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Curupira D'Arr Hawk
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.:: General Information ::.
Name: Curupira D'Arr Hawk
Nicknames:  Cura, Ruu, Aunty Ruru (by Dominique), Morsel (by Ket)
Known Aliases:  Curupira Hawk, Curupira Draclau (as per adoption), Curupira Van Derveld
Age: 87 (mentally), 15 (physically)
Specie: Lupine
Place of Birth: Dathomir
Homeplanet: Coruscant
Clan: Singing Mountain Clan (previously banished due to her affiliation with the Sith)
Citizenship: Dathomir, Ferro, Sognoterra, Coruscant, Nar Shaddaa, Figaro Favoura IV

.:: Faction and Alignment details ::.
Faction:  N/A
lignment: Chaotic Neutral
Force Rank: Force Practitioner Knight, Dathomiri Spellweaver
Force Powers and Spells:
[Master] Force Lightning (raw, uncontrolled)
[Knight] Comprehend Speech
[Knight] Enhanced Force Sense
[Knight] Enhanced Telekinesis
[Knight] Tapas
[Apprentice] Animal Friendship
[Apprentice] Basic Telekinesis
[Apprentice] Control Pain*
[Apprentice] Enhance Ability
[Apprentice] Force Comprehension
[Apprentice] Force Empathy
[Apprentice] Force Rage
[Apprentice] Force Sense
[Apprentice] Magnify Senses
[Apprentice] Telepathy

[Sorceress] N/A
[Spellweaver] Call Mist
[Spellweaver] Probe Spell II
[Spellweaver] Shield Spell
[Spellhunter] Mountain Sense
[Spellhunter] Probe Spell I
[Spellhunter] Spell of Healing I
[Spellhunter] Spell of Water
[Spellhunter] Weather Sense

.:: Personality ::.
Overall personality: Curupira is probably one of those more unique cheerful and perky Sith that nobody ever expects to encounter. She wears a smile on her face and she will giggle and chuckle at the most random of things. She is not exactly what would think a Sith at all when first encountered. But beneath that happy marry-go-round personality, there is a dosage of insanity. Curupira is not all that right in the head nor has she ever been. As a child, most of it remained hidden beneath the surface, only her happy exterior exposed to the outside world. It was thanks to Seth Draclau, who bought her at an auction and took her home with him that allowed the girl to show that part of her, to embrace what was already brewing on the inside.

Carefree, happy, adventurous, Ruu is in love with life. She's always up for new things and new people. However, living with Seth has also spoiled her rotten because as a young man who had raised himself and knowing no other family, Seth knew not how to say no to his de-facto daughter which was only later nurtured by her mate Ket Van Derveld who has since meeting her developed the phrase "what Ruu wants, Ruu gets" which very much agrees with her personality.

Once upon a time a lightsider and a Jedi, Curupira could never truly get into that mindset though she had never actually truly fallen to the darkside as most people. Already too open-minded to be a Jedi, when her mate asked her to switch sides, she agreed far too easily, without fully considering. Then again, Curupira is not one labels and has never have been. She is too much of a free spirit and as such expects to others to view her. Saying she is a Sith, unaffiliated with any of the Sith Orders allows her to be that free spirit. However, beneath that happy exterior, there is darkness waiting to be unleashed. It remains dormant though, even in all her madness. In her life, it has truly been exposed twice. One when she witnessed her father impaled by a Nightsister at the age four and then again when learning Force Lighting at which she had unlocked memories meant ot remain hidden. Her darkness rises from her protectiveness and while it has the potential to fully grow and turn her into a true Sith, as long as Curupira has family to protect, currently only Ket and even to a degree her daughter Chloe from the future, she can be pulled off from the edge and not truly fall.

