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Adrianna's Biography
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Past Threads

A chance meeting - This is where Xander and Adrianna meet [complete]
Daddy's little girl - Yaran goes off in search of Athena Somir [complete]
He Looks Familiar - Xander visits Y'Sad after Coren is born [Incomplete]Here begins my story - Merlin's past training thread [complete]

Current Threads

Welcome to the Party - Board RP when the Grandmaster Adrianna tried to make peace with the Emperor Lucian Drakul [incomplete]
Giving sight to the blind - Petra wanted to corrupt Adrianna [incomplete]
The Comedown - The Promotion to Knight for Jason Starkiller and Ben Watts [complete]
A Master I shall make you - Jason Starkiller's training thread for Master [incomplete]
Who watches the Watchmen? - Adrianna and Mark Starkiller spar and discuss their future [complete]
Where I know I belong - The arrival of Leigh Christman into The Keepers of the Peace [complete]
Advancement in your education - Training for Mark Halcyon [incomplete]
Every Jedi Has his Day - Attack on Naboo [incomplete]
First Blood, Take 1 - Brumhilda gets her first period [incomplete]
Rise Above - Tobias' return to The Keepers of the Peace [incomplete]
The Passing of the Torch - Unknown content [incomplete]
Operation Firrerre - After the attack on Dantooine [complete]
It's been too long my friend ~Leigh Christman~ - Leigh's training [complete]
New beginnings - The discussion with Marck Vallen and Han Skywalker about the reforming of the Jedi Council [complete]
Operation Firrerre Part II The attack on the Firrerre system [complete]
Training Days She meets Alexei [incomplete]
A new man in her life - She meets Cloud [incomplete]
Aggressive Negotiations Part B Alliance Thread [Incomplete]
Seek more than Vengeance - Janos introduces himself [incomplete]
A Panoramic View ~Leigh Christman~ - Leigh's training [complete]
The Hawk's Nest- The Return of Yalin Hawk [Incomplete]
Trouble on Abregado-Rae [invite] - Dorsek and Jonathan deWinter on Abregado-Rae [Complete]A Different kind of Knight... Returning to a Memory - An old love of Adrianna resurfaces [incomplete]
A Place to Make our home - The Forming of the Council [complete]
A meeting in the Principal's office - Speaking to Corrax about the Council formation [complete]
Stronger than I am - Ceryni's introduction to his son [incomplete]
Have you ever told anyone? - Adrianna discusses with Dorsek their previous Love affair [complete]
A Council Member in Hiding - Adrianna explaining her condition to Han [complete]
Wading through Chaos - Adrianna Meeting Jairus Skywalker on Dantooine [complete]
A Call of the Council - Adrianna Calls the Council to discuss rebuilding Dantooine [complete]
Serving Justice - The Attack on Y'Sad [complete]
A Jedi you already are, stronger you will become - Jairus' training thread [complete]
The Aftermath on Y'Sad - After the attack of the SI [complete]
All Summer Long - Board Summer party [Incomplete]
Idiot's Array - Jedi Council discussion that the Sith know the location of where they are [complete]
Sometimes a Contrary Opinion gets you what you want - The Jedi Master trial of Mark Starkiller [complete]
You think we need one more? You think we need one more? Alright We'll get one more - The appointing of Relen Aresis to the Council [complete]
A Knight of Ascension - Knight Trials of Jairus Skywalker [Incomplete]
Move it - The rescue of Leentje [Incomplete]
Bakura to the future - Bakura takeover [complete]
Ohhh Children - The attack on Firrerre [complete]
To the highest bidder - Kir-al Mavin comes into the meeting the Alliance or others. [complete]
I See Once More - Leigh's Training
Defending the Homestead - Adrianna takes Kir-al to guard Leylah [incomplete]
Happy News - Tera tells Adrianna she's getting married [Incomplete]
For this life and beyond - The wedding of Tera and Koran [Complete]
The Halloween Masquerade - 2011 Halloween Ball [complete]
The Christmas thread - 2011 Christmas Thread [complete]
Breakdown: A Day of Reckoning - The fall of The Sith Imperium [complete]
Jedi Council Conference - The reforming of the Jedi Council [complete]
Lone Wolf - After the TSI dispersion Kyle is taken home [complete]
Have a drink on Me - Ket and other Jedi meet and have drinks
Some Lives are Linked Across time - Kayla comes to Adrianna looking for Advice
A Chat among friends - Mark and Adrianna touch base with one another [Complete]
Rebirth by Sea - Methias has been cloned [complete]
Explanations are Expected - Adrianna explains to Methias why he was cloned and what has happened over the last 23 years [Incomplete]
Early Rising of the Sun - Methias and the family get re-acquainted [complete]
Forging of a new Capital -Official Takeover of Naboo [complete]
Returning to the Order - Marck Vallen returns to Mon Calamari [complete]
We all lead such elaborate lives - Jela seeks out Adrianna to teach her certain powers. [incomplete]
Mon Cal: The Journey begins - TJO makes their way to Mon Calamari [complete]
Council Convene! - The newly formed Council meets up.
Sit down Mahalla, I have something to tell you - Adrianna tells Methias she's pregnant [complete]
A Full Circle - Rianna meets up with TJO and sees the Temple and medical facilities [complete]
Somewhere beyond the Dune sea - meeting Mike Skyve [complete]
Piercing the Veil - Jennica Sorsten looks to Adrianna for training
The Queen and the Jedi - Han gets Rach pregnant [complete]
A Celebration to Remember - The Queen of Naboo ball
First Steps - Cam comes to seek out the Princess Regent of Naboo
And the $20,000 question is - Han comes to Adrianna regarding Rach and his children
Unto the highest self, to utmost freedom - Volfe Von Kreig is brought to Ossus for killing a Padawan

Future Threads

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Ongoing Threads - 12
Incomplete Threads - 23
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