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Alexandra Thorn
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¤ General Information ¤
Name: Alexandra Thorn
Nickname: Sasha
Current Status: Possessed by her the Force Spirit of Naha'va
Former aliases: Naha'va, Naha'va Martin
Specie: Genetically created Human (Clone)
Age: Thirty-seven
Apparent age: Early twenties
Homeworld: Byss
Birthworld: Kamino
Faction: The Sith Imperium, Factionless
Rank: Rogue Sith Apprentice (Sith Knight; Naha'va)
Profession: Librarian
Wikipedia page: Page

¤ Physical Apperance ¤
Avatar: Bridget Regan
Height: 5'9''
Weight: 136 lbs
Eye color: Piercing blue (Black during extreme power uses)
Hair color: Black / Dark Brown
Distinguishing marks: None

¤ Abilities and skills ¤
Force Powers: (For Naha'va's Force Powers, see here)
Neutral Powers
Basic Telekinesis
Force Sense
Magnify Senses
Telekinetic Strike
Darkside Powers
Force Rage
Neutral Powers
Force Choke
Darkside Powers
Neutral Powers
Force Bubble
Darkside Powers
Fighting skills: K'thri, Stava, Unarmed Combat
Weapons skills: Niman / Jar'Kai

¤ Family ¤
Adoptive father: Madigan Thorn
Adoptive mother: Patricia Thorn
Adoptive sister: Deena Thorn
Siblings: Naha'va (deceased), Hadrian
Other family: Lenavina Caezar, Amaryllis Bellard, Alita Velos, Rylan Kordel, Amelia Caezar, Michael Caezar

Masters: Naha'va (through memories), Nessarose deWinter
Students: None yet

¤ History ¤
See here.

¤ Thread Tracker ¤
See here.
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Alexandra Thorn
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Added to the bio index!