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Jessa Rosselin
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Basic Info

Personnel Datafile:  Smuggler Princess

Birth Name:  Miral Centri
Alias/Aliases:  Jessa Rosselin, Princess Miral Centri
Age:  26
Gender:  Female
Birthworld:  Corellia
Homeworlds:  Corellia, Nar Shaddaa, Onderon

Legal Status:  Wanted: Alive
Relationship Status:  Single
Living Situation:  Personal Starship (See Below)
Occupation:  Smuggler; Gunrunner

Affiliation:  TCU
Rank:  Trainee

Personal Skills:  Miral can speak Galactic Basic (Aurebesh) and High Galactic (High Galactic).  She can also understand, but not speak, Hapan, Huttese, Shryiiwook, and can read and write using Aurebesh and High Galactic.  She is an apprentice of the Noghri unarmed fighting style, Stava, as well as an apprentice of the K’tara style, but her best skill is with a blaster.  She's also a fairly-skilled pilot, thanks to several years of practical experience in the cockpits of starships.

Personality:  Miral is a stereotypical Corellian; she has little to no use for the odds, except when they favor her, and she has a cocky, devil-may-care attitude towards life.  Combined with her questionable scruples, her lack of moral conscience, and her mentality from her time spent at Court, and she holds little regard for taking on whatever smuggling jobs she can find - or "persuading" others to do them for her.  She does draw the line, however, at anything that even hints of genocide; she will not haul any cargo that is more lethal than firearms, which she has specialized in.  Her years as a gunrunner have hardened her from the once-idealistic, innocent girl she once was, to someone who does what it takes to deliver her cargo on time and in one piece, even if that means a fire-fight on her own ship.  She does what it takes to win – whatever it takes.

Hobbies:  Wandering the stars, upgrading her blaster when possible, honing her marksmanship, honing her unarmed combat skills, and avoiding the authorities.

Physical Characteristics Known
Avatar: Anna Faris
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 127
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Black
Other:  Cybernetic left arm from the shoulder down, scar above and below right eye.

Known Possessions: A star yacht based on the design of the old Jade Shadow, named Luck of the Draw, ultrachrome-enhanced civilian clothing; silk tunic with a missing right arm, black leather pants, knee-high black leather boots (with enough extra interior space to hold a Hush-98 comlink and a Q-4 "Quickfire" hold-out blaster while worn; were she to ever use them), a krayt dragon-skin belt, and a sleeveless light brown leather trench coat that falls to her ankles.  A thigh holster, which contains a single Westar-34 blaster pistol.


Virssl Jasst:  Mrlssi technician who works with Merrakh to keep the systems of Miral’s ship, Luck of the Draw, in peak condition.

Merrakh:  Sluissi technician/mechanic who saved Miral’s life in an accident that cost her left arm; helped to replace it with a cybernetic limb.  In conjunction with Mrlssi crewmember Virssl Jasst, he repairs and maintains the systems of the starship Luck of the Draw.

Merasska:  Codru-Ji bodyguard whose life was saved by Miral; has joined the crew of the Luck in order to repay Miral for doing so.  Her proficiency with melee combat and blaster pistols is such that she is quad-dexterous – able to wield a single one-handed weapon in each of her four hands.  She prefers blaster pistols, but also is an adept practitioner of Stava and K’tara, like Miral.

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Jessa Rosselin
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