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Chloe Draclau
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Full Name: Chloe Anaeli Draclau
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Birthworld: Nagai
Legal Status
: Holds Citizenship on Coruscant, Dathomir, and is a Princess of Nagai (known to a select few)
Living Situation: Unknown
Occupation: Undisclosed

Affiliation: Draclau family, Zane Starkiller
Force Rank: Apprentice Force User

Personal Skills:
-She is fluent in Galactic Basic , Huttese, Ancient Paecean, Nagaian, can understand Binary and as well as uses her own secret language with her father.
- Possesses an unparalleled brilliance and shows aptitude for extraordinary assimilation of knowledge, data recall, empathy, and eidetic memory. Chloe is more than gifted, she is a gift, and is noted to be extremely gifted intellectually from a very young age. Everything she does, music, math, theoretical physics - even dance - there is nothing that doesn't come as naturally to her as breathing.

-She can just look at an individual and glean more about their history and personality than some could learn from a person in years of friendship. Sometimes her statements are hard to decipher because she talks in a way that she understands but others have difficulty comprehending.
- She has been gifted with her mother’s intuitive grasp of dance, having learned ballet at an early age. This ability is also reflected with the various martial art forms that she has been taught by her father and by the members of OmegaPyrE.
- Despite her petite form, she is incredibly strong and her skill with firearms is well beyond par as is her skill with hand-to-hand combat is above average. Trained by her father and by her mother, she has the potential to be very dangerous. She has a basic knowledge of the Force, and uses it to her advantage whenever she needs to. As a child born of dark and light, she has learned basic components of all the lightsaber forms, and true to her personality, practices the volatile and chaotic Juyo form.


Chloe, when she is calm and normal, appears to be quite pleasant, nice and sweet, if not shy. However, for some inexplicable reason, she is often a bit odd, occasionally making inappropriate comments and incomprehensible things, but always speaking the truth, often with extreme bluntness. She see’s no reason to lie, thinking it an illogical concept. These have proved to be some of the lesser problems she created, though, because when she was having one of her mental outbreaks, she may commit dangerous acts and is potentially a threat to everyone. The danger she poses to everyone around her is made greater with her unparalleled genius and prodigious skill, in that had she wanted to actively harm someone, few people would have been able to stop her from doing so. It was as if she has no filter for her emotions, and is unable to fully control them from time to time. She has both a strong thirst for knowledge and is very very curious, often to the point of studying something with an obsessive fixation.

Although she often sees things in a logical way, she can react to her current state of emotions in an instant.  Her way of communication is almost lyrical, always deeper than it appears, consisting mostly of cryptic metaphors and never simple. Even if she has a conscious decision to become and remain normal, she would not be able to harness her emotions sufficiently to appear as normal. It is possible that the time spent with friendly and caring company has lessened the effects, as evidenced when she is around Zane, her childhood friend. She enjoys playing games, that is extreme dangerous games that to the normal person, wouldn't consider doing. She doesn't have a sense of fear like the average person, instead very very little can frighten her, and often it is the voices and her own manifestations that can drive her to tears.

Now age twenty-one, the Draclau female is far more withdrawn, often could be considered even cold and distant. Apathetic to all, she watches everything with a vapid gaze.

Physical Stats
Avatar: Summer Glau
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 115 pounds
Hair Color: Brown ( varies)
Eye Color: Brown ( varies, In her true from she has heterochromia, with one hazel eye and one dark gray)
Other: She is petite in form, with lean and toned physique

Known Family:

Spouse: N/A
Children: N/A
Father: Seth Draclau
Mother: TiCira Hawk

Grandfather(s): Malice Draclau
Grandmother(s): Melina Maer (Deceased), Mi’ka Hawk 
Great-grand father (s): unknown
Great-grand mother (s):  Ti'Cira D'Arr Hawk (Deceased)
Great-grand aunt: Curupira D'Arr Hawk

Siblings: N/A
Lexis Ferran (Shana)
Jennica Soresen
Aarrki Hawk
Erinyes Draclau
Demala Draclau
Naphira Draclau

Skorn Draclau
Lono Draclau
Samael Draclau

Great Aunts: Syndell Draclau,

Great Uncles:Dragon Draclau, Severan Maer

Cousin: Dominque England (Time traveled to the past, adopted by Ti'Cira D'Arr Hawk, so in name, she is her grand aunt)

General Appearance:

Chloe, under normal circumstances, is petite in stature, lithe in form, and of average looks. At least, that is what Chloe’s father, Seth Draclau would want you to believe--  he purposely invested in Starkiller’s Industries hologram technology research to ensure that. The result of that was the small black chronowatch on Chloe’s right wrist; a watch that works like a personal stealth field generator, only instead of a shield it projected a predetermined holoimage over Chloe’s form. To the normal sentient, Chloe would have long dark sable coloured hair that grew to her waist, brown eyes, and her skin, although flawless, would be a honeyed tanned hue.


