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Xantara Shonlar
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-Name- Xantara Shonlar

-Profession- Mechanic/Inventor/Pilot

-Species- Human/Zabrak

-Age- 18

-Height- 5’3

-Weight- 136

Xantara has neon blue hair thanks to a little ingenuity on her part; she modified some nano-bots to allow her to change her hair color from midnight black to neon blue. Upon her head is a crown of ivory horns thanks to her Zabrak heritage that contrast greatly with her blue hair. Her horns are two and a half inches long and poke threw her hair just a bit. Xan’s  skin is pale, but not in an unhealthy sense, she simply has a very fair complexion.

-Distinguishing marks-
Ivory horns and blue hair, they are definitely cause one to stand out in  a crowd.

-Homeworld-Nar Shaddaa

Mishka Shonlar – Mother (deceased)
Kir’nosh Shonlar – Father (deceased)
Akima Shonlar – Older Sister (believed to be alive, location unknown)

Xantara is a cautious individual and takes that extra step to ensure her  own safety. She is quiet around strangers, but quite open around those she is comfortable with.  She has a temper that few have ever seen and even fewer believe her capable of. Xan has serious trust issues and a crippling fear of Sith (thanks to her sister) but she isn’t  overly fond of any Force user.

Xantara was born and raised upon Nar Shaddaa. Growing up on Nar Shaddaa was anything but easy and it taught Xantara to never let her guard down. When Xan was only four her mother died due to complications to of illness she had  been battling since Xan’s birth. After the death of her mother the family slowly fell apart, mainly due to Akima’s escalating behavior. Very early on Akima exhibited  exceedingly dark and strange behavior; sudden violent mood swings, things moving when no one touched them, people getting hurt without being touched, etc. She was uncommonly cruel and her entire family was literally scared of her.

Three years after her mother’s death Akima disappeared, leaving behind her father and seven year old sister. With the darkness that Akima had surrounding her gone things within the Shonlar household was much happier than they had been in a long time. For years things went by as quiet as they possibly could for Xan and her father, until a rumor of her sister reached their ears. The rumor was that Akima had joined the Sith and she was leaving a trail of death in her wake. Shortly after the rumor about Akima started to circulate Xantara’s father was murdered; apparently Akima had a few enemies upon Nar Shaddaa. Fearing for her own life and grieving for her father’s  death, a fourteen year old Xantara ran. Now, four years later, Xan jumps from planet to planet working as a mechanic, only leaving when the name Akima is whispered. She goes by Xantara Milnon; her mother’s maiden name, where she goes now, but she still fears that Akima’s sins will find her again.

Quick witted, Xan can think fast on her feet and under pressure. She is a  whizz mechanic and can make difficult repairs in less than favorable situations. Xan has a talent with knives that she keeps hidden unless absolutely necessary.

Xan has a crippling fear of Sith thanks to her older sister. Xan hasn’t seen her sister since Akima disappeared eleven years ago, but  she has heard stories of her sister’s cruelty as well of stories of other Sith. Since her father was murdered for her sister’s sins she fears that she could face the same fate. Xan has absolutely no skill with blasters, putting a  gun in her hands is stupid, plain and simple. Like her sister she has the ability to use to Force, if she so chooses, but Xantara has fought that part of her nature for so long she has almost successfully cut herself off from the Force. However, she is at risk of becoming the very thing she fears if she ever lets her guard down and allows herself to feel the Force.

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Xantara Shonlar
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