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Telick Fortuna, Slutty Gun Bunny
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 General Information  
 Name: Telick Fortuna, originally Telickfort'una  
 Position: OmegaPyrE Special Response Team
 Rank: Elite
 Species: Lethan Twi'lek  
 Gender: Female  
 Age: 27  
 Physical Appearance  
 Height: 5'6"  
 Weight: 135 lbs.  
 Eye Color: Blue
 Hair Color: N/A  
 Physique/Build/Frame: Athletic, toned  
 Skin Tone: Lethan red
 Distinguishing Marks: Bar code tattoo numbered "11Y-6A-374P" on the back of her neck, near the base of her spine.  
 Telick is of roughly average height with long, thin lekku and a figure  that was seemingly made explicitly for grabbing attention. Ironic, considering her job  requires stealth. She has deep red skin, relatively flawless except for the bar code branded at the base  of her neck. Her abs, thighs, and arms are all toned from constant, strenuous use. Her normal outfit is a pair of jeans cut low enough that you can see what color her underwear is, black boots, and a tight white top that shows off plenty of midriff. She loves random, cheap accessories, including gel bracelets, a spiked armband, and fingerless gloves. Telick normally wears a light lekku harness, mostly for style. Her navel and nose are both pierced, and she likely has a couple more, less PG-rated piercings.

 Personality and Traits  
 General Overview:  Telick is fairly laid-back, has an active sense of humor, and tries to  strike a balance between being cynical and polite. The end effect is slightly condescending snarky remarks composing almost half of what comes out of her mouth. Something slightly less predominant is her overactive libido - Telick's sex drive is likely enthusiastic enough for five women, and she's completely  shameless about it. This has caused many people to refer to her as a slut...and this isn't completely inaccurate.

Telick knows she's good. She's been through more than most people and come out on top, so her mind prepares itself for every stressful situation by reminding her that she's one of the best, if not the best candidate to deal with it. This gives her no light bit of arrogance, though this is less obvious if her relationship with an individual is casual. Telick lives wild and fast, "working hard and playing harder". While this gives her the appearance of a player, she's looking for something more permanent. She's just not very good at it.
 Likes: Adrenaline, Coruscanti rock music, kicking people, chocolate  
 Dislikes: Vegetables, alcohol, misogynists, opera music
 Quirks: Swears in Huttese. Plays with her bracelets when bored. Left lekku twitches while thinking.  
 Strengths & Weaknesses  
 Stengths/Talents: Naturally coordinated and flexible, Telick is an astounding acrobat. She often combines this with martial arts (of which she is familiar with many disciplines, but prefers K'thri kickboxing and K'tara) and small guns to become a  monster in close-quarters combat. Telick's body is somewhat strong, but incredible flexible and durable. Her stamina knows no bounds due to constant, rigorous exercises.

Since her military training covered almost every firearm in the galaxy, Telick is as capable of duking it out on the frontlines of a stand-up-knock-down battle as she is sniping a target from almost 400 feet away. Her preference is for slughthrowers, since advanced silencers can actually silence them for perfect stealth weapons, but her training included blaster pistols, rifles, light repeaters, sporting rifles, sniper rifles, heavy rotary cannons, and almost eveyrthing else that she might come across.

Mechanically, Telick is a very skilled. While nowhere near the level of proficiency as a schooled engineer, she's very handy with repairs and maintenance on any of a hundred ships and just about any blaster you can hand her. Simple to moderately-complex weapon mods aren't out of her reach, either.

Telick is probably Force-sensitive, though she never even considered this possibility.
 Weaknesses/Limitations: Telick's weapon skills are very impressive (really, there isn't a  gun in the galaxy that she can't use with spectacular competence), and her affinity for technical repairs is even respectable, but apart from these two abilities she's a bit lacking. Telick is much more adept at making wounds than fixing them, is only a passable pilot (dogfighting is  out of the question), and apart from seduction and sarcasm, her social finesse is greatly lacking.

What's more, despite (or perhaps because of) her innate Force-sensitivity, Telick is highly suggestible to anyone with even a moderate ability to mentally influence her. Her weak mind comes in part from her species (Twi'leks aren't known for their willpower), in part from her upbringing (broken-willed slave), and in part from her connection to her surroundings instead of her own mind, but the effect is the same; Telick has almost no mental defenses.
 Asking about Telick's family will result in a non-answer. Continuing to ask will score you a punch in the face.  
 Hobbies: Tinkering, watching comedy holovids, sex
 Languages: Basic, Ryl, Huttese. Understands binary both written and "spoken".
 Telickfort'una was one of several promising daughters of the Fort family of the Una clan. She practiced several things before her 14th year, running the  gamut from massage to dance to human physiology. When she was 14, Telickfort and her other brothers and sisters were offered up as one massive slave sale.  While Telick harbored a bit of bitterness about this for a few years, she returned home several years later and discovered that she had been sold to get her  off-world before a massive Heat Storm hit.  
 Telickfort was sold with three of her sisters to an esteemed Weequay diplomat. Her own regimen had made her the perfect fill-all slave, capable of dancing,  pleasing, relaxing, or just about anything else her master required of  her. She worked for this Weequay for two years, during which she finally grew into a  very nice body...which was actually a disadvantage.  
 She was sold along this time for a sum much larger than she was originally purchased for to a human crime lord. Instead of the demanding-yet-safe job  she'd had with the Weequay, now she was tattooed with a number and sent in as a sex toy in his huge harem. "374P" or just "Forpee"  worked as a prostitute for four years of abuse and sex, her unique skillset making her perfect for the kinkiest customers.  
 Seven years ago, she was rescued by a sudden insurgent attempt to just  do a little good in the galaxy. Confused how to thank her for this kindness, the  reborn Telick slowly grew madly in love with her rescuer, a Zeltron agent for the Galactic Alliance named "Koki". Koki taught Telick as many martial skills as she could remember  so she wouldn't be forced back into that situation again, and eventually helped introduce her into the GAC. Telick's first lover, a Zeltron woman, died not a full year after they met.

Though Koki was gone, Telick continued her assignment with the GAC's black ops division, becoming something of a hero of the Galactic Alliance. Her commanders dispatched her when they needed something completely impossible and perfectly discreet. She was, of course, around for the fall of the GAC, and since she had no more ties to the fate of the galaxy thereafter, she decided she'd secure a more comfortable life for herself. Within a year of joining OmegaPyrE, Telick was counted among the company's leadership as well as easily one of its highest-paid field agents.

Her many exploits between Koki and the current day will be summed up in future, self-modded RPs.
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Telick Fortuna, Slutty Gun Bunny
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