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Linra Vee
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<p><span style="font-weight: bold;">Full Name:</span> Linra Vee</p>
 <p><span style="font-weight: bold;">Nickname(s):</span> none</p>
 <p><span style="font-weight: bold;">Pronunciation of name: </span>LEE-n-RUH f-EE
 <p><span style="font-weight: bold;">Species:</span> Twi'lek</p>
 <p> <span style="font-weight: bold;">Age:</span> 20ish
 <p><span style="font-weight: bold;">Residence:</span> Wherever work is
</p><p><span style="font-weight: bold;">Affiliation: </span>The Galactic Empire<span style="font-weight: bold;">, </span>Mechanic and Force Practitoner Apprentice<span style="font-weight: bold;"> </span>

</p><p><span style="font-weight: bold;">Appearance:</span>
</p><p>Like all Twi'lek about her age, Linra stands at
 about 2.0 meters and has brightly colored skin. She is fairly skinny, but not so skinny that she looks malnourished or sick. Her skin is
 purplish-blue and she has dark brown eyes. Linra is rarely seen smiling and
 more often than not she appears to be lost in deep thought, somber, and rather
 serious. She is most often seen wearing a simple native, short-sleeved brown
 dress that goes down to her feet with a gold ribbon trim and never takes a golden
 necklace with a locket off. To go with her dress, Linra wears very simple
 brown, but comfortable flats.The tentacles that serve her ears and hair (as with all of
 her species) are draped with a simple golden ribbon. Though she has more
 elaborate dresses and costumes<span style="mso-spacerun:yes"> </span>available to her she only wears those when she is attending a celebration or other formal event.
 </p><p><span style="font-weight: bold;"> Weapons, Trinkets, and other Possessions:</span> Her most valued
 possession she has is a gold necklace with a locket that has a picture of her
 whole family together, the last time all were together before her
 sister was forced into slavery. She has books on various cultures of the universe
 because she was always fascinated in learning about the customs and ways of
 other species, and four brightly colored, elegant, ornamental, handmade native
 dresses alongside about ten of the more simpler brown ones she
 wears everyday.</p><p><span style="font-weight: bold;">Personality: </span>If there was one word that would best describe
 Linra, it would have to be inquisitive. Linra is very interested in learning
 more about the various species' customs, beliefs, ideals,
 history, technology, etc. that are found throughout the galaxy to this very day.  She is very curious about the universe and longs
 to see as much of it as possible mostly because she is still hell-bent on finding her sister even though there is no guarantee she is even still alive.  Linra is very
 open-minded about everything but slavery. She has a serious loathing of the whole slave trade and is still furious with her father for losing that stupid card game and ending up forcing her sister, her best friend Natara Vee into slavery so many years ago. 
</p><p>Linra is not one to anger quickly, but she holds a major grudge against her father and thought hate is a strong word, truly well hates him and wants revenge, no not revenge justice for what he did. Linra doesn't let people into her life as friends willy-nilly mostly because she doesn't truly trust anyone really except for her mother. Most of the people she does get along with are
 considered simply acquaintances or allies, but not friends. It takes a long
 time for Linra to let you into her life and call you friend. Linra is not shy and a master
 when it comes to casual conversations when she wants to be. She is completely neutral in that she will work with whomever best suits her needs and goals at any moment in time.
</p><p>Though Linra seems quite mild-mannered and respectful, she
 can lash out without warning if she feels as if she has been betrayed. She
 doesn't necessarily have a quick temper, but her temper is quite nasty when one
 has incurred her wrath. Linra herself, is very loyal as long as one remains
 loyal back and cannot stand the slave trade that has forced so many of her
 childhood friends, acquaintances, and her own older sister to be shipped off to
 some foreign place to serve as slaves for the rest of their lives. Her greatest
 wish is to one day see her family reunited and she would do almost anything to
 see that wish become more than just a far-off fantasy dream, but reality.   
 <p> <span style="font-weight: bold;">Skills and Talents:</span> Like the majority of Twi'lek females
 Linra is a gifted dancer, quite agile on her feet, and graceful and when there is no mechanical work to be found, use these gifts to her advantage serving as a cocktail waitress, dancer, or singer so that she can survive and not be forced back to Ryloth. She is a very quick thinker, an excellent communicator, strong-willed, and
 extremely persuasive when she wants to be.   
 <p><span style="font-weight: bold;">Force Abilities</span>:
</p><p style="text-decoration: underline;">Apprentice Powers:</p><p>Alter Elements I (Alter Environment-fire)</p><p>Basic Telekinesis</p><p>Force Sense</p><p>Force Empathy</p><p>Telepathy</p><p>Enhance Ability</p><span style="text-decoration: underline;">Apprentice Abilities Learned Through Training w/ Tethis:</span>

