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Faction Proposal Template

Written by TiCira Hawk 05/10/2011

Edited by Shery deWinter 02/15/2011

I give thanks to Petra for her format

Faction/ Subfaction/Group Proposal Form
(erase the unneeded)

Name of Faction/subfaction/group: (erase the unneeded)

Faction to go under:
(In case of groups or subfaction.)
Known Aliases:
Planets: (In case of a faction, you may choose up to 3 planets. Subfactions can only choose 1 planet which serves as your HQ (but is not dominated by the subfaction).

Structure of Leadership

Specialty Titles

Force User Ranks:

Non-Force Users Rank:

Understanding the Ranking
(how would the ranks go. Are there any rankings?)

The Force:
Any force users? What is their potential view on it??

(A short paragraph or few describing the history that's relevant to Descension. Links for elaborations can be placed as well)

Businesses (where does the faction's money come from?)

Answer these:
  • Unique Writers: Who they are.
  • What are your faction's IC strengths?
  • What are your faction's IC weaknesses?
  • Why does your faction need to exist?                            
  • What are your factions goals?

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