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Paige Stewart
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General Information


Name: [/b]Paige Daniels

Birthplanet: [/b]Coruscant

Gender: [/b]Female

Age: 24[/b]



Physical Appearance:


 Paige is shorter than the average female standing at 5’ 1” and weighs around 120 pounds. She is a very petite young woman who looks as if she couldn’t hurt a fly. Her body has a lollipop shape which makes her look a little taller than she is but not by much. Paige isn’t built like an athlete by but she does a fairly good job of keeping herself in shape so that she can protect herself. She has dirty blonde hair that goes down a little past her shoulders. Her hair is a little wavy which can be a pain sometimes because in the summer it will get all frizzy. The reason she keeps her hair a little longer is so that she is able to put it up in a pony tail whenever she wants which keeps it out of her face. Her eyes are dark sapphire and are bigger than normal which she doesn’t mind because everyone has told her that she has beautiful blue eyes. Her face is oval shaped and she was blessed with having relatively clear skin that doesn’t break out much. When it does break out however it is really bad and takes days to clear back up again.


When it comes to dressing Paige isn’t really a girly girl. It takes a very rare occasion for her to put on a dress. Her normal attire instead happens to be jeans a t-shirt. Her hair is normally pulled back into a pony tail because it is the least time consuming. It takes her at the maximum 30 minutes to get ready in the morning and that is only if she decides to take a shower. Most days it only takes 15 minutes to get ready.



Paige is not the most outgoing of people in the whole world. She rather have a couple very close friends than be popular and have millions of friends. She does try to talk to people but she is rather shy at first which puts people off and she never gets a second chance. It doesn’t take long for her to warm up to someone and begin talking normally but most of the time it is too late by that time and the person has moved on. The people she gets close to always end up leaving her for something better or dying on her therefore is scared to get close to someone but she does her best to hide just that. She just doesn’t get too close to people anymore and if they do try to get close her she pushes them away. Paige is thought of as distant sometimes because she doesn’t share her past with anyone and for the fact she doesn’t get close to others.


The people who know her say that she is a sweet, kind, caring individual who is very fun to hang out with. Paige is the type of girl who you would find singing in the middle of the grocery store while looking for something to pick up for dinner. She has that goofy childish side to her that she lets out every once in a while but she also has a serious side to her and knows when to turn the goofy side off. She is very mature for her age and thinks things through things before doing them. Paige isn’t the kind of girl to just jump into something and waits to see if she floats or drowns. She plans things out and calculates them.



Paige had a loving family who took care of her and her twin brother. She was the daughter of a wealthy man and therefore got everything that she ever wanted. Paige had been a trouble maker and ran away from home several times because in her eyes her parents never listened to her. It wasn’t long until she met a young man named Marcus who instantly took her breath away. He was handsome, charming, and most importantly her father didn’t like him. They ended up running away together or at least she thought he was coming with her. He never showed up and she was left alone on a foreign planet.


It wasn’t long until a young man found her and took her under his wing as if she was his own little daughter. They traveled the world and he showed her that life was more than just staying in one place. He also encouraged her to try new things and test herself. Paige still was very reluctant to listen to Dave because she was worried he would find out that she really wasn’t that special to begin with and leave her just like all of the others.


Paige and Dave ended up getting themselves in trouble with outlaws all the time and had to defend themselves from them which in turn caused Paige to learn how to protect herself and fight. Most of the fights where nothing big and nobody got hurt during them, it was just over something trivial. However, one night things got way out of control and a huge group of outlaws decided that they needed to kill Dave to get the powerful Paige on their side. Paige of course wasn't the person they were looking for and they were able to easily grab Paige away from him and over power Dave killing him in front of her. After killing Dave, Paige was dragged off a screaming and crying.


Paige stayed in this clans care for three months until escaping. During these three months Paige was locked away in a dungeon. She never was allowed out of her cell for anything except to be brought forth to the clan leader for questioning. He wanted her to use his gifts and “perform” for him. This man wanted her to devote herself to him and become a member of the clan. She refused nightly which got her beaten and thrown into her cell without dinner.


Escaping was something that she thought about regularly and she plotted a way to get out without dying herself. Paige wanted to go out and be free.  She missed Dave and her freedom. She wanted to make Dave proud of her even if he wasn’t here anymore and Paige decided that she would do what she had to do to make it happen.


One night she agreed to join the clan and do what they wanted of her. She spent around two weeks doing their bidding and being their lap dogs until they put their guard down around her which was when she pounced. It was easy to gain their trust and they allowed her to go out on her own believing that she would come back of course if she didn’t they could trace her and so the only safe thing to do was hick hike.

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Paige Stewart
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