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Halron Blaise
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Name : Halron Blaise
Sex: Male
Age: Veries depending on RP(Currently 17)
Hieght: 6'2”
Weight: 175lbs
Skine Tone: Tan
Hair: Black
Eye: Hazel

Faction: The Alliance
Title: Jedi Padawan
Trainer: (Padawan to Knight) Battlemaster Dorsek Runningstrider

Personality: A kind and loving soul. Halron worked hard for his family as he would do anything for them, to keep them safe and happy. His love and kindness stretches out to all that will accept it, including those of nature. His understanding of the wild and the creature the live within gave a him a keen prospective on life and death. Embracing the fact that any day Death would find him, Halron lives everyday to the fullest.

History: Born on the planet Somov Rit, given the Birth name Halron, nick name Shadow. His father a farmer and his mother a cook. Taught in the ways of tracking and hunting Halron began to take a fondness to nature, in which he began to show signs of being Force-sensitive. He had the ability to calm and lure animals just before killing them, though never killing a mother or child.

At the age of 5 Halrons abilities drew attention to him by the elders  and was offered to be taken to receive training as a Jedi, but before that could happen a traveling Circus found him and took him as a slave. There he worked along side a Beastmaster using his skills to calm and train the animals before a show.

At the age of 7 he had enough of what he could take of the Circus and found it was time that he became what his family sought him to be, a Jedi. Releasing the animals from their cages, Halron used them as decoys and ran. Using his training he was able to survive off the wilderness and continue his search for the Jedi.

He was later found by a traveling group of alliance soldiers and Jedi scouts. Sensing his potential the Jedi took him and started his training alongside other younglings at the nearest camp. At the age of 13 Halron and his clans mates(Training Partners) were taken to the Independent Space station to receive their Masters and become Padawans. Due to his late comings, Halron was never chosen and was sent to the Service Corps till a master was found.

At the age of 17 Halron was finally chosen to be a padawan by Battlemaster Runningstrider.


Father – Jasek “Bear” Blaise
Mother – Lareen “River” Blaise
Maiden name (Saphire)
Brothers – Unknown
Sisters – Unkown

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