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Lowana Starlighter
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Full Name: Lowana Starlighter
Slicer Alias: FireFlower
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Coronet City, Corellia
Legal Status: Citizen of Corellia, arrested once or twice but never tried or convicted of any crime
Residence: Lives on her ship
Occupation: Smuggler, Slicer, Occasional Pirate, Gambler, Information Broker

Affiliation: The Criminal Underworld
Force Rank: Apprentice

Personal Skills:
Galactic Basic
Old Correlian

Combat Skills:
Blaster Rifles - Adept (specialty with disrupter rifles)
Blaster Pistols - Proficient (specialty with disrupter pistols)

Force Powers:
Basic Telekinesis
Force Sense
Force Empathy
Force Persuasion

Mind Trick

Lowana lives by her own personal code.  She doesn't look to any power outside herself first.  She's true to her word, because it suits her in business situations.  For the most part she is loyal to herself and her own first.  Once you are one of 'her own' she will not betray you for anything but if you are not she will not hesitate to throw you to the wolves or the tukata or whatever other preditory beast might be lurking about.

Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 120

Corellian Freighter, equipped with jammers, upgraded weapons and shields, smuggling compartments

Ship's Crew:
Astromech Droid - J4S7 - Helps with course calculation and repairs on the ship.
Atta Venn - Zabrak Male - Copilot and repairman.  Nasty temper.  Mans weapons in combat, does maintenance on J4.
Elana Vix - Human (Corescanti) Female - Pilot, Gambler.  Ex-slave.  Great with math.  Helps manage the books.

Other Possessions:
Disrupter Pistol
Disrupter Rifle
Personal Computer

Lowana was born to a rather old and respected family on Corellia, the Starlighters.  They were rumored to have jedi blood but most people didn't put much stock into those old stories.  Supposedly they were a line perticularly apt toward skill with mind manipulation.  But only her uncle Jeran seemed to actually believe the stories of their family's lineage.

Lowana was always something of a trouble maker.  While her brother developed a blooming career in Corsec and her sister took up politics.  Lowana was never interested in respectable persuits.  From an early age she was always sneaking out, or trading the toys she was given to other children in order to end up with better ones.  She was a manipulative child and great with computers.  Prone to getting herself into trouble.

After one particularly nasty close call with the law at the age of 12, her parents sent her to live with uncle Jeran in the more rural parts of Corelia in hopes she might control herself better away from her 'bad influences' in the city.  It is true, that she got into less trouble in the country.  But she also honed her computer skills into an art while there.  And it was also while there where her uncle began to teach her to tap into some innate abilities she never believed she had.  Her skill for manipulating others, came from a connection to the force.

Jeran taught her for some time, but his own training was limited and there was never any formal association.  Eventually she needed to return home but she continued to try and work with the skills Jeran taught her.  Unfortunately she lacked some of her uncles sense of ethics in the use of the abilities.  By the time she was 17 she used them to trick someone into playing a game of chance with her, in which she cheated and won her very own ship.  She struck it on her own, doing odd jobs and ferrying cargo for whoever would pay, picking up a crew along the way.

While she utilized her newfound mobility quite freely and upgraded her ship often, she always tried to go home when she could.  Until the Sith Empire took over her homeworld.  Now Corellia is hardly a safe place for a smuggler and she moors wherever she can find a safe port.
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Lowana Starlighter
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