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Mya Stargazer - WIP
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Species: Human
Hair Color - Brown
Eye Color - Brown
Weight 135
Height 5'6"
Distinguishing Marks/Scars - None
Homeworld - Corellia, Coronet City
Occupation: Assassin

Parents - Nathan Stargazer, chemist
               Anna Stargazer, botanist

               Brandon Stargazer, pilot.

What is it that drives a person to choose to become an Assassin. A Switch within the depths of one's mind. At some point Mya faced that choice, and for reasons never revealed she decided to walk that path.

A loner, not one to make friends easy, and often quiet Mya moves from world to world taking on new contracts, and performing hits as needed.

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Mya Stargazer - WIP
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Added to the bio-index!