Among her many flaws which define Curupira for the most part, she also has two disorders that formed when she was a slave. During that time, Curupira suffered from nightmares of the attack on her birth clan and as well as her experience in the mine of a planet she can't name to this very day. It's from those experiences at the attack, the deaths she had witnessed that her fierce protectiveness had formed but also her hate for slavery. No matter what side she chooses the play at, Curupira will never be for slavery in any shape or form, remembering still parts of those years and the way she was treated while there.
Strengths and weaknesses:
(+) Overprotective: Maybe some wouldn't find this a good thing but to Curupira it's one of the most important, just as family and those she deems as close enough to be considered family. She will kill to keep them save.
(+) Dathomirian blood: While Curupira doesn't know too much about this yet, she has a slower aging process which has made some of her family members remain young many decades into their life.
(+) Communication with the Force: While she has received trained from the Jedi and is currently a Sith, Curupira doesn't consider herself having a normal relationship with the Force. She mostly sees it as a sort of friend, sometimes useful and sometimes annoying but always there and reacting to her. More times than not, it has led her to situations that have been crucial to her.
(+) Her anchor: While Curupira didn't realize this for a long time, her mate is is actually her anchor. He is her madness and darkness as much as he is her strength. Next to him, she can herself without falling too deep into any of those things. At the same time, he's probably the strongest anchor she has at this point to return her from her own darkness or madness when she falls into it.
(+) Mimicking: Early on, Curupira displayed the gift of mimicking things she saw or heard, often capable of late repeating  or demonstrating perfectly a little while later. The skill stuck with her later, allowing her to pick up languages and other skills
(+) Languages: Basic Galactic Standard, Bocce, High Galactic, Huttese, Paecean (very little)
(+) A range of other skills: dancing, martial artist, marksmanship, piloting (average), survival skills and sword-ship
(+/-) Witch spells/Witch heritage: Born a Witch, Curupira first began learning spell. Before she could read or write, she spent her time watching her sister Ti'Cira learn from her mother and memorized all the spells that had been taught. Through her own training, still as a child, she performed some of them and learned additional once. Once, Curupira was on her way of being a full-on Witch. However, having been ripped from her home at the mere age of five, she has not only forgotten her language but has blocked most of memories from that time. It caused her to forget most of what she learned. While Ti'Cira has since then taught her some of them again, they are more than a weakness than an actual strength to her and she will only use Witch magic if she absolutely has to, ie. if it's a situation where the Force can't help her.
(-) Darkness within: While Curupira has darkside tendencies and is loosely affiliated with the Sith, she is not fully dark in your everyday encounters with her. She likes things dark, she isn't fully aware of the darkness with her. When expressing strong negative feelings, especially when someone she loves is threatened, Curupira can get completely enveloped by her darkness and swallowed up into it. Only knowledge that it could endanger someone she love ones can stop her then.
(-) Pinch of insanity, touch of madness: Curupira was never gong to be right in the head, she was never going to be perfectly sane. But if she had perhaps grown up Dathomir, there would have been some control or at least apparent control of it. Raised by Seth, that insanity with Curupira was completely brought up and nurtured to the level it is at. It's not at its full though it's higher than what it might have been if life had led her differently.
(-) Petite and slim: While Curupira has received training early on from Seth about sword dueling, weapons using and even fighting work out, in truth, she is short and slim, with not much muscle to support her fighting style. The Force is what allows her to utilize her training at all times which brings the idea that if for any reason Curupira's connection to the Force was severed, she would have the muscle memory but not strength or speed to actually use her talents.
(-) Bored Ruu is a Troublesome Ruu: First rule when it comes to Curupira is that she must never be bored, and she gets bored easily. When Curupira gets bored, bad things happen. She will go far and wide to find something to entertain her to get rid of that feeling and usually, it involves firearms, explosives and kinds of other trouble.
(-) Lacks Lightsaber forms knowledge: While Curupira has receieved training in sword dueling from both her mother and Seth, she has never studied with a lightsaber, learned its forms or even built a lightsaber. To this day, she doesn't own the famous force user weapon.
(-) Character Flaws: Absentminded, Addict, Blunt, Bold, Childish, Disturbed, Egotistical, Erratic, Fanaticism, Fickle, Fierce, Finicky, Fixation, Hard, Hoity-toity, Impatient, Impish, Nosey, Obsessive, Overambitious, Overemotional, Overprotective, Overconfident , Overzealous, Perfectionist, Proud, Rake, Rebellious, Reckless, Remorseless, Sarcastic, Smart Ass, Soft-hearted, Spoiled, Stubborn, Tactless, Temperamental, Unpredictable
(-) Disorders: Acute Stress Disorder and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
(-) Phobias: Acrophobia (fear of heights), Apiphobia (fear of bees), Atelophobia (fear of imperfection, Athazagoraphobia (fear of being forgotten), Entomophobia (fear of insects)

.:: Physical Appearance ::.

Avatar: Unknown | Jordana Beatty | Chloë Grace Moretz | Isla Fisher | Shirley Manson
Height: 5'3'' (1.70 m)
Weight: 126 lbs (57 kg)
34-28-34 in (75-65-75 cm)
Eye Color: Gold
Hair Color: Fire red
Skin Tone: Caucasian, Fair
Overall appearance: Petite and slim, Curupira probably wouldn't appear all that interesting if it wasn't for her fire red hair and hazel eyes. They are her more noticeable features, matched with full lips and fair skin tone. Standing at five feet and three inches, she's usually smaller than most people in the room and somehow, she always ends up around those much taller than her. Believed to be human, like all those of her bloodline, Curupira is a mixture of her genetics, having inherited her great great grandmother Rayen's shade of read and the golden hue that belongs to her great grandfather Madoc.
Fashion sense: Curupira has always loved to dress her age and stand out in the crowd with her fashion sense. However, her style has changed over the years. Her clothes still show her youthful spirit but there are times when she will go for some classy look while others she will find herself in something edgier and crazier because that it how she's grown to be over time. Raised among criminals, with a wealthy guardian, she has gone a long way from the tribal outfits that she wore as a child on Dathomir. With a large collection of various clothes, ranging from dress to pants, skirts, tops, lots of shoes, there is really no telling with Ruu on any given day. While she loves to dress up and look good, she does on occasion like to dress down as well, mostly to annoy others, such as shop keepers in expensive boutiques. But generally, her clothes of the day will reflect her mood and current feel, there is no particular rule.
Wolf form:

