believes she would return to her duty, which would be a good distraction from her daughter growing up without her.Lena'ha's name was changed within weeks and she would grow up believing her name is Lenavina Martin and that her mother died at childbirth. Yet it wasn't long before she came to see other children having mothers and wishing to have one. Her father was an alright father but their belief in the Old Republic confused the child, and even more she could not stand her grandmother who wanted to control her to the very last detail. 
Lenavina was tutored by the finest tutors once her grandmother fell sick. She was even sent to private school for girls as she entered her teenage years. And thanks to the fact that she aged almost as any person, she would never know the truth about her mother was. Or would have never known. Because when she came back for a break around her sixteenth birth, she and her father got into a terrible argument. It is the time of a near war as the Imperial Remnant tries to take control over the New Republic for the last time, resulting in a Galactic Civil War that would not last for long. While her father and mother saw this as no threat, Lenavina couldn't help but think that it would be for the best of the Remnant truly would win and the stories of the Republic could finally fade. Truth was, she had no real feelings about either side just yet but it was the way Lenavina felt she could rebel against her family and let's face it – it was amusing watching her father turn red in his face and her mother cursing her for what she was saying. 
But it was in these days that Lena's teasing would go overboard and her father would suddenly burst. It would be their biggest argument the two would ever have, and the last time they would speak. Because it was then that Lena dragged her mother into the conversation demanding to know what happened to her. And it was only because her father got so angry with her teasing and told her that she thought like her mother and such thinking would get her in trouble. He broke down finally, and admitted. Her name was Naha'va and she was an Emperor's Hand. She kept it from him for the whole year they were married and when he finally learned the truth, he threw her out of the house for her sake. For Lena's sake. It was a lie, she knew that much. But she knew it was the way her father didn't have to feel guilt for keeping her away from her mother.
It was a lie. Lena knew it was. The very same minute, she packed her things and left her family home. Her father made threats, telling her she would never be welcomed back, she'd be dead to him and the entire family and what not. But Lena didn't care. She felt she was suffocating. All that time, she believed her mother was dead. And the last straw was when he told her flat out that Naha'va could have been dead by now. Her eyes flashed with anger then. She told him she wished he was the one dead and his entire stupid Republic. For her they were equally to be blamed for this. And she wished the all dead and destroyed, swore to make sure it would happen. Her father laughed. He probably shouldn't have because as she kept staring at him laughing, she reached for the sharpest thing she could find which turned out to be a kitchen knife and she stabbed him in the stomach with it. He stopped laughing then and his face turned to horror. When he yelled her name out, she pulled it out and struck him for the second time. He fell to the ground then. She kept staring at him for a little time and finally smirked as if she didn't even realize she had just struck her own father. 
Having done what she had done, Lena simply took her things and walked out, never wanting to look back. She didn't consider the pig her father and she wanted nothing to do with him. And she wanted the Republic dead and gone and she knew the time would come for it. 
As a young woman with good education background but no actual ties and physical training, Lenavina took any and all job she could take. And as she worked, she traveled, trying to find any sign of her mother still being alive. She was very struck into the fact that her mother just had to be somewhere out there still, wishing she could be around her. But as the years progressed and she found no sign of Naha'va, Lena's desire slowly faded. The bitterness began to grow at time same time. 
At the age of 25, she finally came in contact with the Imperial Remnant. Her first thought was that there were a pathetic excuse of what the old Empire used to be but it was the only thing slightly close to it. She was there for two years before she came to realize the Remnant had shown assistance to the New Republic in their war against the Yuuzhan Vong. It angered Lena to the point of leaving. She refused to take side with someone who stands along side the rebels. It was the first time she would ever use the term and even express her point that the Remnant, if wishing to join the war, should have stood on the side of the Yuuzhan Vong and crush the Rebels along side them, to share at least some level of victory.

