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Kauffman, Makael
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Epicanthix / 19 years old / assassin

Family: Unknown

Natural Abilities: Fast reflexes, somewhat out of the ordinary. Perfect hearing and more on the faster side than stronger. His mind is sharp and he has a natural ability for thinking ahead or thinking in the moment - as if he were designed to be a soldier. He has a natural touch for stealth and being almost silent. Force sensitive.

Learned skills:
Apothecary (poison management)
High proficiency in Weaponry, especially blades.
The ability to put on a character, providing they are not too emotional, and blend in.
High proficiency with technology, hacking in and getting information (not a natural skill and a lot of work has been put into this one).
Cleaning Up Management

Speed, skill and precision.
Being able to 'feel' ones surroundings without having to see it.
Being able to be analytical without emotion getting too much in the way. (spoiler - due to an alteration in his brain  concerning emotion. see history)

Unable to really have a connection with most people, like something this missing.
Sometimes thinking too far ahead and missing key points in a situation
Inability to know what he's feeling sometimes - risking the chance he might lose control of his emotional responses.

Weapons/items owned:
Butterfly Knives
Wrist Blade
1 Blaster (rarely used due to noise)
Sniper Gun
Lock Picker
Cloth and Cleaning Solution
Medical Kit

His name he was given by the whore who found him, barely weeks old, is not the one he uses now. She took care of him until he was old enough to fend for himself, which is a substantially younger age on the streets, and he joined a group of thieves for protection as well as to learn how to fend for himself more efficiently. From petty thief to fully fledged thief was a small step as he had the natural gifts for it - nimble fingers and fast quiet feet while he was also small enough to get into small places while smart enough not to take stupid risks and before the age of 8 he was well on his way. A senior assassin came across his path during this year however, saw the potential and gave the young boy an offer to which hye could not refuse. No-one messes with an assassin if your a good one and at that age it was all about survival and being the one with sharper teeth. And he wanted the sharpest teeth. The boy proved to be acceptably emotionless when it came to the tasks, seeing them as targets and not people, and as cold and calculating as he would need to be when he would be on his own. There was something missing and when his master looked at the boys eyes it gave him a little shiver - like a key component was not there.

Everything he learned was from the man that called himself Keldor and the man who gave Makael his new name, and he thrived under the mans tutorlige - the thing missing in his eyes settling in to become a permanent fixture in his gaze and the smile never quite reaching his eyes unless he faked it and faked it well for appearances sake.
When the boy was 17 his master was killed by a rival and he did the smart thing - he fled, the man now dead no loyalties applied, however he did not escape and ended up in hospital the next day - giving them no name he later found out it he was there for two weeks and they'd found something in his brain which had been removed by doctors. A chip in the hypothalamus. He lay silent for hours the day he escaped before they could ask further questions and left with what records he could - wondering where the chip was from and why - tiny enough that it would fit into a newborns brain but still work in an adults.

The next two years he took his deceased masters things and went on a search to find the answers to his questions, using his trade as a means for supporting himself - finding as the first year and second year went on funny things started to happen. He found things... funny and then strange noises would come out of his mouth until he learned to control it. He'd get angry and broke a few bones and necks before he also learned to control that - something that is still an issue when he's not careful. Many other things cropped up - emotionally and sexually and the new sexual awakening is something he still deems not safe to delve in considering his occupation and what that might imply from his observations with others who have coupled. Not only that, he can still do his job but he finds he falters and sometimes does not even find the least inclination to want to do it or feels revulsion before he reminds himself of what he is and what he does - and gets the job done. And the problem only seems to be getting worse.
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Kauffman, Makael
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