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Neftiria Cohl, Blind Justice
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Full Name: Neftiria Cohl

Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Miraluka
Birthworld: Alpheridies
Homeworld(s): Mobile

Legal Status: Citizen of Alpheridies
Relationship Status: Single, not really the "relationship" type
Living Situation: The Alliance fleet
Occupation: Jedi Padawan

Affiliation: Black Sentinels, Jedi Order, and the Galactic that order.

Abilities/Force Powers: Since she has a lot, I'll divide it up.
Force Sight - Neftiria Cohl is one of the most gifted students ever to walk out of the Luka Sene. She has a greater grasp on her Force Sight than almost any other Miraluka in the galaxy - essentially X-ray vision out to about two hundred feet when she's actively focusing on it. Nef's Sight can easily distinguish species, written and electronic text, and shapes as small as a dime at this distance. Normally she keeps it tuned lowered to about half of her optimal, mostly to conserve energy.

Strong in the Force - The source of a lot of Neftiria's prodigious skill is her very easy connection to the Force. All Miraluka are connected at a much deeper level than most other species, but for Nef in particular immersing herself in the Force is as simple and subconscious as breathing. When she actively exerts herself, she's capable of much stronger effects than a Padawan has any right to claim.

Telekinetic Prodigy - Like everything else in the Force, Nef seems to be a natural with telekinetic effects. In the month or two she's actually been training, she's managed to set her weight limit at an excess of two hundred pounds, far beyond what many Padawans manage with years of training. Nef tends to spend much more time focusing on her telekinetic powers than her lightsaber training or healing abilities, which, compared with her formidable but moderate-ranged Sight, leads to her being assigned to potentially-dangerous missions.

Apprentice Level Powers - Basic Telekinesis, Enhanced Senses, Farsight, Force Healing/Hibernation Trance, Force Sense

Knight Level Powers - Force Sight (racial trait)

Personal Skills: Nef has put as some focus into her lightsaber training, but not as much as one might believe, since she spends most of her time saturated in the Force. She leans towards Soresu for its defensive, reactive bent. Due to her schooling at the Luka Sene, she's quite learned in galactic lore, philosophy, and several other topics.

Personality: In our world, we have a word for people like Nef: "hippie". She spends a lot of her time essentially drugged on the Force. In fact, pretty much any time her attentions are not immediately necessary, she's deep in a trance and bathing in the energies around her. Even when she's talking, she makes easy jokes about the situation and tends to act in a calm, unworried manner. While this may seem to be a carefree attitude, Neftiria's laid-back persona hides unbreakable morals and a very fierce drive to see justice done. She gets violently protective of those who can't defend themselves at times, and her outlook on punishing criminals and especially Sith is a bit radical. Her instructors have berated her for these flaws, so far to no avail.

Hobbies: Gardening, deep and introspective discussions, meditation (though it's more like "getting high")

Physical Stats
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Theme Song: Working on it. Check back later.
Motto: "The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision."
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 103 lbs.
Hair Color: Naturally blonde, often dyes is ridiculous colors.
Eye Color: None
Other: Her expressions tend to be very muted.

General Appearance: Nef tends to dress in civilian casual clothes whenever her superiors don't nag her about it. Her entire wardrobe is made up of very similar colors, since said colors really don't matter to her much; lots of blacks and whites, jeans, and a black leather jacket that she bought on one of her few trips off-world when she was studying at the Sene. In contrast to the intricate, ornamental blindfolds usually worn by her people, Nef covers her eyes with a single sash of cloth, normally for comfort.

Lightsaber - A green-bladed apprentice lightsaber. Nef is eager to try building one of her own, but her instructors haven't judged her as "ready" yet.
Charm Necklace - The only real personal object that Nef keeps around (her room is surprisingly bare, except for the potted plants) is a silver chain necklace with a tiny something-that-looks-like-a-cat charm. She never, ever takes this off, since it was her last memento from her parents.

Complete History: Later.

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Neftiria Cohl, Blind Justice
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