In the next decade, she worked on various stations, creating a portfolio of work behind her. She worked minor administrative jobs, would rise to the assistant position, then when either her boss would retire or she felt tired of it,s he would quit and find herself teaching history to youngsters on different planets. These jobs however didn't last very long because Lena liked to keep more the history of the First Galactic Empire and refer to all Republicans as Rebels. She learned along the way that the Remnant became part of the Galactic Alliance 
Lenavina would start to feel empty in her bitterness. It was then, at the age of thirty-five that she would see that she no longer exist as a single being and take various jobs simply to survive. Somewhere along the way, she had become to believe in the Empire with her entire body and soul and she could not fight it anymore. 
By the time, she came to show her alliance, the Remnant, only to discover it was under the leadership of an Emperor once more. She became active in the campaign Victory Without War. She became part of the Imperial Mission and would spend the next years as a Missionary, spreading the idea of the Empire as the Emperor Jagged Fel had set it. Upon it being founded, Lena was already thirty nine. It was rather weird because the mission itself involved helping various species, how they needed it, including feeding them and such. And as she did what she did, her belief in the empire continued to grow but her hate for lower beings began to grow. 
In her growing up years as she would later refer to them, Lenavina got involved with men but non of them flared enough interest in her to actually remember them. 
Two years later, as a Unification Summit was called, Lenavina went to Coruscant to keep a close eye on the subject. She didn't hide the fact that she wished for such a thing to happen under the wing of the Imperial Remnant. Yet when it didn't please her the way she saw fit, Lenavina dropped her hopes of it turning the way it should and traveled to Bastion, deciding to focus again on the one thing that sent her on this journey to begin with. She would spend several years on the capital world of the Imperial Remnant. She took a job in the Imperial Library and when not working, she would take time to study the archives, or what she could actually find of the old Empire. 
There she would discover the story of the Emperor's Guard that saved the life of the late Emperor Palpatine while still a teenager and due to it became an Emperor's hand. There was very little information about this woman and all about ti were rumors and testimonies, not actual facts. She tried looking for her mother by name but found nothing. 
Lenavina was not a quieter and because of it, continued to work in the Imperial Library for years to come. But each time she felt like she should quit, she would find something new. Finally, she found archives about the cloning programs done on Kamino. This new lead had data about the planet Kamino and the cloning facility there used to created the Clone Army. It also had a long of the planet being erased from the Jedi Archives and that the Emperor himself used the facility for the time of the first empire. He was very slim on information for what but Lena had a feeling it was where she had to go.

So, the already fifty something year old Lena took up her long over due leave from her work and traveled to the place where her feelings told her she had to go. Upon her arrival, she headed directly for the representatives. When reveling her legionary, she wasn't saw as a friend but she insisted on explaining. The Ruling council agreed to hear her out and Lenavina told them of her mother the Emperor's Hand who had been banished by her father for knowing the truth. She also told them of her research in the Imperial Library and the rumors of a teenage Emperor's Guard that had saved him despite her young age, and apparently very young appearance, and how her search lead her to Kamino for unknown reasons. 
Whether it was luck, coincidence or a higher force, but the very story was heard by one of the scientists, a man that had entered his old age by now. He knew whom she was talking about and told the council never to consider Naha'va daughter as a threat. His words would be trusted by the Ruling council and Lenavina was taken to the cloning facilities where she would finally hear the story of Naha'va. And it was a sad story.
Naha'va was born as HE – 781267 and named by one of the female scientists. Her genetic structure was created in the very laboratories and right there it was fiddled with. Her aging process was stripped by half, her agility and endurance hyped and her clorid level was discovered to be very big due to an unknown force user donor. When Lena tried to ask who this was, the scientist apologized for he did not know. All he knew it was carefully selected. Upon all the gene alterations, a woman was chosen to carry the pregnancy. The sad story begins upon her mother's birth. The Kaminians, despite being the ones actually doing all the creation, were not allowed to witness the birth of her. An imperial doctor came to deliver her when the time came and Imperial solders came to stand guard so it would not be interrupted. The scientists tried to protect but the doctor made it very clear that the solders were given order to shoot to kill if they insisted so the scientists stopped. Later, they would find the surrogate mother dead. Naha'va was changed, branded with her number and left for the care of scientists. Lenavina was smart and she asked at that point whether this surrogate mother was killed or had died at child birth but the scientists had no answer for her. Apparently, all seemed as it was natural death but she did have odd markings on her neck. 
Naha'va was an adorable infant, much different from the male clones they had created for the Clone armies. But the scientist could not be too sure whom she appeared like, especially since the surrogate mother was blond even though there weren't supposed to be any mixed genes with her anyway. Lena told him then that she was born as a blond girl and was blond until at some point her hair simply darkened. The scientist was very amazed by this. 
Naha'va spent the first several years in the cloning facility, so it could be made sure there was nothing wrong with her. The facinating thing was that when she was only six months old and looking incredibly small, her mind was of a two year old. At the age of two, she was already able to speak and move as a three year old. She showed such love and affection for her creators. In her eyes, they were her parents, all of them. And she threated them with such respect. 
But by the time Naha'va was three years old, the Imperials came to take her to Coruscant. The scientist could not offer her too much more information. He did know that she was first to be tutored and trained. He did hear that she was ten when she was able to hold her lightsaber quite well and was accepted as an Imperial guard despite her small posture. And of course,she was 15 when she discovered a small group of solders that had planned on taking down the Emperor and murdered them. The Scientist did not approve of such actions but apparently it was what made her and Emperor's Hand. After that, all trace of her vanished, as he expected as would. 
Lenavina pleaded him for whether he knew anything more about her but the scientist was very cryptic in his words, telling her that Naha'va likes to keep to herself. She questioned on this and he explained she was on Kamino just recently for a check up. She was now in her seventies but she still liked to come back to her family. Prying further, Lenavina would only learn one more thing about her mother: "She talks about you. She tells us that she has a daughter. I knew it was you because she told us what you do. Your mother had been looking after you."
Lena didn't have the slightest idea about this until this point. She believed her mother was still alive and out there but she had no idea where she was. Having learned all she could from the scientist, Lenavina returned to Bastion and continued to work in the library. But it was weird how she couldn't go back to that kind of life anymore. It was just weird that she didn't feel right there anymore, especially now that she knew her mother was watching over her. That information made her look over her shoulder more and more. 
One day, on her way back home, Lenavina nearly caught a bullet that wasn't aimed for her. It scared her, the idea of dieing and never actually done anything with her life. She was nearing sixty, and she still hadn't met her mother, hadn't fallen in love, hadn't watch the Empire rise again. It just didn't feel right feeling such mortality. So she went back to Kamino, to the same scientist. Expect this time, she wasn't just going to see the scientist. 
Naha'va was there. She had come for her check up again and as soon as the two women met eye to eye, the mother looking younger then the daughter, they knew right away who each was. It made little sense, especially for Lena to know who the other woman was, considering she had never seen her but she somehow knew it was her. 
The two had a sit down and Naha'va would fill in the gaps. She told her about her early life, about the Martin family, about the Emperor and his death, about her roaming the galaxy all this time and keep an eye on her. Lenavina told why she was here. She wished to be cloned to live again, to go through life again. Told her what she regretted in her life. Her mother warned her that her dreams might not come alive even if she lived again but Lenavina didn't listen.

