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Gaven Antilles
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Personnel Datafile: Destota A. Valentine

Full Name: Destota Artillion Valentine
Alias: Gaven James Antilles
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Birthworld: Chandrilia
Legal Status: Free
Relationship Status: Attached
Living Situation: Base on Naboo, or personal residence on Chandrila
Occupation: Jedi Master, Alliance Colonel

Affiliation: Jedi
Rank: Master

Personal Skills:

Personality:  Gaven is known best for his actions prior to the Sith/Jedi war, operating from the Jedi temple on Coruscant, but always having been on a razor's edge of what the council called Darkness. He is witty and sarcastic, but cares deeply for life, family and his homeworld.

Physical Stats
Avatar: Keanu Reeves
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 200
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black

General Appearance: Gaven is very tall for a human male, standing higher than most. His years in service to the military left him fit and strong, and well muscled. His hair is well kept but long, sometimes draping into his eyes.

Possessions: Two Deep blue lightsabers, one silver-bladed lightstaff, and his personal vessel, the YT-1300 Midnight Fire.


History: Born on Chandrilia to two average and simple parents, Gaven's Force sensitity went largely unnoticed until a fistfight with a classmate at age six. He grew angry and physically ripped the other boy's arms off. He was tested by passing Jedi Knight, Hart Kenobi, and tested for his Force strength. Kenobi was impressed, but was fearful of the Darkness in Gaven's heart.

11 years later, Kenobi's worst fears were realized as a fully trained Jedi Knight learned that his parents had been slain by a supposed Republic drug raid on his homeworld. The population of Chandrilia rose up against the republic and drove them off the planet, and Gaven, angry and hurt that the republic he served had killed his family, attempted to leave the Jedi order, and was stopped by Republic guards attempting to detain him. He killed 340 soliders, and two Jedi Knights, his Master Hart included, and returned to his homeworld.

Gaven joined the Sith Order at twenty five, the ragtag group of Darksiders stationed then on Iridonia. He and the Sith Mistress quickly fell in love and formed a relationship, which was bittersweet for Gaven as she was subdued and captured by the Jedi on a mission. Enraged and hurt, Gaven lead the entire Sith order on a mission of revenge against the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. He crushed the Jedi resistance, and destroyed the temple, retriving the Mistress at the same time.

Only six months later, Another order rose from Korriban and launched a surprise attack on their rival Sith on Iridonia. Gaven and his apprentice, Ivata Noku, were hailed as heros but were the only surviving Sith to leave Iridonia, and were seperated in the process.

Gaven drifted for years, rethinking his stance on the Force and slowly turning himself away from the Darkside in the process. He came to peace with the anger in his heart, and healed his wounds. He sought out the Jedi just in time to see them flushed from their homeworld and driven into Space. He is staying with the Jedi and the Alliance as they form plans to retake the Galaxy from Sith control.
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Gaven Antilles
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