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Brynn Niali Caradoc
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Full Name: Brynn Niali Caradoc

Nickname(s): none

Species: Human

 Age: 17-21 (depends on post)

Residence: Kuat

Affiliation: The Sith Imperium

Profession:  Imperium Intelligence Junior Assistant and Sith Apprentice

Appearance:  Brynn is about 5 foot 7 inches tall, about 125 lbs, and curvy.  She has long, dark brown, almost black hair curly hair that goes down just below her shoulder and has dark brown eyes.  She prefers to wear tight outfits that show off her figure and wears a solitary silver heart locket with a picture of her parents in it. Typically she rarely smiles and is quite cold looking because she is constantly running through plans to pull off whatever orders she receives successfully and is constantly strategizing in general.

Weapons, Trinkets, and other Possessions:  Brynn has her silver heart locket that she values tremendously as it was the last picture taken of her, her mother, and father before he was murdered.  Brynn has a couple of blaster pistols she keeps near her at all times and other, smaller, more minute tools to assist in killing if asked to do so by her superiors.

Personality: Brynn is cold, calculating, manipulative, and yes sexy.  She is not afraid to use her sex appeal to accomplish any orders she has been given by her superiors.  Typically she longs for two things to prove her worth to her superiors and to see that whomever was responsible for the death of her father during an unexpected interior attack of  the Kuat Drive Yard well after the takeover of Kuat by the Sith Imperium.  Brynn, though cold, calculating, and manipulative is not one that angers tremendously easily, but when she does get angry, it is not a pretty sight.  She will do whatever is necessary to achieve her goals and prove her worth to her superiors.  Brynn is obsessed with finding the culprits of the Kuat Drive Yard surprise attack so many years ago and all that supported them in their endeavor and seeing to it that they pay dearly for she was truly a Daddy's girl.  She wants to gain influence over people, but not simply through marriage.  Rather she wants to earn he respect herself.

From the day she was born, her father a chief engineer at the Kuat Drive Yard, Darik Caradoc, loved her.  He had wanted a son, but when he saw the dark, curly hair of his daughter, he fell in love with her and vowed to do whatever was necessary to protect his little girl.  He spoiled Brynn to death always bringing home little goodies after a long day of work.  Her mother, Senesha longed to mold her daughter into a 'proper' lady so that she might actually end up landing a member of the aristocracy which is incredibly ironic because before she met Brynn's father, she herself was anything but a lady.  Before she had cleaned up her act after meeting Brynn's father Sensha had been a hunter/assassin for the Sith.  She taught Brynn how to survive but constantly tried to make Brynn more 'feminine' so she might meet a young aristocrat and wed him.

Unfortunately, Brynn fought every minute of that.  She preferred to learn how to build little models, all about the sciences, and maths rather than how to be an artist, musician, good wife, or mother.  Brynn was content with being in the wealthy middle class caste and preferred to learn how to take care of herself.  Her father was ecstatic because Brynn possessed all the traits he wished for in a son and since Brynn's parents could not have any more children, courtesy of a nasty infection her mother caught, he treated Brynn like a son.  He taught her how to survive, build, design, and yes, he even ventured off some to tell his daughter the secrets of what drove men wild.  Her mother gave up on ever trying to mold Brynn into a potential aristocratic wife, but she did give her daughter lessons in how to charm the crap out of guys so that perhaps in the future, since Brynn had no desire to just settle down and be a mother and wife, she might be able to use charm, sex appeal as a means to get what she truly wanted.  Brynn as a result, was truly a daddy's girl and if anyone ever tried to hurt her father in any way, shape, or form, she'd make sure to get even with the culprit.  Her daddy was her world which was odd in such a matriarchial society, but that was the case for Brynn.

While as a kid for her education, she had private tutors.  Though never the 'girly girl' type, Brynn did and still enjoys the finer things in life such as plays, operas, music, and art.  She has no personal talent in any of that as she is more logical than creative, but that doesn't prevent her from enjoying such things.  Brynn was planning on going off to college to study engineering and had been groomed well to eventually reach that goal until disaster struck.  It was well after the Sith Imperium gained control of her home world of Kuat and truly she didn't care one way or the other as it did little to disrupt her family's way of life except for her dad having to work longer hours.  However, one day, long after the Sith Imperium took over, there was an 'accident' at Kuat Drive Yard where her father worked. There was an explosion while her father was tweaking the engine of a state-of-the art star ship that immediately killed him and five others.  At first the owners listed it as an 'accidental death' with their condolences to his family, but later on as the root cause of it was investigated, the consensus was that a band of rogue rebel supporters somehow escaped detection and sabotaged the project killing Brynn's dad and five others.  Brynn became furious and rather than spend hours studying engineering and design, she wanted to do something to help prevent that from ever happening again.  That and when Brynn reanalyzed her dream, she began to realize that though she liked building things, being stuck behind a desk for long hours trying to work out blueprints for the latest and greatest starship, battle cruiser, weaponry wasn't for her. She would like the hands-on building part, but not the designing part.  She longed for many more experiences and to see other parts of the galaxy.

When this was shared, Brynn's goals changed dramatically.  She no longer wanted to go to college, but rather do whatever she could to find the culprits and destroy them and their supporters as well as hoping to land a place in the Imperium where she could earn respect by herself as well as see other parts of the gallery.  She also wanted to be in a posiiton where she might be able to prevent another incident like the one at the shipyard that killed her father and five others. 

This has led her right to pledging allegiance to the Sith Imperium and doing all she can to prove her worth to the leaders of the Sith Imperium.  Her hate for the alliance and their supporters is strong and even though technically many of the members today probably had no hand in the explosion, she doesn't care and wants to see them destroyed, but though that is a driving force for her intended path, it isn't the only reason.

She has only known life under the Imperium and she admires the stronghold they have on the galaxy and she believes in the philosophy the ends justify the means.  Brynn wants to be a part of that fear, respect, and power that comes with being a respected member.  Brynn wants to have influence over people and truthfully she idolizes its members.  They are strong warriors and extremely influential.  That is what she wants for herself, but she doesn't want to get that by simply marrying a powerful aristocrat--she wants to reach that position through her own efforts, not just because of a name.  She is simply fiercely independent and wants to earn that respect, not just marry into it.

Force Powers: 

Apprentice Powers:

Basic Telekinesis
Force Choke
Enhance Ability
Basic Alter Image
Force Sense

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Brynn Niali Caradoc
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