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Sandrius Draclau
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Full Name: Sandrius Draclau
Nicknames: Sandy Draclau, Darth Sandrius

Apparent Age: 20-40
True Age: 400+
Race: Shi'ido
Gender: Male
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Cyan
Height: 6'
Weight: 170-400 lbs
Body Composition: Humanoid
Mental State: Stably Unstable

Place of Residence: Lao'mon
Place of Birth: Unknown
Known Relatives: Draclau Clan
Friends: Few
Enemies: Few distinct

Group/Guild affiliation: Whatever suits him best
Guild Rank: Master

Religion/Philosophy: Potentium Beliefs

Occupation: Prince
Weapons of Choice: Sword

Likes: Music, Arts, Children, Food, Family, Power
Dislikes: Idiotic people
Hobbies: Cooking, Singing, Writing, Reading, Creating Art

Physical Features: Physically beautiful
Positive Personality Traits: Sexually pleasing, 
Negative Personality Traits:
Misc. Quirks: Has a pet panda

Force Abilities: 
Apprentice Powers:Alter Elements (Alter Environment) I     Air/Wind - Gentle breeze and Lesser blast of air, dust devil   Fire: Create Fire Basic Healing (Self) Basic Telekinesis Enhance Ability Enhance Senses Force Sense Animal Control / Beast Trick Breath Control Farsight Force Choke Force Comprehension Force Empathy Force Jump / Force Leap Force Persuasion Force Speed Meditative/Hibernation TranceTelepathy Force Rage Torture By Chagrin 
Knight Level Powers:Alter Elements (Alter Environment) II    Air/Wind:  Strong gusts, tornado, levitation to a certain extent.   Fire: Flame Burst, Flare, Fireball, Pyrokinesis Battle PrecognitionCombustionComprehend SpeechEnhanced Force SenseEnhanced Telekinesis Force Camouflage/Force CloakForce DeflectForce GripMental Translocation: PyrokinesisFalse AuraForce DrainForce LevitationBasic Art of the Small

Master Level Powers:Alter Elements (Alter Environment)    Air/Wind - Lesser or Greater blast of air, A wall of air, Windstorm, Tornadoes, Hurricanes.   Fire – Firewall, Firestorm, and Heatwave, Fiery plasma (covers entire body in flames), infrared sightAstral TranslocationForce AbsorbForce IllusionForce Stealth / Force ConcealmentForce Weapon Mastered TelekinesisControl/Dominate MindDrain Knowledge Force CrushTransfer Essence / Transfer LifeForce FlightMastered Art of the Small

Played by What Famous Person: Peter Facinelli

Theme Songs: One Winged Angel

History: Is in the past
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Sandrius Draclau
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Added to the bio index!