As Lenavina had just turned sixty as she stared at the small body in the incubation tube, growing, moving, not even conscious yet. Naha'va was long gone to her own business but Lenavina wished to stick around. The clone was to be done in ten years. For that period, Lenavina would travel back and forth between Kamino and Bastion where she would cut all ties to her work. She felt that it was simply time to let go and with the new body coming to age, Lenavina felt like a mother, waiting for her baby girl to come to life. 
Ten years came and went, Lenavina focused on her energy on the little child that came to life. Oddly enough, she was a brunette. And this little girl her all about who her former self was. Naha'va would come back while the second version was still little and she advised her daughter to prepare the new one. This was Lenavina would witness what a capable warrior Naha'va was, who had taken upon herself to train the second version.

It was just odd how training could create a completely different Lena. The elder Lena, already in her seventies by the time the second version matured, watched with amusement how her new self had a mind of her own and killer instincts like she never would. Thanks to being brought up by her own self, the new version of Lena would become a fierce hater of the Rebels and all the represented, and even more of the last name she carried. 
Oddly enough, Lenavina 1.0 noticed something else. It was the way Naha'va was around her. The more she grew older and the new version of herself matured, she saw Naha'va as her mother and had a lot more in common. She could not use the force, but she could use the lightsaber incredibly and duel in hand to hand combat like nothing she had ever seen.

