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Aedan Reilly
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Full Name:[/b] Aedan Reilly
Alias: [/b]Lee Zhen
Age: [/b]Varies; 16 - 25
Gender: [/b]Male
Birthworld: [/b]Coruscant
Legal Status[/b]: Suspected of petty crimes on several worlds
Living Situation: [/b]His modified YT-2000 Light Freighter
Occupation[/b]: Smuggler

Affiliation: [/b]The Criminal Underworld
Rank: [/b]Criminal Adept
Force Rank: [/b]Force Sensitive [/b]

Personal Skills:
[/b]- Possesses an outstanding ability to read and understand things he sees
- Possesses a degree of Force Sensitivity that manifests itself in a seemingly unnatural lucky streak
- Adept at games of chance such as Sabacc and Pazaak
- Speaks Galactic Basic, Bocce, and Huttese
- Has trained in the use of most handguns, and blasters
- Has trained in the use of throwing knives
- Has trained in Teras Kasi Martial Arts

Physical Stats:
Teenager/Young Adult

Avatar:[/b] Emile Hirsch/Aidan Turner
Height:[/b] 5'9"/ 6'1"
Weight:[/b] 150lbs./170lbs.
Hair Color:[/b] Brown/Black
Eye Color:[/b] Dark Brown/Dark Brown
Other: [/b]Extremely fit for his frame

Known Family:[/b]
Spouse: [/b]N/A
Children[/b]: N/A
Father: [/b]Connor Reilly (D)
Mother: [/b]Heather Reilly
Grandfather(s): [/b]William Reilly (D), Theodore Connelly (D)
Grandmother(s): [/b]Lilly Reilly (D), Marla Connelly (D)
Sibling(s): [/b]None
Aunt(s): Christine Reilly
Uncle(s): None

General Appearance:
[/b]Aedan is rarely seen out of his assortment of casual clothing. His hair ranges from brown to black and is generally slicked back, over the years  he lets it grow out and usually keeps a trim and tidy 5 o'clock shadow as he grows. Through his travels his clothing changes dramatically, going from wearing a large bomber jacket to a leather coat and regular shoes to leather boots. He is fit for his frame and always seems to have an oddly charming and charismatic way about him.

- Assorted Casual and Formal clothes for any occasion as well as clothing suitable for adventure and extreme conditions
- 1x modified Adjudicator Slugthrower holdout pistol
-- Extended Clip for a maximum of a 13 round clip
-- Removable Silencer
-2x heavily modified Disruptor pistols
- 2x sheaths containing 5 throwing knives a piece
-- 10 throwing knives
- 1x refitted and heavily modified YT-2000 Light Freighter - "The Liberty" - fitted for a Smuggler, originally named The Orion
-- Cockpit refitted to match designs of the old YT-1300 series
-- State of the Art engines, giving the ship an above average 1.5 Hyperspace Rating comparable to most military ships
-- Enhanced Weapons including concealed Blaster Cannon, modified Corellian Quad Cannons, and Concussive Missile Tubes
-- Enhanced Military grade Shields usually seen on frigates and cruisers
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Aedan Reilly
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