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Zael T'enru
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Full Name: Zael T'enru
Age: 5
Gender: Male
Birthworld: Coronet City, Corellia
the streets.
Occupation: Force Sensitive child, street urchin

Affiliation: None
Military/Government Rank: N/A
Force Rank: sensitive, untrained

 Personal Skills

       Zael was born and raised in the streets of Coreillia on coronet, he soon found himself alone at the age of five surviving off of crumbs and the kindness of others, he had a nack for getting people to give him food and water, but truly never understood the kindness.. Soon he found himself grabbed up by a Trandoshan slaver and wisked away on a ship speeding for the outter rim, slavery.. would it be this young childs fate?

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Zael T'enru
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