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Tethis Aresis
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Name and Aliases: Tethis Aresis
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Species: Human

Height: 5'9
Weight: 165 lbs
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Dark brown
Skin Colour: Fair
Build: Athletic, trim
Markings: Scar under left eye 

Current Rank: Master
Affiliation: Empire-in-Exile
Home World: Commenor

History: Tethis was born to a Jedi Master, who raised him from birth in the basics of the Force, before sending him off to the Jedi Temple to train under a master mentalist. This teacher helped Tethis see his speciality as mind-based Force powers, to the point that Tethis specialised in them, as well as learning healing powers. As a Jedi, he was kind, thoughtful and collected, and collaborated well with his father, both of which were sent on missions together, forming the perfect combination, both as father and son but also as warrior and thinker. He also served as a Temple archivist, having a deep love for knowledge and learning.

Eventually, however, Tethis found himself less and less satisfied with the monastic lifestyle of a Jedi and decided that it was not for him. His father agreed, seeing his son's increasing discomfort with his life. At that point, however, Tyren Helios approached a number of Jedi, seeking their assistance. Tethis was the only one to answer his call, and he did so adroitly. A proposition was laid down by the ex-King of Alderaan, one that Tethis and his father agreed on: forming a Force-based group to defend an Emperor. The Imperial Knights were born.

Together, Tethis and his father crafted new equipment, new lightsabers, and even two brand-new lightsaber styles that centered around teamwork, based on their own experience and the possibility of having more Knights serving alongside him. The Jedi Knight became an Imperial Knight, choosing to serve the Dynast-King with loyalty and honour, finding a new purpose in life that he actually felt proud to serve. To this day, Tethis continues to serve.

Force Powers:Apprentice-level
Animal Control/Beast TrickBasic Alter ImageBasic Telekinesis- Force Pull- Force Push- Force ThrowEnhance Ability- Breath Control- Force Jump- Force SpeedEnhance Senses- Enhance Hearing- Enhance Sight- Enhance Smell- Enhance Taste- Enhance TouchForce PersuasionForce Sense- Farsight- Force Comprehension- Force EmpathyMeditative/Hibernation TranceTelepathyControl Pain*Force Healing (Self)*

Alter Elements I (Water/Ice)Enhanced Alter ImageEnhanced Force Sense- Battle Precognition- Comprehend Speech- Force SightEnhanced Telekinesis- Force Whirlwind- Throw Lightsaber- Saber BarrierForce SparkMental Translocation
ShatterpointForce Healing (Other)*Force Meld*
Force Stun*
Mind Trick*Plant Surge*

Master-levelAlter Elements II (Water/Ice)
Force Light*

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Tethis Aresis
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