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Satara Hawk
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// The once and future Queen //
Full name: Satara HawkNicknames: Sat, Tara,  Birth planet: DathomirAffiliation: Singing Mountain Clan, Hawk familyReligion: Allya's teachings, Book of Law and the Book of Dathomir first and foremost Rank: Dathomiri Spellweaver (formally Rogue Jedi Knight) Gender: FemaleAge: Over two hundred
// Thou shall see only a Witch's charm //
  Avatar: Tamsin Egerton | Katie McGrath | Kate Beckinsale
Height: 5'6'' Weight: 132 lbsEye Color: Blue-Green
Hair Color: Black
Body Shape: CurvedSkin Tone: PaleDistinguishing Marks: Various barely noticeable little scars all around her body due to combat training while growing up. 
// Sins of the Father //
Mate: MadocChildren: Adel'aide Hawk, Kytarra Hawk, Milan Hawk, Spencer Jacobs (adopted) Parents: Rayen Hawk, Tocho (both deceased)Aunts: Winona Hawk, Shadi Hawk (both deceased)Grandchildren: Na'ala Hawk (deceased), Ana'eli Sullen-Hawk (deceased), Torsten Hawk, Ana'eli Hawk, Raol Hawk (deceased), Skiazo SolsticeGreat grandchildren: Mercureus Hawk, Ti'Cira D'Arr Hawk, Ahote D'Arr Hawk, Aine'ki D'Arr Hawk, Curupira D'Arr Hawk, Rach Sullen, Finch HinataGreat great grandchildren: Jonny Lone, Ciara Lone, Kael Arden, Selena Halcyon, Jade Kebron, Tristan Nathos, Damien Nathos (deceased), Lucius Nathos, Bane Nathos Jr., Tempest Nathos, Tempest Nathos, Irridia RaxelGreat great grandchildren: Sanya Kebron, Talia Kebron, Ceh'rena'ti HawkGreat great great granchildren: Ti'Cira Hawk, Alora HawkGreat great great great grandchildren: Chloe Draclau, Dominique EnglandOther Family: Arik Kane (son-in-law), Kir D'Arr (grandson-in-law), Bane Nathos Sr. (great grandson-in-law), Ket Limelight (great grandson-in-law), Seth Draclau (great great great grandson-in-law)Trainers: Rayen Hawk, Tocho, Winona Hawk, Shadi Hawk (Allayan Magic), Kamon Vondiranach (force training)Students: Madoc, Adel'aide Hawk, Kytarra Hawk, Milan Hawk, Na'ala Hawk, Ti'Cira D'Arr Hawk, Mercureus Hawk, Curupira D'Arr Hawk

// Tears of Satara Hawk //
For Satara's history, see here
// The Seer knows thy path //
(Done in an IC flow)

For a list of her threads, see here

// Chant yourself a mystical world //
(Force powers and spells) To see Satara's powers and spells learned, see here
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Satara Hawk
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