.:: Family and Relations ::.
Mate: Ket Van Derveld
Children: Chloe Van Derveld, Katrine Van Derveld
Guardian: Seth Draclau
Great grandparents: Satara Hawk, Hadoc
Grandparents: Adel'aide Hawk, Arik Kane
Parents: Na'ala Hawk (d.), Kir D'Arr (d.)
Siblings: Mercureus Hawk, Ti'Cira D'Arr Hawk, Ahote D'Arr Hawk, Áine’ki D'Arr Hawk
Uncles and Aunts: Kytarra Hawk, Milan Hawk,  Ana Sullen (d.), Torsten Hawk, Ana'eli Hawk, Raol Hawk (d.)
Cousins: Rach Sullen, Finch Hinata
Nieces and nephews: Dominique England,Jonny Lone, Ciara Lone, Kael Arden, Selena Halcyon, Jade Kerbron, Tristan Nathos, Damien Nathos (d.), Lucius Nathos, Bane Nathos Jr., Tempest Nathos, Irridian Raxel, Aliya Nathos, Ceh'rena'ti Hawk, Alora Hawk, Ti'Cira Hawk, Alora Hawk
Other Family: Bane Nathos Sr., Jalek Kebron, Alain Haven, Vega Van Derveld (brother-in-law), Ignasius Van Derveld (brother-in-law), Ryori Za'tire (sister-in-law), Diego Van Derveld (father-in-law, deceased), Celeine (mother-in-law, deceased)

Na'ala Hawk (witch magic,swordship), Seth Draclau (force powers, martial arts, marksmanship, swordship), Satara Hawk (witch magic, force powers, dathomirian culture, family history), Ti'Cira D'Arr Hawk (force powers, witch magic), Isley Verd (templar ways, force powers)
Mentors: Kir D'Arr, Ryori Za'tire, Voyance, Ket Van Derveld, Dominique England, Electrobe
Apprentices: Chloe Van Derveld, Katrine Van Derveld

.:: Transport and personal items ::.
Personal Items:

.:: Historical Data ::.
A Child of Dathomir, daughter to Na'ala Hawk, a Singing Mountain Clan healer and Kir D'Arr, Follower of Pallawa. Fourth child to the couple, she was meant to be good, spend her life on the planet of Witches, claim a mate and live the rest of her days there. Destiny had a different plan for her. At the age of five, she witnessed her father's death and murdered the Nightsister that had killed him; she saw her mother dead as well on that day but before she could react she was kidnapped and sold into slavery. In the three years she spent on an unknown planet, with people she didn't know, hearing them speak a language she didn't know, she woke up each night screaming because of nightmares. In time, they appeared less and less before she couldn't remember any of it. Her mind had somehow blocked it out to protect her.

At the age of eight, she was sold to Seth Draclau at an auction and when she refused to leave his side, he took her in. With him, she learned Galactic Basic and a lot of other things. But more than that, he shaped her into the person that she is today. His style, his way of thinking, everything. Curupira accepted as normal.

Her memories would return in time though, and they sent her searching and ending up on Dathomir. An elder of her clan, whom she did not know as actually her great grandmother, filled in the blanks she needed which would lead her to the Jedi. There she would finally be united with her eldest sister, learn from her, be knighted and finally tell her who she was. But Destiny would deal her the next card.

Ket Van Derveld, was a Sith she met on Coruscant and to whom she instantly felt drawn. It wasn't long before she claimed him as per the Dathomiri way, before Ryori Holloway and her brother Ahote and then became a Sith, at his request. The change didn't mean all that much to her. The Sith were more liberating in her mind than the Jedi, she could actually be herself and that felt good.

Two years later, she met interesting people, had adventures, nothing really struck out that much. It was a really a girl on Nar Shaddaa that set things in motion, gave her a goal. Curupira didn't quite accept it at first though if thought harder she would know that the girl with one blue and one golden eye was actually her daughter. 

To be updated...

.:: Thread tracker ::.
§ Feel Like It's Been Forever - Curupira misses her family and decides to visit Seth where she also meets his sister Lexis.
§ Milky milky way! - Hearing yet another rumor that sends her on a wild guise chase, Ruu stops by on Aralia where she meets Jemma Venn, witness the attack of aliens, sets the bar on fire and ends up going back to Dathomir.
§ Dathomir: Blue Hunting Grounds - Sent out on a week mission in the wilderness, Curupira meets Jay Shaun with who she has a brief conversation before he departs to do what he came to do.
§ Have a Drink on Me - On Coruscant, Ruu feels Ket's presence and goes to him.
§ The Criminal Underworld: This is the Asylum! - Curupira appears in the asylum, chained, mouth and eyes covered with another redhead in the room. </font>
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Curupira D'Arr Hawk
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