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Callista ThaneWulf
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Callista MARIE ThaneWulf

{...has a bad feeling about this!}

~*I'm here to rescue you!*~
Birth name;; Callista Marie ThaneWulf
Age;; 28
Gender;; Female
Sexuality;; Males thought it takes time to trust.
Species;; Human (Mando/Datooine mix)
Job;; Unsure
Member Title;; 

~*Be mindful of your thoughts,*~
Likes;; Vibro Bladed weapons mainly daggers and swords, Datooine Golden Whiskey, Corellian Brandy, Swoop and Speeder bikes.
Hates;; Her father, her Mother, 'Father', her past
Habits;; She collects swords, loves bike races, drinking Corellian Brandy with a Datooine Golden Whiskey chaser.
Good at;; Smuggling, Stealing, Killing, Avoiding commitment, Drinking, Creating Swords, Avoiding her past
Bad at;; Commitment, Firing a Gun (do to her eye)
Dreams;; Money, A place to truly belong, Someone that wants her even when she tries to push them away
Nightmares;; The late night Training she got from 'Father'
Overall;; She's just trying to fit into the large puzzle of life

~*Who's scruffy looking?*~
Eyes;; Dark Chocolate Brown
Hair;; Black
Height;; 5'10"
Weight;; Fit
Flaws;; A bad hip on the right hand side of her body. If she falls on it to hard she'll drop to her knee and be in pain from it. She also as a slightly bad eye on the right side but is saving up to have it replaced with a fake cybernetic version.
Style;; Her style changes with how she feels, she can wear sexy outfits but she also has been known to wear tight pants with a strip of dark green piping on the outside. Calf high leather boots, a a short sleeve top under a leather vest with pockets. Her long hair pulled back into a ponytail or a braid.
~*Now be brave and don't look back.*~
Home world;; Born on Datooine, moved to Mos Eisley, Tatooine at age six
Mother;; A woman from Datooine, deceased in Callista's eyes
Father;; A Mando that moved to Datooine, deceased in Callista and her mother's eyes
Siblings;; N/A
Other Family/Important figures;; 'Father' who was the man she was sold to at ten.
History;; (will fill in tomorrow)

{I'm just a simple man, {trying to make my way in the universe}}
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Callista ThaneWulf
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