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Tyren Helios
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Name and Aliases: Tyren Helios, Dynast-King of Alderaan, Emperor of the Empire-in-Exile
Age: 51
Gender: Male 
Species: Human 

Height: 5'11
Weight: 168 lbs 
Hair Colour: Pepper
Eye Colour: Green
Skin Colour: Fair
Build: Trim
Markings: None

Current Rank: Force Practitioner Knight
Affiliation: Empire-in-Exile
Home World: Alderaan

History: Tyren Helios was born to the Royal Family of Alderaan, descendants of the House of Organa, at an early age, his father serving as its long-running King. Many saw the young child of King Aryn Helios to be much like his father: a kindly man, one willing to serve the best interests of the people of the culture-rich and beautiful world. Much training was given to the young child by the finest minds of Alderaan to hopefully follow in his father's footsteps, and many years later, at his father's passing, Tyren was ascendant to the throne of the King. 

However, his reign lasted only a short time, for the Sith Imperium came, dominating the peaceful world and taking it over, installing their own governors and Moffs, removing the need for the Royal Family. Shamed, and left without a title, the Dynast-King of Alderaan found himself unwilling to bend to Imperium rule.
He approached Jedi, known troublemakers within Imperium ranks and those who sought an aspiration to a rule away from chaos that the Sith had brought through history, and splintered away, forming his own Empire-in-Exile, even going so far to acquire the plans to a Worldcraft and using it to create the planet of Nyx, with a little help from Alderaanian sympathisers for their lost King. The planet Nyx was created with some high-level help, and the Empire-in-Exile born. 
Now he seeks to root out the Imperium's grip and, at least, restore the Galaxy to a fair and just Empire. 

Force Powers:
Apprentice-levelBasic TelekinesisFarsightForce ComprehensionForce EmpathyForce PersuasionForce Sense
Meditative/Hibernation Trance

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Tyren Helios
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