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Cerisa Ar'Kani
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Basic Info

Birth Name:  Cerisa Ar'Kani
Age:  27
Gender:  Female
Birthworld:  Corellia
Homeworld:  Coruscant

Legal Status:  Coruscant resident
Relationship Status:  Single
Living Situation:  Coruscant
Occupation:  Scientist / Doctor

Mother – Serena Ar'Kani (Corellian / Kuati)
Father – Kane (Mandalorian)

Affiliation: TCU
Rank: Apprentice

Personal Skills:  Cerisa can speak and understand Basic, and can understand Mandalorian, but not speak it. She is a fairly-skilled pilot and moderately-trained with a slugthrower pistol, but her real skills are with a syringe, bacta patch, or a laboratory.

Personality:  Cerisa is an intelligent individual who prefers civilized methods of communication, but she has no issues with resorting to “aggressive negotiations” if she sees the need. She also has a lack of regard for her own safety, and an obsessive-compulsive nature in regards to organization – to the extent that she has been known to “be cruel to be kind,” when people disturb her belongings.

Hobbies / Activities:  Healing most, harming some, and minding her own business . . . for the most part.

Favorite Quote:  "In war, victory.  In peace, vigilance.  In death, sacrifice."  - A phrase she picked up from both her parents, though especially from her father.

Force Abilities Known:
Neutral Apprentice -
Basic Telekinesis
Enhance Senses
Enhance Ability → Force Speed
Force Persuasion
Force Sense

Physical Stats
Height:  5'4”
Weight:  126 lbs.
Hair Color:  Black / Dark Brown
Eye Color:  Dark

Possessions:  Personal clothing, a single Enforcer slugthrower pistol, a single-bladed lightsaber, and a custom-designed / custom-built starfighter. The pistol, lightsaber, and starfighter, were coming-of-age gifts from her parents.

NPC: Victor Szerged [Image - opposite Cerisa] (Corellian / Hapan) – Bodyguard / Former Mercenary. A “gift” from her father.

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Cerisa Ar'Kani
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Added to the bio index!