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Gabriel Volker / Darth Cerberus
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-Name- Gabriel Volker / Darth Cerberus

-Profession- Sith Knight , Imperial Soverign Protector, Commander of Emperor's Hands.

-Species- Human 

-Age- 21

-Height- 6'0''

-Weight-200 lbs

-Appearance- (Picture for reference)

-Distinguishing marks- None

-Homeworld- Dathomir

-Family- Deralia Volker (mother, former Nightsister, Desceased), Saul Volker (Father, former Jai, Desceased), Ahriman (Lover)

-Personality- Quiet (until provoked), Uncaring (will kill anyone or destroy anything with out any remorse. Think Darth Maul.)

-History- Gabriel is the only son of Nightsister Deralia and her Jai, Saul. Raised in the Nightsister clan Gabriel was raised to be a servant of the women as was tradition for Nightsister clans. As Gabriel grew in age, it was apparent that he had force powers like his mother. His mother was very close to him, and kept him close to her side as much as she could. As he got older Gabriel's mother taught him various martial arts, hand to hand combat as well as the use of various melee weapons. He became quite proficient in the use of concealable edged weapons as well as swords of various types. When Gabriel was 15, he set out on a discovery of manhood journeying throughout Dathomir. He returned as, what the Nightsisters considered him to be, a man. It was also then that Gabriel first noticed Ahriman. She was the daughter of another Nightsister, and a future warrior as she was also embued with the force. Gabriel laid eyes on her and instantly fell in love. For Ahriman it took a little longer as she was initially more interested in her training as a Nightsister. When she did, they were inseperable. At the age of 16, Gabriel was set to be "traded" to Ahriman's mother for another Jai, so that Gabriel would become Ahriman's Jai when she became a full fledged Nightsister. Unfortunately, Gabriel's fate would lead him in a different direction. They came out of nowhere, claiming to be Jedi or Dark Jedi, Gabriel couldn't remember. They said they wanted to take many of the more powerful Nightsisters to be part of an academy they were forming, and they werent taking no for an answer. This was a fact that unfortunately the young Gabriel would soon find out. They cornered his mother and her Jai in their home along with Gabriel. Several of them held down Gabriel and his mother while they stomped Gabriel's father to death. After they finished him, they gave his mother one last chance to change her mind. She again refused, and accepted her fate. They hung her up and cut her throat while they held Gabriel there to watch. She was left to slowly, and painfully die. Gabriel must have passed out and when he awoke, she was still there hanging in front of him. He carefully took care of their bodies and buried them next to each other. Gabriel was lost, he had nothing left. The clan mother, who was good friends with Gabriel's mother, decided to take him in for a time. While with her, the clan mother's daughter became close and fell in love with Gabriel. Gabriel liked her very much but just couldnt put away the love he felt for Ahriman. The Clan Mother upheld the trade arrangement that Gabriel's mother had made with Ahriman's mother and he went to live with Ahriman and her mother. But the constant grief and nightmares Gabriel had to deal with, had robbed him of his ability to function. Ahriman helped him to leave, going with him to the village of Aurilia. She gave him money from riches her mother had accrued over time and helped him secure a ship that would take him off planet. He pledged to love her forever and vowed they would be together again. Gabriel left planet and began a series of events that took him from one place to another. He was able to secure weapons, and after a few jobs with the spacer he was with, he was able to secure his own ship. He broke off with the spacer and headed for the Sith Academy to recieve training to become a powerful sith, and to one day be able to reek vengence against those that took away his family. Since his mother and father's death, Gabriel has been plagued with nighmares replaying their death over and over. Constantly his mothers screams and the violent sounds of her life being ripped away from her replay over and over in Gabriel's mind. His hatred fueled lust for vengence has brought him to The Sith Empire. He knows that there he will be able to learn to turn the hatred into a fine tuned and powerful weapon to help him destroy his enemies and the enemies of the Sith. 

-Strengths- His youth, and his anger fueled hatred of all man. His proficiency in Form II Makashii, and Form V (the Djem So variation). His lover Ahriman, she provides him the inspiration to carry on day after day. She is the only lifeform in this world he loves or will ever love again. 

-Weaknesses- His uncontrolled anger can cause him to lose sight of direction, mostly in battle. Gabriel looks to finish the fight quickly as too much time and effort becomes an annoyance to him. In addition to Ahriman being his strength she also serves as his weakness. If he were to be lost or taken from him, he would cease to function adaquately. 

Imperial Sovereign Protectors (WIP)

The Imperial Sovereign Protectors are a team of specially trained force sensitives that serve the Emperor and his will. Loyal to the Emperor and their leader Gabriel Volker, they live only for one reason, to ensure the security and safety of the Emperor by any means necessary. They will, if ordered by the Emperor, kill anyone or anything that stands in their way, including those in very powerful positions and will do so without any remorse. Their bodies have been specially selected and genetically inhanced from a secret location, and have speciallized chips implanted in their brain that provide advanced training in hand to hand combat, special weapons and force powers as well as their special directives ingrained in the chip. They constantly feed the information to the brain to aid them in completeing their tasks. Headed by Gabriel Volker, they constantly are tested to be sure they are free from any chance of failure to maintain their directives.

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Gabriel Volker / Darth Cerberus
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