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Zephyra Windcaller
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Basic Info 

Birth Name:  Zephyra (last name unknown)
Alias / Nickname:  Zephyra Windcaller 
Age:  23 
Gender:  Female 
Birthworld:  Tatooine 
Homeworlds:  Corellia, Nar Shaddaa, Tatooine (and other desert worlds
Racial Heritages:  Unknown To Zephyra - Genetically Altered Being (2/8 Shi'ido, 3/8 Zeltron, 3/8 Human)
Legal Status:
  Tatooine resident
Relationship Status:  Single 
Living Situation:  N/A Currently
Occupation:  Soldier

Affiliation:  Factionless, CurrentlyFormer Affiliations:  The Alliance, Empire-in-Exile
OOC Rank:  Force Practitioner Apprentice
IC Rank:  N/A Currently

Personal Skills:  Zephyra can speak and understand Basic, and can understand, but not speak, Huttese and Rodian.  Her capacity to learn other languages is something of a mystery to her, as are her tendencies to change the color of her hair and eyes depending on her mood.  Unknown to her, she has some slight unconscious control over her Zeltron pheremones - though it will never progress past this point, and the same for her innate Zeltron and Shi'ido telepathic skills and Shi'ido shifting abilities, which are equally limited in scope.
Personality:  Zephyra is an independent individual, preferring, rather appropriately, to “go where the wind blows her.” As this often results in her unintentionally getting into trouble wherever she goes, she has developed a cocky attitude that is distinctly Corellian.  Her particular sense of humor is generally a mix of sarcasm and eccentric pranks that others tend to refer to as practical jokes.

Activities / Hobbies:  Wandering from place to place and getting in -and out- of trouble.

Force Abilities Known:
Neutral Apprentice -
Basic Telekinesis
Force Sense Magnify Senses

Neutral Knight -Alter Elements - Air, Earth, Fire*

* - 50/50 chance of success/failure

Force Abilities Desired:Neutral Apprentice -Enhance AbilityTelekinetic StrikeTelepathy
Neutral Knight -Alter Elements - WaterEnhanced Force Sense Enhanced Telekinesis
Force AdhereForce Scream
Neutral Master -
Alter Environment (All)
Art of the Small Mastered Telekinesis
Physical Stats 
Avatar:  Amber Heard
Height:  5'4” 
Weight:  131 lbs. 
Hair Color:  Blond 
Eye Color:  Light (Switches between Gray and Blue)

Possessions: Personal clothing, a single PAC20 comlink, a single BARC speeder, and a single Westar-34 blaster pistol - it has been hers since the age of 17.

History:  Zephyra knows nothing of her origins, beyond that she has lived on Tatooine since the age of 17.

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Zephyra Windcaller
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