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Shana Valor
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 Shana Lynn Valor
Age: 13Gender: FemaleSpecies: Human
Height: 4'7''Weight: 78 lbsHair Colour: BlackEye Colour:  VioletBuild: SmallMarkings: None
Current Rank: ApprenticeAffiliation: [/b]Empire in ExileHome World: Atrisia
History: Shana was born to a loving family. Her mother was more stay at-home-mom and her father working for the empire. She grew up encouraged by her parents to pursue whatever she wanted and after trying multiple things she found a fondness for art and gymnastics. Much to her mother's dismay she also had a fondness for travelling with her father and seeing all kinds of places and people.
Her mother's worst fears came true when her father took her to Tatooine for an assignment. An Anooba broke from its handler and attacked Shana. The Anooba was dealt with swiftly but Shana was badly injured and hospitalized for months before she recovered. The wounds scarred her in more than one way. Though most of her scars healed, she has grown an aversion to being touched in any way. For years the pain lingered on those scars, psychologically induced. 
With their daughter withdrawing they turned to Tethis Aresis to help her overcome her issues. Their daughter was discovered to be force sensitive and taken into training with the hopes of her issues being overcome.
Force Powers: Basic TelekinesisForce SenseEnhance AbilityForce Jump/Force LeapForce SpeedForce Telepathy
Gear:Imperial Knight ArmorSilver Lightsaber
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Shana Valor
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Hello! The bio index is listed as per display name (yours is currently Hitura Caprion). If you wanna change your display name so you show differently, leave a request here

Once that's done I'll put this profile in the index.
If you don't wanna have your display name changed just let me know and I'll add this to the index

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Shana Valor
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Added to the bio index!