 Healing (Self) *

 Animal Control/Beast Control *<p><span style="font-weight: bold;">Weaknesses:</span> Currently the major weakness Linra has is the
 fact she can be too passionate about certain things, especially when it comes
 to reuniting her family once more and getting even with her father. Her fierce passion can turn
 into a sort of an obsession if someone is not there to keep her from obsessing
 over it night and day. Additionally, Linra gets frustrated very easily and is
 a perfectionist. When she doesn't get something right the first few times, she
 has a tendency to break down and think poorly of herself. Unless there is
 someone there to keep her from not giving up, she will shut
 <p><span style="font-weight: bold;">History:</span> Linra Vee is the youngest daughter of Talib Vee and
 his wife Diali Oona Vee. Talib Vee is a direct descendant of a once-powerful tribal leader on Ryloth by the name of Rebb Vee. When the
 ryll miners invaded the planet, many tribes fell apart as a result of miners
 taking tribal members' daughters back to their home planet as slaves or
 consorts once they finished, corrupt miners and officials began to take over
 caverns that had once been the home of many members of tribes using deadly
 force, and in rebellions the were led by many of the young males of tribes. As
 years and years passed, the Twi'lek began to learn they had no hope to save
 their planet from the miners and many adapted. Many of the poorer Twi'lek males
 joined the mining crews or became thieves and bounty hunters. Some of
 the more wealthy Twi'lek males began ryll mining and shipping companies of
 their own and became rather prosperous using any means possible. As a result the
 tribal communities adapted too and grew into various size mining cities or
 colonies and much of the tribal life that had once dominated the inhabitable portion
 of Ryloth was forever transformed.
 <p>Linra's relatives were among the group that had decided to found their own mining communities. But the
 founding of a prosperous ryll mining company was not easy. Linra's
 great-great-great grandfather first worked as a lowly miner, but move dup through the
 ranks. He went from a lowly miner to a supervisor, to an administrative
 assistant, to an administrator, to eventually a partner. How he raced through the ranks is
 not often spoken about, because the means he used were often unethical in
 nature. Regardless of
 the means, Linra's great-great-great grandfather, Fiibb Vee raced through the
 ranks and became so wealthy at one point, he left the company he was a part
 of to establish his own-Vee and Sons. And it flourished. Fiibb Vee was a shrewd
 businessman when he was alive who passed his shrewdness and skills onto his own
 sons and them onto theirs and so forth. The Vees are not afraid of making shady
 deals and using unethical means to make sure their company flourishes. However, these shady deals are and were not without
 drawbacks, backstabbings, and catches. Sadly, more than one Vee female has
 suffered because of them.</p>
 <p>Linra Vee's older sister, Natara Vee has been the latest casualty. Like the Vee males before him, Linra's
 father Talib Vee, is a shrewd and rather harsh businessman. He rules over Vee
 and Sons with very firm and hard hand. However, he also has a bit of a gambling
 and pride problem. And as a result his oldest daughter Natara ended up becoming a
 slave when TalibVee confident he had a winning hand in cards was outsmarted
 by a rival ryll mine company owner and poor Natara was shipped off to who knows
 where. No one has heard from her since that sad day so many years ago.
</p><p>Natara had been Linra's idol and best friend, so when she saw what her father had done, Linra seriously began to hate her father and vowed to one day get even with him.  She doesn't know how to go about doing so without putting her mother and her in great danger, so Linra feels trapped at the moment.  She is willing to do almost anything to ensure that her and her mother are safe and to save Natara, but at the same time loathes the slave trade so she's really torn as to what to do about things.   
 <p>Up until she was about 10, Linra was certain she was never going to escape Ryloth and as a kid dreamed of the day someone, anyone would come and rescue her from that hell.  She loved her mother and was fiercely loyal to her, but Linra swore that her father was never going to follow through on his word to relocate his wife and Linra to a safe place and because she was so determined ran off on countless occasions when her mother went to do shopping at the markets.  She was lucky to not have been captured and sold into slavery as often as she ran away, but one fateful day her running off paid off as she was rescued by an Alliance Mechanic and taken away from Ryloth to learn the useful trade of mechanics.  She was forever grateful for that woman and always will be, but as Linra grew older and learned more, she became wise enough to realize that there wasn't where she belonged.  She liked the general idea of freedom, but she didn't see how remaining with them would benefit her and her mother truly in the long run.  That survival of the fittest mentality she supposed kicked in and told her this was not in her best interest as if she remained there, she would never be able to really get even with her father.</p><p>So she abandoned them and went off on her own offering up her mechanical expertise to the highest bidder and when there wasn't work for mechanics work as a dancer, cocktail waitress, or singer so she could have enough to rent places and still feed herself, etc. and perhaps still manage to occasionally sock away credits here and there so that one day she may have enough money to get her mother a place in a quiet countryside somewhere where she would be safe from slavery and have enough money to track down her sister wherever she may be and bring her back.  It isn't easy, but this is the path she has chosen. She did this for a few years.

Later on she began Force Training with an Imperial Knight by the name of Tethis Arethes but never aligned herself with the group known back then as The Empire in exile officially, though she did a lot of work for them.  When that group dissipated, she went off on her own determined to find her sister, only to see she had been murdered by her owner when he grew tired of her rather than sell her to another owner, and that infuriated Linra.  It made her very hateful, even moresoe than she already had been, regarding her father, and has since decided to affiliate herself with the Galactic Empire as a mechanic, and hopefully learn more about the Force, the darkside of it so she can make sure her father pays dearly for what he did to Linra's family.  At the same time she wants to make sure her mother finds a place where she will live a comfortable, life, away from any woes of potentially being made a slave and will do so using nay means necessary.
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Linra Vee
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