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Talia Starfire
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Name: Talia Starfire
Alias: Harlequin
Race: Nish-Human Hybrid
Homeworld: Nishr
Age: 19

Father: Jonah Starfire
Mother: Duchess Viira deLany Starfire
Siblings: Azrael Starfire, Jela Starfire
House: House deLany of Nishr

Sith Imperium
Rank: Sith Apprentice
Position: Assassin, Spy, General Sneaky Bastard

Personal Skills: Stealth, Swordsmanship, Athletics, Lightsaber Combat, Gunman-ship, Teras Kasi, Social Chameleon, General Knowledge of Galactic customs and politics, First Aid, Torture, Interrogation, Psychology, Non-Agressive Information Gathering, Speaks Huttese, Bothan, Basic, Nish, and Twi'lek.

Talia is incredibly hierarchy minded. To her, all people have their place and they would do well to remember it.  That is not to say that there is no progressing or bettering of oneself, just that there are limits to it.  A squire can one day become a knight, it is merely a facet of experience and having established oneself.  However no amount of self-betterment will make a peasant a king.  There are simply some things that one is not born to be.  After a fashion she strongly adheres to her own sense of honor.  This is not to say she would never lie, or stab someone in the back, because in service to her liege she would, in a heartbeat and without remorse.  She will not lie to her liege or betray him, it would be a fundamental violation of her notion of the natural order of things.  She does not accept failure in herself, nor would she easily accept it in a subordinate should she have one, though with a strong mitigating factor a rare failure could be understood, and overlooked, though not forgiven.  In her work she is meticulous and attentive.  She looks at it as an art form, much like swordsmanship or dancing.  Its all about balance, but in this case more than just physical balance but also mental and social balance till one gets in close enough to drive the killing blow.

Hobbies: Hunting, Fencing, various other 'noble' sports, riding, hiking, camping

Force Powers:
Apprentice Powers

Basic Alter Image
Force Sense
Enhance Ability
Enhance Senses
Shadow I
Basic Telekinesis

Knight Powers
Enhanced Force Sense
Force Camoflage/Force Cloak

Jonah Starfire was a rather ranking human official in charge of overseeing and mediating relations between the official planetary government of Nishr ran by humans and the native feudal nobles.  He was a career diplomat and politician of Coruscanti birth.  His career was his first priority and only love. Within a few years of his appointment to Nishr it became apparent that the best negotiating position for him with the locals would be to ally himself with the most advantageous of the local noble houses and to provide his backing for them in exchange for their backing of him.  He put out feelers and eventually settled on the House deLany. This house was powerful, though not the most powerful and therefore stood to gain the most from an alliance and would therefore be indebted to him for his help.  Given the local custom was to cement such an alliance with a marriage contract and Jonah was unmarried and had no real time for a 'proper human marriage' he deigned to marry Prince deLany's second daughter, Viira.  Among the local human populace this marriage was not looked on as particularly valid, merely humoring a local custom, but among the Nish it was very real and legally binding.

Jonah basically ignored Viira except when it suited him, not that that was terribly unexpected in such arranged marriages.  However, the marriage still produced several children, and Viira could still hypothetically have more.  Talia was simply the first child.  Under normal circumstances in Nish society that would make her Jonah's heir, but given his disregard for his marriage he was only giving enough care to putting forward a face as was necessary to keep the face for his alliance.  So her mother wanted to see to it that her children had honorable professions into which to enter so they would not end up ostracized from Nish society.  She enrolled Talia in all the appropriate sports as a young child, as well as made sure she learned proper etiquette and customs.  Talia showed a special aptitude to athletics, which was by no means a sure thing as she was only half-Nish.  At the age of nine, Viira had her apprenticed to a respected Sword Knight, Master Wantha.  This would ensure, after her apprenticeship was complete, that she would be ensured a respectable place within society.

So her life continued, relatively unremarkable as she went through her apprenticeship.  She studied use of the sword and grew quite skilled at it, as well as athletics. Through hard work, and a connection to the Force she drew on unconsciously, she grew to best most of her fellow students.  And it was due to her skill that she sought to enter into the youth tournaments a year early.  She hoped to prove that she was just as good as any full blooded Nish warrior.  She had no doubt she could win.  But her master refused her admission, because of how much older some of the other combatants would be.  He didn't want her to get hurt.

In a flash of rage she was on her teacher and had struck him down.  Now all her bright future lay in shambles after a single rash act.  Punishments for the assault of a Master by their Squire were particularly harsh and she felt she had no choice but to flee.  And it turned out she fled right into Xander Starkiller.  He chose to take her in and teach her, sensing her aptitude for the Force.  For the last five years she has studied his teachings, honing her skills into that of a swordsman assassin, athletic and deadly.  Her loyalty to Xander is unwavering, for he is her Liege.

Training Droid
Steel Sword
Other Equipment as issued by Xander

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Talia Starfire
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