However, as Chloe is a hybrid-- A quarter Nagai, a quarter Shi’ido, and half Dathomiri and her body bore physical evidence of it. In her true form, her skin was a pale beige color, with a scattering of small gray freckles over her flesh. Her hair was really a dark brown colour, almost black, with mahogany highlights. However, it was her eye colour that truly distinguished her, as genetics gifted her with heterochromey, one eye a brilliant hazel while the other was a pale gray hue. She personally didn’t mind how she really looked, in face she enjoyed it, revealing in the similarities between her and her father when they were both in their true forms. However, at her father’s insistence, she wears the watch, hiding behind the projected holoshield so as to blend into the crowd as a normal human. In her teenage years, she is able to shift her skin, hair, and eye colour to suit her tastes, but she still wore the watch at her father’s insistence just in case.

Now that she is older, she chooses to retain her natural eyecolor, while still keeping the honey skin hue. More often than not, she will show her true form, not at all ashamed of her natural skin color.


Her superior intellect, dancing, and deadly shooting, hacking, and melee combat skills.


She has a tendency to react without thinking, will go into random bouts of manic OCD'ness, and will defend her family and Zane with deadly force without thinking twice about it. Any drugs that enter her system can cause her to go completely and utterly insane, throwing a fit and hallucinating things, attacking anyone that dare come near her and thinking them as enemies. Anything shiny can distract her, and she tends to enjoy playing "games", the dangerous kinds whenever it is offered to her. Despite her very logical way of thinking, Chloe is naive, thinking that lies are illogical and that there is no reason to lie. Thus she is easily lead to believe things if they come from a reputable source and deal with people close to her heart. In her eyes, she trusts them, so there would be no reason to not believe them. 


Lightsaber Katana: Her own creation, it is made with a beskar hilt and contained a Durindfire gem as it’s focusing crystal, utilizing bifurating cyclical-ignition pulses to allow it to function underwater.

Modified Bryar Pistols: Just like her father, Chloe has two custom designed Bryar pistols made to fit her hand perfectly.

History: Due to the Fluid time line age in RP's will vary
Age: 0-  Born to Seth Draclau and TiCira Hawk on Coruscant

               The Road Less Traveled -Chloe is born

               Pain is a weakness leaving the body - her parents marry in a quiet family ceremony per her mother's traditions. She is the sole witness.

               Look who is coming to visit - Malice visits Seth at work while Seth is babysitting Chloe. 

Age 5 -  At six years old, she derived the answer to one of the top non-linear differential equations. Home schooled. 

Age 6 - Began training martial forms as well as the Force with her mother and father

Age 8 - Met Zane Starkiller, became fixated.

              Pirates and Candy -

Age 9 - Built her first lightsaber  in a Katana style, began training in the Juyo form.

Age 13 -Wherabouts unknown following the events of Zane's Starkiller's kidnapping.  Reported sightings include; Nar Shaddaa, Tatooine, Kessel, Bespin, Zeltros, Thyferra, Ferro, and Ryloth.

                No one to call, everybody to fear

Age 13- 21 - Due to a series of unfortunate events, Chloe's hyperdrive in her ship malfunctioned while in hyperspace in the Hydian Way along Dathomir. The Blackhole near the system, along with it's gravitational pull, managed to take her ship back in time, 68 years in the past. There, she met IIB Agent Cody Weadge, who aided her in her search for a manner to get back home. The entire journey took over five years. Now, finally back to her time, she finds her self misplaced in time; having aged four years when she would normally be seventeen.

               Burn it to the Ground -  [ Complete ] Concert for Threat
               Crimson Star - *TGC* Shot to the past 68 years
               Diary of Jane - *Draclau Board*  21 years old and finally back in her own time.

Basic Telekinesis
Enhance Ability
Enhance Senses
Force Choke
Force Jump
Force Comprehension

Torture By Chagrin

Force Grip
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Chloe Draclau
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