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Alita Velos
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Basic Info

Personnel Datafile:  Darth Revenant

Full Name:  Alita Velos
Race:  Human / Miralukan / Cyborg
Chronological Age: 142
Apparent Age:  23
Gender:  Female
Birthworld:  Corellia
Homeworlds:  Cerberus, Coruscant, Korriban, Mechis III, Nar Shaddaa

Living Situation:  n/a currently
Occupation:  Former Assassin
Legal Status:  Cerberus resident, Coruscanti citizen, Nar Shaddaa visitor
Relationship Status:  Widow

Husband:  Rylan Kordel (Original - Deceased)
Daughter:  Isis Velos (biological)
Daughter:  Selara Velos (adopted; birth name - Selara Vira)

Affiliation:  Factionless, currently
Rank:  Sith Master

Personal Skills:  Alita can understand and speak Basic, Honoghran, and Miralukan, and can understand, but not speak, Kiffar and Mandalorian. She is well-trained in the use of melee weapons such as vibroblades and vibroswords, as well as lightsabers, and is an adept in two-weapon combat, but not a master as she favors wielding a single lightsaber at a time.  She is a fair pilot, but by no means an expert; she prefers to battle her enemies face-to-face.  Finally, she is a decently-skilled practitioner of the Noghri martial art of Stava, though she is beginning to develop her own style of combat.

Known Force Abilities:
Neutral Apprentice -
Basic Telekinesis
Enhance Ability
Force Sense
Magnify Senses 
Meditative Trance

Dark Side Apprentice -
Torture By Chagrin

Neutral Knight -
Enhanced Force Sense
Enhanced Telekinesis
Force DeflectForce Sight

Dark Side Knight -
Force Drain

Neutral Master -
Force Absorb

Dark Side Master -
Force Reap

Abilities Desired:Neutral -Alter Elements (Water, Air, Knight) --> Alter Environment (Water, Air, Master)Force Scream (Knight)Force Illusion (Master)
Dark Side -Spear of Midnight Black (Knight)
Sith Sorcery Abilities / Spells Desired -Basic Sith Sorcery (Knight, Sith Training)Force Blast (Master, Basic Sith Sorcery)Dark Side Web (Master, Basic Sith Sorcery)Summon Fear (Master, Basic Sith Sorcery)
Personality:  For a female Sith, Alita is decidedly more playful than most, and her sense of humor is often very macabre and very graphic. She enjoys prolonging pain, suffering, fear, and terror, as long as possible. If it helps her achieve her goals, so much the better, in her opinion - she knows the value of shock tactics in battle, and makes use of them whenever possible.  Preferring to live for the moment, and make the most of each day in whatever fashion she wishes, she generally keeps a low profile unless she feels that it is absolutely necessary to reveal herself.  She is a creature of passion, constantly seeking to indulge her darker impulses in any manner that will work to her benefit - whether it is a personal benefit, or on behalf of a darker, more chaotic agenda.  She is a former "pain slut," having lost the ability to feel pain and pleasure at the same time, when her husband disappeared from the known galaxy.  Since that disappearance, Alita has changed a good deal - finding herself unable to experience pain or pleasure, chaos and death have become her reasons for continuing to live.

Hobbies:  Killing the innocent . . . and the Jedi.

Physical Stats
Avatar:  Kristin Kreuk
Height:  5'6"
Weight:  126 lbs.
Hair Color:  Black
Eye Color:  Red
Other:  Cybernetic body from the neck down, including a full set of artificial organs.  Her fingers are tipped with half-inch long claws, and her elbows have blades extending from them that are half a foot long, all of which she sharpens regularly.  The claws and blades are made of beskar, and tipped with cortosis.

Possessions:  Personal clothing consisting of a sleeveless black leather tunic, a sleeveless black leather vest, black leather cargo pants, and knee-high black leather boots with padded soles; for stealth missions and/or activities, and a single-bladed lightsaber with a red blade.

History:  Much of her past is lost to Alita, due to the way her life has been unnaturally enhanced through the use of forced hibernation trances at somebody else's hands, though she remembers some of it.  
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Alita Velos
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