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Sanies Robur
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Name: Sanies Robur
Age: 43
Gender: Male 
Species: Human 

Height: 6'1
Weight: 185 lbs 
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Dark brown
Skin Colour: Tanned/dark
Build: Muscular, athletic
Markings: Six back scars, three long scars up left arm, branding on lower back

Current Rank: Scout
Affiliation: Witches of Dathomir
Home World: Bandomeer, adopted onto Dathomir

History: Sanies was born on Bandomeer to two trackers, but kidnapped and sold into slavery by age ten. He barely knew his parents, and was taken immediately, for his latent Force talent, to nearby Dathomir, where he could be sold to the Witch clans. Fortunately, he was taken up by Petra Cavataio at an early age, and from there he has stayed. His talent allowed him to take the Trial by Fire as a regular Jai, but his status as a slave prevented him from actually learning anything. Instead, Petra gave him a gift, a phrik-plated lightspear with a red blade, and expected him to master the weapon as her bodyguard and pet hunter.

Eventually, Petra gifted him to her daughter, Serva, who was to become the next head of the Clan, and he now serves Mistress Serva loyally, though knows that in his heart, Petra is still his Goddess.

Force Powers:
Apprentice-levelAnimal Control/Beast TrickNight SightProbe Spell I
Song of PowerSpell of WaterWeather Sense

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Sanies Robur
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