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Alistair Starkiller - Sith Lord
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Full Name: Alistair Alexander Starkiller
Alias: Ali
Avatar: Michael Fassbender
Age: Varies, 18 - 36
Height: 6'
Weight: 185 lbs.
Eye Color: Greenish-Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Other: Well proportioned, Muscular physique; 4 tattoos down the left side of his neck

Gender: Male
Species: Human/Near Human Hybrid
Birthworld: Coruscant
Legal Status: In a relationship with Lenavina Caezar; Holds Citizenship on Coruscant, Corellia and Spira
Living Situation: Penthouse on Corellia
Occupation: President of Starkiller Industries

Alignment: Lawful Evil / Dark Side of the Force
Faction Affiliation: None
Faction Rank: None
Force Rank: Lord/Master

Feats and Talents

Personal Skills:

  • Adept Pilot
  • Extensive Academic Knowledge
  • Extensive Intelligence Community Knowledge
  • Force Sensitive
  • Trained to Detect Lies
  • Trained to Read Body Language
  • Trained to Read Lips
Known Languages:
  • Binary (Understands)
  • Bocce
  • Galactic Basic Standard
  • Huttese
Lightsaber Skills

Single-Bladed Combat Styles:
  •  Form V: Shien/Djem So  -  Mastered
Dual-Wielding Combat Styles:
  • Form V: Djem So - Mastered
  • Jar'kai  - Mastered
Other Combat Skills

Miscellaneous Lightsaber Styles:

  • Sokan - Adept
Martial Arts Styles:
  • Self Defense - Mastered
Force Powers

Apprentice Rank Abilities:

Neutral Powers:

  • Animal Control
  • Basic Telekinesis
    • Force Choke
    • Force Pull
    • Force Push
    • Force Throw
  • Enhance Ability
    • Breath Control
    • Force Jump
    • Force Speed
  • Enhance Senses
  • Force Persuasion
  • Force Sense
    • Farsight
    • Force Comprehension
    • Force Empathy
  • Meditative Trance
  • Telepathy

Dark Side Powers:

  • Force Rage
  • Kinetite
  • Torture by Chagrin

Knight Ranked Abilities:

Neutral Powers:

  • Enhanced Senses
    • Battle Precognition
    • Comprehend Speech
  • Enhanced Telekinesis
    • Force Grip
    • Force Whirlwind
    • Levitation
    • Throw Lightsaber
    • Saber Barrier
  • Force Barrier
    • Force Deflect
    • Protection Bubble
  • Force Spark

Dark Side Powers:

  • False Light Side Aura

Master Ranked Abilities:

Neutral Powers:

  • Mastered Telekinesis
    • Force Repulse
    • Force Flight
    • Force Wave
    • Telekinetic Lightsaber Combat
  • Memory Rub
  • Tutaminis
    • Negate Energy

Dark Side Powers:

  • Dominate Mind
    • Drain Knowledge
  • Force Lightning

General Appearance:

Usually can be found in business suits or casual wear, when training  he can usually be found in lose fitting combat cargo pants, black bantha leather boots and a red sleeveless shirt. He has a rather rough handsome look to him at times but cleans up rather well. He looks older then his given age and is sometimes mistaken for someone in there mid 20's. His body has been trained and toned to the peak of human perfection and his physique is the proof of this perfection. He had different symbols tattooed on the left side of his neck but he has yet to reveal what they mean.


Growing up as the son of Xander Starkiller and Shery deWinter he had everything he could ever ask for but did not let this privileged life style take him over. He grew as a happy child and showed he was very protective of his mother even at an early age. He learned proper manners and to the public at large was thought of as the perfect gentlemen as he grew up into a teenager. During his younger years he also developed a close relationship with his sister Morgaine deWinter and grew protective of her as well. In secret he possesses a brutally efficient personality and as family tradition dictated, he was cunning, clever and knew how to spin a situation around to suit his needs. He is quite sane and has a suave approach to almost everything he does.


Lightsaber (x2) - Lightsaber of his own creation; Dark Blue blades
Casual wear - Button up shirts, lounge pants, sandals, swim trunks
Business wear - Suits and ties, dress shoes
Training gear - Includes practice swords and sabers, training droids, remotes, clothes, etc.
Air/Land Speeder/Bike - Various speeder including convertibles and bikes
Sith Holocron - Once belonging to his father, this device has come into his hands and acts as a repository of Sith knowledge
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Alistair Starkiller - Sith Lord
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