Aged twenty in appearance when the first version had already turned seventy, Lena 2.0 was sent into the world to find her own destiny. First thing she went through however was getting into a bar fight in which showed off to a bunch of strangers at how deadly she could really be. But it was that that got her the intention of a Crime Lord. This man wanted to hire her to be in his team but Lenavina tried arguing. She didn't want to do crime, she wanted to go in the trail of the Empire. However, the Empire was nowhere to be seen, considering the fact that it had gone through the Unification agreement which ended up failing and the Imperial Remnant vanished, only for the Fel Empire to be formed under the leadership of the family of the last Remnant Emperor. 
But this wasn't the Empire Lenavina desires so she ended up taking the offer of the Crime Lord and working for him for five years. Hating the name she had for her, she took the name Lenavina Mar, and was referred like this in the organization. She had a range of weapons she could use but Lenavina did best in hand to hand combat in which she could be deadly and her boss saw this and used this to his advantage. Five years passed and Lenavina felt she needed a change in her life. She expressed this with the head of the organization but he told her she couldn't leave. He wanted her to keep doing her job, wanted her handling those that opposed him. She was the best at that. But Lena was stubborn and refused to listen. She left the organization, only to be told by Naha'va that her first version was dieing. Her first version's mother had been contacted by Kaminians since Lena 1.0 decided to spend her last years there. 
On her dying bed, Lenavina saw her younger version, still beautiful as she used to be. As seemed as if a mother and daughter were saying their goodbyes then. Old Lena had only one request from young Lena, and that was she wouldn't let the dream of the Empire die or rather, not to die before she could see it, even if it meant cloning herself again. Young Lena gave her her word that she would see it through. Once her prior version had gone, Lenavina put up all her money with the Kamino people, leaving some aside and told them for a new version but that she should not be created yet. But that was before she received a message from her former partner who told her that there is a bounty out for her head by her old boss who was furious that she left his side after he told her she could not leave. Lenavina then changed her mind and told the Kamino people she had to go into hiding but if they did not hear from her, she requests a clone to be created in thirty years. The deal was made, and Lenavina went on her way. 
The bounty on her head, she traveled the galaxy hidden, avoiding territories she knew would cost her her life. She encountered a bounty hunter four years later, who had been tracking her for a while but his mistake was that he wished to do it in close range and Lena had easily handled him. She took various jobs since she had no credits with her anymore, having left all to the Kamino scientists for the creation of the third clone. 
Ten years, she managed to live, having began to appear as if in her thirties, Lenavina eased up and began to live her life. She even moved to a Fel Empire, met a man and learned she was pregnant. Perhaps it was the general fact that it had been fourteen years since the bounty was placed, or perhaps it was the fact that she had a new discovery to make her happy, Lenavina let her guard down. 
It was on Bastion, that she came to visit the doctor since her fiancé had been doing business there. She stepped out of the building and he was waiting for her already. Several feet away from him, her smile wide on her face, ready to tell him the good news, Lenavina was shot to the heart and fell to the ground, bleeding all over herself. Her last memory was of the man she loved, calling out her name and yelling for help. Life left her minutes later, just as the image faded before her eyes. She never got to tell him the happy news. Her fiancé would learn only later that she was pregnant. He grieved for her for a long time and finally went on with his life, even married another woman. 
Far away from there, on Kamino, thirty years came and went since the deal was made and with the change of scientists, nobody of the newer ones knew of the deal being made. It wasn't until one of the younger Kaminians went roaming through the archives, looking for something completely different that she discovered a signed deal. He brought this to the attention of the senior scientists who hadn't actually been involved in the contract and then they asked for help of an elder Kaminian who had already retired. He was in fact one of the scientist that had been there that day. He told them of the woman, of her first version and that all expenses were paid and there was also an account left in the name of of the woman that was to be kept for the third version of the clone. But thirty years had come and went and they didn't know what they would do with it. It wasn't until one of their own clones came to Kamino, having reached the actual age of 120, and the apparent of 60 and she wished for a new clone to be made for her. It seemed that the years had taken a toll on Naha'va that she began to see her daughter's view of not wanting to die. 
It was quite interesting that she actually asked on whether there were any words from her daughter, and having mentioned her name, that alarmed the scientists. They had already been questioning whether to clone the same person again due to the deal done all that time ago and now that Naha'va had brought up her connection with her, they discussed it with her. She told them to clone again because she knew Lena enough to know she wanted to keep going before she could achieve all that she wished for. 
Once her own clone was done, she took her with her and left Kamino before the third version of Lena would be finished. There was no version of Lenavina to teach her anything or was there Naha'va to train her. Since there was no memories of the second version, into the third version were imprinted memories of only the first one and the memory of their being a third version which the first Lena left upon her passing. The small blond child would grow up never knowing about the Crime Lord, the Fel Empire, the fiancé or the fact that the second version was pregnant. 
She left Kamino at the age of 12 or so she believed she was and travel to Naboo, believing not so many time had passed and that she would still be able to find her father. She discovered then how much time had passed and so many people had passed on. 
It turned out that the bickering between the New Republic and what was left of the Empire were still bickering. The New Republic seemed strong but having been imprinted by the first Lena, including the time she had grown to truly hate the Rebels, young Lena was no different. It was there that she found herself facing an Imperial solder. He required sanctuary after being hunted by the New Republic solders. Lenavina had no idea what he had done but without thinking, she hid him until the morning, and in the very house where her first version grew up. There she was a bit struck by the memories flooding back to her, especially the one of herself stabbing her own father. But it was also when she fell in love with a stranger that was slightly older then her.
That night she would learn little of his made but he would be engraved in in her memory for time time spent on Naboo. He left in the morning, having been able to fled the soldiers. Lenavina learned he was part of self-forming Imperial world and she wished to see him again, so she would travel to them to find his man, whose name she didn't even know. And just several years since their first meeting would find him again, and learn his name was Adrian Caezar. He was a rising officer of the Empire and was quickly rising in position. Lenavina first began to work for him. Though she didn't fully understand it yet, having been in this version for so little time, but Lenavina knew this was something she could do and Adrian too could see it. Their romance would begin shortly after and soon came their marriage. Lena would continue working for Adrian until they learned she was pregnant. Nine months later came Amelia Caezar, their first child and only two years after Michael Caezar. It was very possible to say Lenavina had achieved all that she wished for in that first version. There felt no need for cloning anymore, no reason that start over. The Empire was rising, she had met the love of her life and they had the most precious children in her eyes. But this would soon fade, little did Lena know.

