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John Wright
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                           Full Name: John Wright
Gender: Male (Cyborg)
Birthworld: Coruscant
Legal  Status: Alive
Living  Situation: Fallon deWinter's home
Occupation: Mercenary

Affiliation: The Criminal Underworld
Rank: Adept

Personal Skills:

-He is  fluent in Galactic Basic and can understand Binary.
--Due to his cyborg nature he has downloaded and learned Huttese, Bocce, Mando'a, Hapan, Pacean, Shyiiwook and several other commonly used languages.
-Trained as a SpecOps soldier and understands how to use most weapons and understands battlefield strategy and tactics.
-Has extensive knowledge of hand to hand fighting and is proficient in Mix Martial Arts
-Possesses super human strength and endurance due to Mandalorian Iron endoskeleton
-Possesses super human speed and reflexes due to his human/machine hybrid Nervous system
-Has knowledge of stealth and covert operations tactics
-Has an inhuman pain threshold and only feels pain in the moment of injury and does not suffer lingering agony
-His optic nerves are wired to the CPU in his head giving him a tactical heads up display when he needs it which feeds him information about people he sees should he call up the data.

John has suffered severe trauma after learning of his death and rebirth as a cyborg. He learned of the death of his parents and the suicide of his wife after his death and he shut down even further. Turning his heartache into his motivation he freed himself from his captives and went on the streets as a rogue experiment. After finding and reconnecting with Fallon deWinter, John began to heal mentally and has taken the first steps to moving forward with his life.

Physical Stats[/i]
Gerard Butler
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 222 pounds
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Other: He has a toned some what muscular physique. Underneath is a metal Endoskeleton of unknown origin that houses his brain (installed with a neural net processor (learning computer) that's been connected to the nervous system), his heart (Supercharged to power his organic and cybernetic components) and his eyes (wired to the neural net processor).

Known  Family:

Fiancee: Fallon deWinter
1st Wife: Cameron Wright (dead)
Father: Kyle Wright (dead)
Mother: Sarah Wright (dead)

General  Appearance:

Having the appearance of a normal man, his hair his dark brown to black and us usually kept short. His eyes are a blue color and his jawline is usually traced with facial hair. Since his escape he wears what he can steal, a wardrobe consisting of several t-shirts, a pair of dark blue jeans and leather combat boots. He looks physically imposing but does not stand out in a crowd.


Clothes- Assorted black jackets, jeans, t-shirts, stolen from varies shops
Datapad - stolen from the lab
Comlink - stolen from the lab
Adjucator Slugthrower

History: Due to the Fluid time line age in RP's will vary

Age: 0 - John Wright was born on Coruscant to Sarah and Reese Wright
Age: 1 - 18 - John has a happy childhood and married his high school sweetheart Cameron after both graduate high school.
Age: 19 - 23 - John enters the military excelling at Boot Camp and showing enough skill to be recommended to Special Forces
Age: 24 - 28 - Becomes one of the best Special Forces Operatives of the Sith Empire and signs up for a top secret project to enhances his fighting, is deceived and is instead killed and the project goes through as planned
Age: 29 - Re-awakens as a Cyborg and learns of his true purpose, a prototype for a new human/machine hybrid super soldier, he rebels after learning of his families fate and escapes the lab he was made in
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John Wright
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