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Amarant deWinters Threads
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Sith Gladiator/Knight
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A Chance Metting
There is Nothing Illegal Here Second Heartbeat Frozen Hearts

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I Have Some Questions- Amarant meets his cousin, Nessarose, for the first time. She is the first of the deWinter's he had met and she promises to teach him in the powers of the darkside.
Baby Steps- Amarant meets with Nessa after a month of waiting on Coreilla to start his training. Amarant gets a taste of the darkside and instantly becomes addicted to it. His training with Nessa has finally begun.
Dominion of the Flesh - Amarant prepares for the takeover of Zonama Sekot only to be let down and left questioning his allegiances.
Deadliest Warrior Rd. 1 - Amarant competes in the first round of the deadliest warrior tournament. Totally lame.
Once More Into The Fray - Amarant braces for a battle on Endelaan, but nothing happens, so he goes back to training.
Deadliest Warrior Rd. 2 : Amarant fights a blind Jedi, and while he does more damage, he still loses to the judges. ( Fight was merged into one thread for some reason.
Blinded by Chains - Amarant has his first day of training on Endelaan. He learns his way around, learns a few new tricks, and becomes a little closer with Nessa. But, the fun is just beginning.
Hamburgers - Amarant gets his first experience with war and has mixed emotions about it. He does well but leaves with a weird feeling and outlook on life.
Grab the gems! Kill the heroes! - Amarant returns to the frozen world of Ilum, but this time as a pilot, to get more of the crystals they were sent there for in the first place.
Desecrate Through Reverence - Amarant starts training with Maximus/Ashmedai. He learns new moves, how to fight, and is then sent on his way to learn the secrets of Sith Alchemy.
Ritual Misery - Amarant crafts his Sith Sword, Nex, and also learns the secrets of Sith Alchemy. But, he is forced to kill three young girls to prove his worth to Aeval.
Diamond Dogs
Planet sized condoms for the masses - Amarant and Nessarose go on a lil adventure.
A Weapon Fit for a Warrior- Amarant travels to Ilum to retrieve an orange crystal for his lightsaber. After battling the cold, the terrain, and even a Gorgodan, Amarant finally has his own lightsaber.
Circle of Catechism - Amarant completes his trials and becomes a Gladiator of the Sanguine Potestatum, but not without a price, his best friend Bodish fell by Amarant's hand. Pain, sorrow, and suffering were felt this day, but Amarant came out on top, and can now call himself a Gladiator.

Force Powers:
Aprentice Level:
Basic Telekinesis
Enhance Abilities
Force Sense
Magnify Senses
Force Rage
Animal Friendship
Breath Control

Knight Level:

Enhanced Telekinesis
Enhanced Force Sense
Basic Sith Alchemy


Ship: Felucia ( YT- 2550 )

Sith Sword: Nex, crafted by Amarant, has the ability to store enough energy to replenish Amarant if he is wounded/tired, but must be refilled after every use.

Orange bladed lightsaber

Brown horse named Bodish


Excellent Pilot
Journeyman Sword/Armor smith
Advanced Swordsman

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