Amelia was only two years old and Michael slightly younger when Adrian had to go on a mission with minimum to non danger. The two debated and finally decided it would be an interesting family trip they could take together. Expect, then it turned out that Lenavina was detained. Adrian suggested leaving the children with her as it had been until then but Lena insisted that they needed time with their father and if he could take them, he should. So he would, and it would be the last time Lena would ever see her husband or her children. The last time she actually saw them was from the ship. Adrian called her and she got to see them through the holo projector, Amelia calling out to her happily, Michael reaching out for her, Adrian telling her that he loved her and that they would return soon. 
Only several days passed before an officer came to their apartment and told her the news that the ship had crashed, and all bodies were destroyed. Lenavina demanded for a better search, insisted to go herself but the officer kept telling her it had all been done that he was sorry. Though showing furry while he was there, once the man left, Lenavina broke down. She blamed herself for letting them go, them hated herself she didn't go with them, then hated everything she had to go through to get to this point in life only loose it all in a second. She hated it. She wanted nothing of it. 
And it was all very odd. At the age of twenty two, Lenavina had been able to see it all while her first version spent an entire life never been able to say she had been loved this much, experienced so much. Something changed in Lenavina that day. Loosing her soul mate and children probably would do that to any person, but Lenavina felt herself changing for the worse. She walked out on the world she was in until then traveled the galaxy for five years before she heard the Empire was in civil war. She then came back, in need for some bloodshed, whatever the reason behind it was. The empire was being rebuilt by Lucian Drakul at the time, for being destroyed by two power Siths who had gone rouge. Lenavina entered the Intelligence then and did her best to help the war and to secretly enjoy the bloodshed. But as the years progressed the need for it faded and her desires to see a great Empire be formed were rising again. 

Having lost the things most precious in her life, Lenavina focused all her energy on the Empire, and what she could do the aid it. In the ten years since it's creation and the civil war, Lena worked her way up in the Intelligence and has recently archived the position of an Assistant Chief. Having been promoted, she was placed as the executive assistant of Alistair Starkiller, the deputy director of it.
Years pass without Lenaviina hardly even noticing it, Emperors rise and fall, same with the Empire that becomes a Remnant eventually, her superior become the Director of Imperial Intelligence and even after she is offered a promotion, she refuses it, remaining an Assistant Chief and her superior's executive assistant. It's only when a young woman arrives at the office and she is told that it's her daughter Amelia does Lena begin to awaken from her emotional slumber. Her first act is to share with daughter memories she has forgotten, second to murder the Imperial that told her that her family was dead, third to let her superior in when she has let no one for so long, forth to travel to Naboo and re-visit places of her memories. With her emotions, love for her daughter, the hate for her father, all that he stood for and the Martin family resurfaces once more, reminding Lenavina what she vowed to do nearly a century ago - destroy all that has to do with her paternal family, the name, the legacy, the property - everything.  

To be continued...

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